Are You Working So Hard You’re Missing the Point?

Have you ever been told that “When it gets tough, the tough work gets harder?” It sounds so American, so logic, so noble. It’s also stupid.

Yes, stupid. Sometimes, working harder is just stupid. The sooner you get up and smell the coffee, the sooner you will see the results you desire. You can’t stop the merry-go round and you can’t turn around.

It wouldn’t be you doing it, and you wouldn’t be told by others that it’s the right thing. It is you. Even though you may question your actions, you still believe that you need to keep pushing forward. You would ask your friend to stop doing the same thing you are doing. Follow your instincts.

Let’s look at it objectively. You would immediately look for the correct key if you tried to unlock the door with a key that didn’t fit. You try to unlock doors for potential customers every day with the wrong key, but instead of searching for it you pretend that you can just shove the wrong one in the lock to make it work.

The door is an example of what’s not working. It is immediately obvious and can be fixed. What isn’t working in your business isn’t always obvious and easy to fix. The first step in achieving the results you desire is to identify what is stopping you from getting them.

Once you’ve identified what isn’t working, you can start to change things to get the results you desire. As with the door example, putting the wrong key in the lock every time you try it will not work. Sometimes, the best way to improve your actions is by changing the way you do them.

This is your business. This is your business. You decide how it operates and what you want. If you don’t stop and look at what you’re doing and why, you can miss out on real opportunities. You’re too focused on getting more of the things you don’t want.

You must be more efficient and effective than ever to make the most of your resources. It is a terrible waste of time to chase down low-value suspects. It is important to have systems that are efficient and produce results with minimal effort.

These systems will allow you to filter the entire world for people most likely to do business together. This means that you can close more deals with less effort and reduce waste. This means that you will have more money, more time and more satisfaction than you currently do.

Instead of working harder, what if you took a step back to create a plan that will lead to real success? You can create the plan that produces the results you desire from the actions you take. It would make it easier to concentrate on the right actions, and to get the help that you need to bridge the gap between what you have in the past and the future.