Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes – How to Avoid Sites That Sell Your Personal Information

Finding Arizona auto insurance quotes can seem overwhelming. You will see every company promising to save $400 per year on your auto insurance. According to the Arizona Department of Insurance, there were 152 insurance firms actively looking for new customers in 2008. 21 of these companies were in Arizona for less than three years.

It’s clear that insurance companies are in fierce competition. You may be wondering where to start if you are looking for insurance online. Which sites are reliable? How do you find a great rate without spending countless hours?

The answer to these questions may not always be straightforward. Knowing what websites will do with your personal data is one of the greatest obstacles. Although it may seem trivial at first, submitting your personal information to the wrong site can result in months of harassment. You’ll be able to shop online for auto insurance by the end of this article.

3 Types Of Insurance Websites

There are 3 types of websites that offer Arizona auto insurance quotes online.

1. Official site of an insurance company. Every major insurance company has its own website. Although you can obtain quotes online, it is slow and tedious. One quote can be obtained at a given time.

2. Independent Insurance Agencies. Independent insurance agencies can quote, sell, and service multiple insurance companies’ insurance products. They are my preferred method of getting accurate quotes for multiple companies. They represent 10 to 20 companies. The rates you get are the same as what you would receive from an insurance company. There are many independent insurance agencies in Arizona. However, very few offer online quotes.

3. Referral and Lead Generation Sites. These are the types of sites that you should be cautious about using. These sites can cause major headaches if you don’t understand what you are getting into. These sites are great for finding you agents who specialize in your type of insurance. However, they also make a profit by selling leads to local insurance companies and agencies.

These sites may sell your information immediately to up to eight local agents. These agents charge a small commission for each lead they receive. They want to make a profit and will contact you via phone and email multiple times. Imagine how many calls and emails that you will receive if your information is accidentally submitted to more than one of these websites.

Avoiding Sites that Sell Your Personal Information

It’s easy to determine if a website will sell your information if you know what to look out for.

If you see a website that offers multiple quotes, make sure to check the About Us page. This page will give you information about the company as well as the services they offer. Insurance is highly regulated. Websites must disclose what they intend to do with your data.

These are some signs that your data is being sold.

  1. They will tell you they are not licensed to sell insurance or an insurance company.
  2. They also mention that they have relationships with thousands local agents.
  3. They offer a ” Free Referral Service
  4. Agents can be enticed to purchase leads from the site’s section.

It’s best to leave the website if you don’t find any information about the company or an About Us page. Reputable insurers will have easy-to-use websites. It shouldn’t take long to find the information you are looking for.

Even if the company is well-known, it’s a good idea not to ignore the small print at the bottom. Arizona auto insurance quotes often require you to provide a lot personal information. You have the right not to be left out of the equation.