Artificial Intelligence For Online Financial Advisory Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a revolutionary tool for managing investments and assets in the stock exchange. Companies around the world are now relying upon the vast data sets obtained via AI. This includes a quantitative analysis of social media engagements, corporate observations and credit and debit card data. Other data types make it difficult for human researchers to infer patterns and map them out.

AI-based web financial advisory services

AI Powered Equity ETF is the best new fund this year and clearly shows the impact of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, which is basically a man-made technology, was created to mimic the human ability of learning, analyzing, and predicting.

AI employs computer algorithms to mimic the human ability learn and make investment/market predictions. AI-based and machine-learning software, unlike humans, can recognize patterns to make correct and logical inferences quickly from large amounts of data.

Financial consultants are actively using computing technology and algorithms to make investment decisions, such as buying or selling stocks based on trading patterns and market opportunities. It functions much like a human, and only makes decisions after carefully analyzing all factors and fundamentals.

Like quant, beta-strategies can be used to outperform an index or its holdings. They are chosen by no human beings and not weighed by market value. The portfolios are created using tech-advanced computing abilities, but the actual holdings are decided by financial advisors based on rules that could shift the portfolio towards momentum or value.

Research studies have shown that success rates are inversely related to fund costs. The lower the funds’ cost, the better chance of winning the competition. A market index fund, which is less than 0.3% of assets annually, can replace traditional managed stock funds that charge at least 1% per annum.

Business organizations are moving up the ladder to Wall Street as a result of the gradual shift from human asset mangers to AI technology. BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest asset manager, announced last April that it would place more emphasis on computer models and technology than human management, which will lower fees for equity funds.

Attention to details

Artificial intelligence will replace humans. This prediction was made long before analysts started to notice the value and importance of artificial intelligence. AI has the potential to surpass human intelligence by its ability to recognize underlying patterns and instantly compute large data sets. It can also make meaningful predictions and decisions on market trends. There are many obstacles that should be discouraged from relying entirely on AI. First, technology can’t beat human intuition and experience. Jamie Wise (chief executive officer at Buzz Indexes) pointed out that each person can interpret the AI model’s suggestion/outcome differently. It all depends on the type of data you are willing to analyze, the source of the data, and the purpose of the analysis. Both AI models and quant groups can analyze the same data in different ways, which could mean that different raw data tells different stories and yields different results.


This is only the beginning of an AI or robot revolution in the stock and fund industry. The interesting question here is whether AI technology could successfully mimic the natural instincts of stock managers and stock pickers. However, it is clear that AI will lower stock picking costs which would reduce the cost for funds management.