Auto insurance after a DUI in California

California is very serious about driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A DUI conviction can lead to severe consequences. These could include a suspension of your license or even jail time.

A DUI in California can be costly. Your auto insurance costs will increase as you are likely to be fined. This is because insurance companies view DUI drivers as high risk.

You may wish to consult a lawyer if you are given a DUI. You should be able to estimate the cost of auto insurance in California after you have been convicted.

What does a DUI do to your insurance rates?

Understanding how auto insurance companies calculate your rates is important to understand why DUIs can cause an increase in your insurance costs. When calculating the premium for your policy, insurers consider many factors. These factors include where you live, what type of car and driving record.

Insurance premiums are influenced by your driving record. An egregious driving record, such as past accidents or traffic violations may indicate that you are more at risk of having more accidents in the future. A DUI conviction can lead to higher insurance rates.

California drivers will see higher rates after a DUI than drivers from other states. To give you an idea about how California DUIs might affect your insurance rates, the table below shows a comparison of California’s average premium with the national average premium post-DUI.

Average DUI rates for the United States vs. their respective states

Pre-DUIPost-DUIPercentage increase

What is the cost of insurance for a DUI in California after?

You will likely pay much more for insurance after a DUI conviction than you did before. We compared the average premiums of a range of California insurance providers to get an idea of how they have changed after a DUI.

California minimum coverage rates

Rates may not reflect any changes, as some carriers won’t renew your contract if you are convicted of DUI.

ProviderAverage minimum coverage rateDUI coverage minimum rate
Alliance United$756$1,709
AmTrust Financial$718$709
All over the country$707$1,778
State Farm$663$1,890
The Hartford$768$2,773

California offers full coverage with DUI

Rates may not reflect any changes, as some carriers won’t renew your contract if you are convicted of DUI.

ProviderAverage coverage rateFull coverage with DUI
Alliance United$2,115$4,613
AmTrust Financial$2,152$2,180
All over the country$2,155$5,343
State Farm$1,943$5,122
The Hartford$2,328$9,084

Other California DUI Penalties

California DUI charges can lead to insurance premium increases, but that is not all. Your prior DUI convictions will affect your chances of getting a DUI.

Your first DUI will not result in jail time if you didn’t cause any injuries. However, you can expect to pay fines. Your license may also be suspended. Your blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, may affect the length of your suspension. After you have been granted reinstatement of your license, you might be asked to install an ignition interrupt device (IID). This will monitor your blood alcohol concentration and stop your engine from starting if it detects alcohol.

You could face additional penalties, license suspensions or even jail time if you are convicted of multiple DUI offenses . You could also be placed on probation and asked to install an IID over a period of time. You may face harsher penalties if drunk driving results in injury or death.

Questions frequently asked

What is California’s DUI BAC limit?

The maximum BAC limit depends on what vehicle you drive and whether or not you have been convicted of DUI. California’s BAC limit to issue a DUI is.08% if you drive a personal vehicle without a DUI conviction. The BAC limit for a DUI if you drive a commercial vehicle is.04%. If your BAC exceeds.01%, probation may apply to you.

What happens if I get a DUI in California?

You may be able to keep your license suspended for up to four months if it’s your first DUI offense.

What happens to my auto insurance if I get a DUI?

Every insurance company has its own rules regarding DUI convictions. While some insurance companies will increase your premium, others may not cover drivers with a DUI conviction within a specified time period. To learn more about the DUI policies of your insurance company, talk to your agent.