Auto insurance for high-risk drivers in Mississippi

A high-risk driver in Mississippi could be any driver with speeding tickets, DUIs, or other criminal records. A highly frequent occurrence is also age. This is not without cause. in Mississippi, 2016

  • One out of three teen deaths were caused by a car accident
  • 18% of traffic fatalities in California were caused by DUIs
  • Speeding was responsible for 17% of traffic deaths in the state

Your driving habits are the most important thing to monitor if you’re a high-risk driver. Your insurance premium is the second most important. Mississippi high-risk auto insurance can often cost twice as much than a standard policy.

Mississippi rates for high-risk auto insurance

Your risk factors will affect the rate you get for Mississippi high-risk auto insurance. Some are more dangerous than others. There are many factors that insurance companies consider when calculating premiums, but these are the most important.

  • Speeding tickets
  • Age/Too little time behind the wheel
  • DUI
  • Accidents

Each one is discussed below.

Rates for speeding tickets

A Mississippi speeding ticket can result in a rate hike of up to 20%. Your insurance premium will likely rise if speeding tickets become a regular occurrence. Because speeding is a major contributor to accidents and deaths on the roads, your insurance premium will likely rise with every speeding ticket. Every major violation that you get indicates to the insurance company you might file claims in future.

These are the average increases that drivers see after receiving a speeding tickets.

Rates for an accident

Like any insurance increase, the amount that you see will depend on your driving record and personal information (i.e. where you live and what kind of car you drive).

Below is a table that shows the average rate rise received by Mississippi ‘s major providers.

An SR-22 may be required if there are too many Mississippi accidents. An SR-22, contrary to what you may see online, is not insurance. An SR-22, which is a proof of insurance submitted to the state by an insurance company, is not insurance. If a driver is required to carry an SR-22, insurance companies must notify the state if they cancel their policy. An SR-22 is a communication line between insurance companies, states and drivers who are high-risk.

Rates for DUI

Drivers see a minimum increase of 12% after a DUI, while the average increase is 47%. The severity of the DUI or BAC and past driving records are the main factors in the increase. While some companies may increase your premium more than others, the offense is equally important.

It is worth noting that certain companies might choose to cancel or not renew a policy after a DUI conviction. You may also need to locate a company willing to submit one for you because Mississippi is an SR-22 State. However, most national companies provide this service if required.

Teen drivers: Rate

Because they don’t have the same experience behind the wheel, young drivers or novice drivers are high-risk. This can make them more likely to make poor decisions. With each year that they are behind the wheel, insurance companies will reduce their premiums because these drivers are less risky.

Who are high-risk drivers?

The insurance industry defines a high-risk driver as anyone who is more likely to be in an accident or file a claim. This definition is too broad because insurance companies look at specific factors. You may be a high-risk driver if you have any of these traits.

  • As a teenager or new driver
  • Multiple speeding tickets
  • Multiple accidents
  • DUI/ DWI
  • Coverage gaps
  • Credit score low
  • Multiple citations
  • Living in an area of high risk
  • Driving a sports car

Every insurance company has its own factors. Each factor determines how severe each one is.

How to lower your rate for high-risk drivers

You can lower your Mississippi high-risk car insurance by following the same steps as if you weren’t considered high risk. You should consider:

  • Increase your deductible: A higher deductible will result in a smaller payout if you file a claim. More money out of pocket to the insurance company helps with costs. However, it will also mean a lower monthly cost. Talk to an agent to find out what deductible options are available to you. Most companies offer many options. You should choose a deductible that is affordable and meets your budget.
  • Driving an older vehicle: A car that has a high safety score can help you save money on your premium. You can also find discounts by doing some research. Many insurance companies offer vehicle-based discounts such as a dual airbag discount or a daytime discount. You might decide to not have collision and comprehensive coverage if you have an older vehicle.
  • Mississippi law allows insurance companies to raise your premium due to your credit score. A driver with a lower credit score is statistically more likely than others to be in an accident and to file a claim. Your insurance premium could drop if your credit score is higher.
  • Compare rates: Different insurance companies have different rates. Because each insurance company has its own pricing algorithm, it is not guaranteed that you will get the same rate as another company. A company might penalize you for having low credit scores, but another may not.
  • Comparison of discounts: While many companies offer multiple discounts to their customers, the savings that you may receive from each company could be significant.

Questions frequently asked

What is the average price of car insurance?

In the United States, the average cost of full car insurance is $1674 per year. It is $1,782 in Mississippi.

What should I look out for when selecting an insurance company

These are the factors that will help you find the best insurance company .

  • J.D. Power scores for customer satisfaction ratings
  • Discounts and the amount they offer
  • AM Best Ratings for Financial Strength
  • Average premium cost
  • Coverage types available
  • Mobile app

To find the right provider for you, consider which of these are most important.