Auto insurance for high-risk drivers in Missouri

Imparied driving caused by drugs, prescription medication or alcohol is up 49% over the last ten year and the reason for 20% of traffic fatalities Missouri. Driving under the influence (DUI) is a high-risk behavior that can lead to fatalities and serious accidents. Reckless driving and speeding are considered dangerous, risky behavior.

Your premiums may rise if your insurance company marks you as high-risk. You could even lose your coverage. High-risk auto insurance Missouri may be the only option. It will likely cost you more than the average.

Missouri rates for high-risk auto insurance

There are many factors that can make you a high-risk driver. Missouri high-risk automobile insurance companies often flag drivers as high-risk if they:

  • They may be issued one or more speeding tickets
  • They were convicted for DUI
  • They were involved in at least one accident recently
  • These are either teens or young adults who have recently been licensed.

High-risk drivers may pay higher premiums depending on their violation. You can see how Missouri high-risk car insurance rates may vary depending on which factor you choose.

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Rates for speeding tickets

Some car insurance companies will only increase your premiums by a small percentage after a speeding ticket. However, the average increase is between 20% and 40%. Because speeding is often the cause for accidents, it is considered risky. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding is responsible for about one third of all traffic-related deaths in the past 20 years.

Below is a table that shows how much Missouri car insurance rates could rise after one speeding ticket. Additional increases could be caused by multiple speeding tickets, serious infractions such as racing and driving more than 100 miles an hour.

Rates for an accident

Insurance companies can get very expensive if you cause a car accident. Your insurance carrier would pay the majority of the property, legal, and medical damages that you cause. Therefore, your insurance premiums are likely to increase after an accident at fault.

Rates for DUI

Long-term consequences can result from being charged with Missouri DUI. Your license will be suspended or revoked . A driver’s license suspension is usually for 90 days after a first conviction. However, more serious offenses can result in one-year without a driver’s license. To keep your license, you may also need to obtain a certificate stating financial responsibility (SR-22).

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Your coverage may be cancelled by some car insurance companies. You can expect to see a dramatic increase in your rates if they continue to insure.

Teen drivers: Rate

Teen drivers have the highest insurance premiums among all age groups. Their lack of driving experience is the reason that coverage is more costly. Insurance rates drop as teens age. A young driver could save money by choosing the right provider for their car insurance.

Who are high-risk drivers?

Bankrate defines high-risk drivers to be any driver who has higher insurance premiums because of factors like age and driving habits. This includes teens and drivers who have been cited for multiple speeding violations or are involved in accidents.

A high-risk driver is someone who has a poor driving record. State Farm states that a person who has been convicted of driving under the effects (DUI) of alcohol or drugs, or who has multiple speeding tickets or other violations may be considered high-risk and will need special high risk auto insurance.

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How to lower your rate for high-risk drivers

High-risk drivers tend to pay more for car insurance. There are a few ways you can save on vehicle coverage.

  • Compare car insurance quotes: Get multiple quotes if your premiums rise after an accident, conviction, or citation. You may be able to find lower high-risk auto insurance Missouri rates.
  • Completion of a driver improvement program: Your carrier may approve you to take an online defensive driving course.
  • Participating in a provider’s usage-based plan: Many insurance companies offer driver-tracking programs, which track your driving habits and help you reduce your premiums.

Questions frequently asked

What makes car insurance more expensive after getting a speeding ticket.

Statistics show that speeding can often cause accidents. If you speed, insurance companies might consider you more at-fault in an accident and label you high-risk.

What is the Missouri SR-22?

Missouri requires that drivers convicted for driving under the influence obtain an SR-22 form from their car insurance company.