Auto insurance for high-risk drivers in New Hampshire


It may be difficult for drivers with multiple tickets, at fault accidents, or DUI to find affordable car insurance rates. Reckless or high-risk driving could result in your license being suspended or restricted in New Hampshire. High-risk insurance in New Hampshire is an alternative to traditional vehicle insurance.

New Hampshire high-risk car insurance rates

Your driving record, vehicle, and coverage level will all impact the cost of New Hampshire vehicle insurance. Every insurance company has its own level of risk when pricing vehicle insurance. A carrier might offer affordable coverage for a driver who has received speeding tickets, but will raise premiums after an accident or claim.

After a speeding ticket, car insurance rates

Depending on the carrier, speeding tickets can increase your auto insurance rates. It is impossible to predict which insurance company will be more affordable after a speeding ticket. However, Bankrate’s analysis found USAA, Nationwide and Amica to be the most affordable carriers on average.

Rates for an accident

New Hampshire law holds that being held responsible in a car accident will increase your premiums more than getting a speeding ticket. High-risk auto insurance rates can vary from one insurance company.

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USAA is the most affordable coverage for safe drivers. However, a single collision could result in your premiums rising by 58%. This insurance is only available to qualified military personnel. Nationwide rates usually increase by around 31% following an accident. Amica rates also increase by an average 18% after an incident.

After a DUI, auto insurance rates

Driving under the influence could be the most dangerous financial and safety risk that a driver can take.

Here are some ways that a DUI can affect your auto insurance rates.

Drivers convicted of a DUI in New Hampshire will also need to ask their insurance company to file a certificate of financial responsibility (SR-22) with the DMV to legally drive.

Rates for teenage drivers

Parents who add their teenager children to their car insurance policies in New Hampshire pay higher premiums than the average.

Who are high-risk drivers?

High-risk drivers come in all ages and experience levels. High-risk drivers are those who have been convicted of DUI, or have been involved in more than one accident or violation. High-risk drivers are teens with limited driving experience.

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After six points, many states could suspend or revoke your license. Depending on your age, New Hampshire could suspend your license after getting six points in one year. Your license could be suspended if you are cited for failing to use due diligence or an at-fault accident.

How to lower your rate for high-risk drivers

High-risk drivers might have fewer options for carriers and higher premiums. You can offset these limited options by lowering the cost of insurance.

  • Compare coverage options from multiple carriers to determine the best deal based on your needs.
  • As many discounts as you can. Multi-line discounts are one example, along with discounts for student drivers and low-mileage drivers.
  • Your deductible should be increased to the maximum amount you are able to afford.

You could save hundreds of dollars by getting your car insured for as low as 5-10%

Questions frequently asked

What is an SR-22 and what does it do?

An SR-22 certificate is a proof of financial responsibility. It confirms that you have the minimum car insurance necessary to drive. This form is filed by your insurance company to the DMV on your behalf. To reinstate your license after it has been suspended for DUI or another violation, you will need to file an SR-22. New Hampshire doesn’t require drivers to have insurance. However, if you are required to have an SR-22, proof of financial responsibility will be required in order to legally drive.

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What are the points I can get in New Hampshire for an accident that causes injury?

New Hampshire gives you zero to three points for being a negligent operator (responsible in a car accident). Your driver’s licence may be suspended or revoked by the DMV if you have six points. This depends on your age. Keep in mind, however, that every accident is unique and may result in a different number or severity of points depending on the circumstances.

Why are high-risk drivers paying more for insurance?

Insurance companies rate policies according to risk. Insurance companies rate policies based on risk. If you’ve had an accident, tickets, DUI conviction, or are inexperienced, you may be at greater risk of an accident that causes the company to pay for a claim. High-risk drivers generally pay higher rates to offset this risk.

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