Auto insurance for high-risk drivers in Utah


Utah had more than 53,000 car accidents in 2020 — 27,850 of these were due to high-risk driving behavior such as speeding, driving under the influence (DUI), and distracted driving.

It can be difficult to find affordable insurance coverage for high risk drivers in Utah. Insurers must consider the risk of each policyholder before determining their premium. Our team compared the rates of Utah’s most popular car insurers. We used a driver profile with at least one DUI conviction, speeding ticket, DUI conviction, or lapse in coverage to determine which companies raised their rates for high-risk drivers.

Utah rates for high-risk auto insurance

High-risk drivers are charged more for insurance because providers have to assess the risk of each policyholder based upon their driving record. Your car insurance rate will increase depending on what type of traffic offense was committed, as well as other factors.

Rates for speeding tickets

A speeding ticket in Utah can result in 37-75 points to your driving record and a minimum $130 penalty. Drivers may also see their insurance provider increase their rates. Below is a table that shows what Utah’s most popular insurance companies charge policyholders for speeding tickets.

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Rates for an accident

A $690 fine will be assessed for drivers who are found to be at fault for causing an collision that causes property damage. Utah is serious about accident reporting. Drivers who fail to report an accident to the authorities can face severe penalties.

Rates for DUI

Utah treats DUI offenses very seriously and imposes two types of penalties to convicted drivers. Drivers will not only face fines from the local courts but also unrelated civil penalties (also known as “per-se” and administrative penalties). Your license will be confiscated immediately by the arresting officer if you are arrested for DUI. The citation expires in 45 calendar days and is known as a per se arrest. The Driver License Division will suspend your license on the 45th day if you do not submit a hearing request form.

DUI convictions may result in additional penalties such as jail time, community work, fines and license suspension. Drivers will also see substantial increases in their car insurance rates due to these additional penalties.

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Rates for teenage drivers

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that teen drivers between 16 and 19 are responsible for the most motor vehicle accidents than any other age group. This makes them a high-risk driver segment. Teen drivers were actually the second leading cause of car accidents in Utah in 2020. These statistics are enough to show why teenage drivers pay more for auto insurance than their adult counterparts. Below is a table that shows how much parents can expect to pay to insure their car after adding a 16 year-old driver to their policy.

Who are high-risk drivers?

Bankrate uses the following definitions of high-risk drivers to determine insurance rate increases.

High-risk drivers have a clean driving record and at least one of these offenses.

  • At-Fault accident
  • Conviction for DUI
  • Coverage gaps
  • Speeding ticket

It is important to know that insurance companies assess risk using the standard definition for high-risk driving. A high-risk driver simply means someone who is more likely to file a claim with their insurance provider than an average driver. These high-risk driving habits could include the ones listed above as well as the following:

  • High-risk drivers own exotic cars, sports cars and supercars.
  • Drivers over 70 years old
  • Driving without a permit
  • New drivers
  • Poor driving record
  • Reckless driving
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Your insurer may define a high-risk dryer as any combination of all of these factors.

How to lower your rate for high-risk drivers

High-risk drivers in Utah may pay higher premiums for their auto insurance. However, there are ways that they can potentially lower their rates. These are some of the possible ways that high-risk drivers can lower their premium obligations after a conviction for high-risk driving.

  • Compare rates: Not all insurance providers define high-risk drivers the same way. And not all carriers have the same penalties for the same offense. If you feel your rate will rise due to a traffic violation, it is worth shopping around to find out what other providers charge for your driving record.
  • Driving safely: Insurance companies will be more open to drivers who take steps to improve their driving skills. Many insurance companies offer discounts for policyholders who complete driver’s education and qualifying defensive driving courses. Talk to your agent to find out if your insurance company offers these discounts.
  • Discounts available: You may be eligible to receive other discounts through your insurer. Progressive lets customers monitor their driving habits using an embedded device in their car. This allows them to pay premiums that are based on their driving safety. Allstate offers discounts to “smart students”, based on their attendance and average GPA.
  • It takes patience and time: Most drivers will clear their driving record within three to five year depending on the incident. Insurance carriers usually only consider the last five years of driving history to determine rates. If you drive safely, you will see a decrease in your premium within five years.
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Questions frequently asked

Which insurance company is best for high-risk drivers?

The best insurance company is determined largely by the particular infraction and how each carrier decides rate increases based on these violations. It all depends on the severity of the penalty and whether other providers can issue lesser penalties for the same offense.

What is the best car insurance in Utah?

USAA is the most affordable car insurance provider in Utah at $839 per year for full coverage. This may not apply if you are convicted of a DUI, speeding ticket or are found to be at fault for an accident. USAA can sometimes be more expensive than other providers due to high-risk driving events. It’s important that you shop around for coverage after a traffic violation.

What amount of car insurance does Utah driver need?

Utah’s state-required automobile insurance limits read as follows:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability
  • $65,000 for total bodily injury
  • $15,000 Property Damage Liability
  • Personal injury coverage up to $3,000