Auto Insurance in Miami – Basics

Finding auto insurance in Miami can be easier than you might think. There are many resources that can help you save money and give you a lot of control over your insurance. This article is one of these resources. Take a moment to read it and get more information on Miami auto insurance.

Minimum requirements for auto insurance in Miami

Residents of Miami must comply with the minimum Florida requirements for car insurance. Florida has one of the lowest requirements for car insurance. Drivers are required to have their vehicles covered by Personal Injury Protection insurance up to $10,000, and Property Damage Liability coverage up to $10,000. As with other states, there are no mandatory requirements regarding bodily injury liability. However, drivers who have been involved in an accident may be required to purchase bodily injuries liability by a court. To protect yourself from lawsuits and accident liability, it is a good idea to have some bodily injury liability.

Auto insurance in Miami: What is the Cost?

You should remember that auto insurance coverage in Miami will cost you a little more. In large cities, where there is more crime, vandalism, and cost of living, auto insurance can be more expensive. Miami is the most dangerous city in Florida, with 23 accidents per 1,000 residents. In 2009, Miami was home to nearly 4,000 vehicle burglaries, which is the highest in the state.

Florida is slightly above the national average for car insurance premiums. Miami ranks at the top of the list with the highest insurance cost in the state. There are still savings to be made by managing your risks, seeking discounts, and shopping around for the best rates.

Miami Auto Insurance Companies

There are many choices when it comes to car insurance in Miami. This means that you can save money. To find the best price, coverage, and service, you can search both national and local Miami insurance companies. Online resources make it easy to search for companies, policies, and discounts. These are some of the most prominent names in Miami-based insurance companies that sell auto insurance.

  • Acceptance Insurance Services
  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • Blockbuster Insurance Consultants
  • Florida Auto Plus Car Insurance Miami
  • Nationwide Auto Insurance

These are just a few options, so don’t settle for the first auto insurance company that you find. The Better Business Bureau of Southeastern Florida has reviews of Miami-based insurance companies. You can find out more information about these companies on their website.

Traffic Congestion Impacts Auto Insurance in Miami

When it comes to traffic congestion, Miami ranks 10th in the country. If you exclude those who drive to work, there are over 11 million hours spent each year on Miami roads. This means that you are at higher risk for collisions and fender benders. Your insurance company will see the same. This is why you’ll pay more for car coverage if you live near Miami. Another reason to shop around for the best rates is this:

Auto Insurance in Miami

Below is the contact information for Florida Department of Insurance Regulations.

200 East Gaines Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399


You must compare shop to find the best auto insurance deal in Miami. Online rate quotes make it easier to compare rates. Many sites allow you to get multiple rates quotes free of charge and without any obligation. Savings can amount to hundreds of dollars annually and take less than 30 seconds. For additional savings, you can also shop homeowners insurance while searching for Miami auto insurance.