Average Car Insurance Rates by Age and Gender

Car insurance rates will often be affected by your gender and age. You can still find a great deal by shopping around.

The premiums for car insurance can seem a bit confusing at times. Prices can change without much explanation if you move, get a new car, or just age.

Although these premium increases may seem random, they are based on a few facts about you. Age and gender are two of the most common factors that affect your auto insurance rate. These factors are not allowed by all states, but they can be used in some cases.

Calculate your car insurance rates based on age and location

To find average prices across the nation, we looked at rates from the five largest auto insurance companies in the U.S. — State Farm, Geico, Progressive, Allstate and USAA. The calculator below will calculate your rate based upon your age, gender, and state.

Charts: Car insurance rates based on gender and age

Although auto insurance rates vary depending on where you live in the country, national averages can help you get an idea of what you could pay. These tables display the average premiums of male and female drivers, based on the rates offered by the five largest U.S. auto insurers.

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Car insurance rates with full coverage based on age and gender

Full coverage car insurance is a style of car insurance, not a specific product. Full coverage policies provide additional coverage beyond the minimum state requirements. The rates below reflect a policy with comprehensive and collision insurance along with liability, uninsured motorist coverage and other state-required coverage where needed.

How does age impact your car insurance rates

Young drivers can pay more for their auto insurance, as many have found out. Two reasons are responsible for the higher price. The first is that young drivers are less experienced — something that auto insurance companies often use in determining premiums.

Studies have also shown that younger drivers are more likely to get into accidents. AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s study found that drivers aged 16 and 17 are more likely to be in an accident than drivers aged 30 and 59.

This results in the high average auto insurance rates for young drivers that you see in the graph below.

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These rates are for individual policies and are usually higher than those for policies for families with new drivers. However, the accident rate for young drivers helps explain why car insurance for teens can put such a dent in your wallet.

Even if your state does not allow companies to base rates based on age (California and Hawaii have laws against age-based rates), it is possible that you will pay more if you are young. Most states do allow insurers to use driving experience as a factor in determining rates, so car insurance for new drivers can be costly, regardless of age. You’re more likely to pay less if you have been driving for less than a year.

Your rates will likely have risen again by the time you reach 65. While they continue to rise as you get older, they aren’t at the same pricing levels that teens see. This is consistent with the increasing fatal crash rate that starts with drivers aged 70 and over.

What gender influences your car insurance rates

Many companies consider your gender when setting your car insurance price. We found that the average car insurance rate for men starts at 16 when we compared rates from five of the largest insurers in all 50 states and District of Columbia. Women pay slightly more after age 30. At 60, the situation has changed again and men pay a little more.

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There are some facts that support charging young men more. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, male drivers are 63% more likely to be in a fatal accident than female drivers. The rates of fatal accidents for younger men are higher for those aged 16-19 years.

States that do not allow auto insurance rates to be based on gender

Insurers cannot set rates based upon gender in all states. California, Hawaii and Massachusetts prohibit the use of gender in auto insurance rates.

Average car insurance rates based on gender and age

You will see even greater disparities in auto insurance rates when you combine age and gender. In our study, for instance, average rates for a 16 year-old male driver were more than twice that of a female 20-year old driver.

This is a national average for the five largest auto insurers. Your state’s car insurance rates may be lower. It’s one of the reasons we always recommend shopping around to compare car insurance rates. It’s important to pay attention to rates for teens because there is so much variability in rates for younger drivers.

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How insurance companies determine your rates

Because each insurance company uses your information differently, you’ll likely see different rates from nearly every one. Some companies care more about your driving record, while others care more about what you drive.

The rules for setting auto insurance rates in each state are also a limitation on the ability of auto insurance companies. Due to local laws, states located next to one another can experience large swings in their average cost. A Florida driver aged 40 years old would pay $2,443 per month for full coverage. If you cross the Georgia border, that driver will see a drop in rate of nearly $550 to $1,897.

The location you live will play a major role in how much you end up paying. Check out the average car insurance rates for your state to get an idea of what you can expect.

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