Average cost of car insurance in Connecticut

A strange phenomenon occurred in Connecticut. While traffic fatalities have increased, there has been an 50% drop in Connecticut traffic since the coronavirus pandemic. It is important to be cautious for those who drive less and work from home more. Connecticut drivers looking for car insurance will find that the average cost for coverage is $794 for basic insurance and $1845 for comprehensive.

What is the cost of Connecticut car insurance?

Car insurance rates in Connecticut are determined by many factors. These include your driving record, the type of coverage you want, your vehicle, age, and the carrier you choose. The cost of coverage can also be affected by state insurance requirements.

Average Car Insurance Rates may give you an idea of what you can expect. However, it is best to get quotes from several car insurers to get an accurate estimate. One thing is certain: Connecticut car insurance rates are higher than the national average at $565/$1,674 annually for full and minimum coverage. It may be more difficult to find affordable car insurance in Connecticut than other states.

Car insurance rates in Connecticut by company

Below is an example of how Connecticut auto insurance rates may vary. It shows the average cost for coverage from different insurance companies. A similar level of coverage could cost hundreds of thousands to thousands of dollars. You might be able to switch car insurance to lower your premiums, or your carrier may offer more affordable rates than you expected.

Car insurance companyMinimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
American Independent$1,739$5,042
Electric Insurance Company$890$1,535
State Farm$618$1,477
The Hanover$1,569$3,867

Car insurance rates in Connecticut by city

The rates of insurance in Connecticut can also vary depending on where you live. Bankrate gathered car insurance quotes from the top 20 largest cities by population. Manchester residents have the lowest insurance rates, but Hartford drivers pay the most for coverage.

CityFor full coverage, the average annual premiumIncrease of % in the average annual premium
New Haven$2,32426%
New Britain$2,02210%
West Hartford$1,9576%
West Haven$2,14816%
East Hartford$1,9677%

Car insurance rates in Connecticut based on age

The cost of car insurance in the State is also affected by the driver’s age. The table shows that young and teen drivers are the most likely to pay the highest premiums. Although Connecticut has restrictions regarding teen drivers such as driving only with an adult and limited driving hours, most insurance companies view drivers younger than 25 as high-risk. Younger drivers tend to pay more for car insurance. The average rate drops to 60 years old, and rates go up for older drivers.

AgeConnecticut’s average annual premium
Age 16*$2,927
Age 18$6,666
Age 20$4,410
Age 25$2,074
Age 30$1,790
Age 40$1,845
Age 50$1,506
Age 60$1,469
Age 70$1,738

*16-year old calculated based on parent’s policy disclosure

Connecticut car insurance rates for driving record

If you have a poor driving record, your age won’t be as important. It is well-known that drivers who are safer will pay less for car insurance. However, many people don’t realize that speeding tickets can increase your insurance rates significantly — even if there was no DUI or accident. Speeding is the main reason for an increase in vehicle deaths, even though traffic is down by 50%. Some drivers don’t obey the speed limit as highways become less crowded. This leads to deadly crashes. Insurance companies for cars are aware of the increased accident risk when drivers speed.

Accident while drivingConnecticut’s average annual premium for full coverageIncrease of % in the average annual premium
Speeding ticket$2,09812%

How to Save on Connecticut Car Insurance

Connecticut car insurance rates tend to be higher than the average. Savings can be found in many ways to help your budget. These are some ways to save money on Connecticut auto insurance.

  • Look for a company that offers accident forgiveness. Some car insurance companies will waive the cost of one accident every three to five year. If you are involved in an accident, this could help keep your premiums down.
  • You can take a defensive driving class: The state has a list of defensive driving classes . You could save at least 5% on your car insurance for the next two years if you pass one.
  • Bundle your home and vehicle insurance. If you own or rent a house and have insurance, it is possible to save money by adding vehicle insurance from the same provider.
  • Increase your deductible. Your vehicle’s maximum deductible is the amount you will be responsible for before your insurance company covers the balance. The average deductible is $500. A $1,000 deductible or higher could reduce your car insurance premiums.

Questions frequently asked

What is the monthly cost of Connecticut car insurance?

Your monthly premiums will be approximately $66 or $154, based on Connecticut’s average car insurance cost of $794 for minimum coverage and $1,845 full coverage. Your actual premium could be higher than the average. To find the right coverage for you, it is worth speaking to a licensed agent.

What amount of Connecticut car insurance do you need?

To legally drive in the state, you will need a minimum amount of liability coverage of 25/50/25 and uninsured/underinsured coverage as follows:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage insurance: $25,000 per incident
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident

If you are in an accident, the minimum state requirement may not offer enough financial protection. Your liability insurance pays only for injuries and damages that you cause to others, subject to your coverage limit. Personal responsibility would apply for any damages to your vehicle and third-party expenses that exceed the coverage limit. Talking with an insurance agent licensed is a good way to make sure you have the coverage that you require.

Which Connecticut car insurance company is the most affordable?

Bankrate’s analysis revealed that Connecticut has the lowest cost car insurance. It is offered by USAA, Geico Geico, Amica, Amica, Nationwide, and State Farm. USAA is available only to military personnel and their close relatives, but all other carriers offer coverage for most residents. You might find cheaper insurance options near you. It’s worth shopping around to compare providers before buying a policy.