Average cost of car insurance in Montana

Montana does not require drivers to have minimum liability insurance. However, drivers can choose to have more coverage based on financial concerns or if required by a lender. Minimum coverage in Montana costs $342 annually. It is important to remember that minimum liability does not cover you for vehicle damage or loss, even if you are at fault in an accident.

Full coverage car insurance is a better option if the cost of replacing your vehicle is too high. Based on 2021 quoted premiums the average car insurance rate in Montana is $1,737/year for full coverage.

What is the cost of Montana car insurance?

Montana car insurance rates is relatively low compared to the average of $1.674 for full coverage, and $565 for minimal insurance. Understanding the factors that influence the cost of Montana car insurance may help you save even more.

Your age, carrier type, vehicle type, driving record, and ZIP code are some of the major factors that affect “how much Montana car insurance costs per month”.

Montana auto insurance rates by company

Compare Montana car insurance rates to find the lowest car insurance that meets your needs. Request online quotes from the providers that interest you to determine which one offers the best coverage, rates and support. You might be able to save a lot by switching carriers .

USAA is the lowest-priced carrier on the list, based on quoted premiums. However, it is not available to military personnel, veterans and their families. This list may not include the cheapest providers for or rates that are different from the 2021 averages.

Montana auto insurance rates by city

As shown in the table below, car insurance rates in Montana may change by a few miles from the average state. The following table shows the annual premiums for 20 of the most populous cities:

Montana car insurance rates based on age

Due to a lack of experience and higher risk, younger drivers are likely to pay higher rates. Montana auto insurance rates are very low after each birthday. They level out around the time drivers turn 30. You can save money by taking advantage of youth or student discounts.

Montana Car Insurance Rates by Driving Record

In most cases, a clean driving record is the best way to get the lowest rates. Avoiding accidents and tickets will not only lower your vehicle insurance premiums, but it also helps you to avoid paying the fine. Montana used no speed limit until recently. For a ticket , Montana drivers could now expect to pay $70 if they are caught speeding. Based on 2021 quoted premiums, Montana drivers who have received a speeding ticket on the driving record saw their car insurance rates rise by 19%. Rates were also affected by other incidents.

How to Save on Montana Car Insurance

Although Montana’s car insurance rates may be lower than those in other states, there are still ways to save money.

  • Driving school: Moving violations points remain on your record for three year in Montana. This could potentially affect your car insurance rates for the same period or even longer. In exchange for a reduction in points, the state may not allow you to attend Traffic School. You can attend court to get traffic school authorization.
  • Compare car insurance quotes: The price of the same Montana car insurance policy could differ by Montana providers. It is important to get multiple quotes on car insurance to compare in order to find the best rates. Nearly every insurance carrier offers an easy online quote tool that will allow you to quickly gather the information you need.
  • Consider discounts: Some car insurance companies offer discounts that can help you save money on your coverage. These discounts include discounts for college students and young drivers, as well as low-mileage and safety equipment discounts. This can be especially helpful for younger drivers who are paying higher rates.
  • Consider raising your deductible. If you’re a safe driver who has never been involved in an accident or made a claim, it might be worth increasing your deductible. Experts recommend that you do not raise your deductible unless you can afford it in the event of an accident or claim.

Questions frequently asked

Which Montana company offers the lowest car insurance?

Based on 2021 quotes from Quadrant Information Service, USAA, State Farm Bureau and Southern Farm Bureau are the most affordable car insurance companies in the State. These providers might not be the most affordable for you because of many factors. Compare rates from multiple providers to find the lowest rate.

What is the monthly average cost of Montana car insurance?

Montana’s average car insurance cost for minimum coverage is $342 annually and $1,737 per year for full coverage. This averages to $28.50 per month or $144.75 per year, depending on what level of coverage you choose.

Why is full coverage more expensive than minimal?

Because you add two types of coverage to your vehicle policy, full coverage car insurance will cost more than minimum coverage. Comprehensive and collision coverage are added to full coverage. These add replacement and reimbursement for damage caused by weather, theft, and crashes.