Average cost of car insurance in Tennessee

Tennessee drivers must have minimum car insurance to be legally able to drive. The average cost for car insurance is $1,338 for full coverage and $371 for minimum coverage. You might pay less or more than the average rate for Tennessee based on individual factors.

What is the cost of car insurance in Tennessee?

Car insurance rates vary from one driver to the next. Tennessee car insurance rates are determined by a variety of factors including your driving record, age, and the insurance company you select.

Car insurance rates in Tennessee are less expensive than the national average premium. The average cost for car insurance in the United States for full coverage is $1,674 annually, and $565 for minimum coverage.

The average Tennessee driver pays $336 less to insure full coverage and $194 for minimum coverage insurance, compared to the national average rate.

Tennessee car insurance rates by firm

There are many car insurance providers in Tennessee. Each provider has a different rate. Compare quotes to find the lowest car insurance rates in Tennessee. Below is a list of some of the most well-known and popular Tennessee car insurance companies, along with their average annual minimum coverage premiums.

Tennessee car insurance rates by location

Car insurance rates can vary by state. However, your rate will be affected by the place you live. Car insurance can be more expensive in certain areas due to the high number of uninsured motorists, crime rates, weather risk, and other factors. Below is a table that shows the average car insurance rate in Tennessee for the 20 most populous cities.

Tennessee car insurance rates based on age

Companies that offer car insurance will take into account your driving history and age when you apply for a policy. The highest car insurance rates are paid by the youngest drivers. Prices start to fall around the age of 25. Below are the average Tennessee auto insurance rates based on age.

Tennessee car insurance rates based on driving record

Your driving record is one of the most important factors that can impact your car insurance premium. Your driving record can make a big difference in your car insurance premium. The table below shows how traffic violations can impact your Tennessee car insurance rates.

How to Save on Tennessee Car Insurance

There are many ways to save money when purchasing Tennessee car insurance. These are the best ways to get a lower rate on car insurance in Tennessee.

  • Compare multiple quotes before you decide on an insurance company.
  • Discounts: Look out for companies that offer multiple discounts when you compare insurance companies. You can save more money if you have more discounts.
  • You can pay your annual premium in full. Most insurance companies will lower your car insurance rates if you pay it upfront, and not in twelve monthly installments.
  • Switch carriers: You can always switch carriers if you find an insurance company with a lower rate. Switching from another provider can get you a discount at some insurance companies.

Questions frequently asked

What is the monthly cost of car insurance in Tennessee?

The average cost of Tennessee car insurance is $1338 for full coverage and $371 for minimum coverage. This means that you’d pay approximately $111 per month to get full coverage, and $40 per month to get minimum coverage.

Which is the best car insurance company?

Everybody is unique in their choice of the cheapest car insurance company. There are many car insurance companies on the market. Each one has a different rate of coverage. Compare rates and compare them before you decide on a carrier.