Average cost of car insurance in Vermont

An average Vermont car insurance rate is $1,207 for full coverage and $292 to get minimum coverage. There are many variables that influence the price of auto insurance. These include the make and model of the car, as well as the driver’s driving record, zip code, and chosen provider. However, the most important data points seem to be age, driving history, and zip code.

What is the cost of car insurance in Vermont?

The cost of car insurance premiums can be affected by many factors. The state requirements in Vermont for minimum coverage, as well as other factors such car make and models, driver records, genders, and ZIP codes, have an impact on Vermont’s auto insurance rates. The driver’s:

  • Marital status
  • Deductible
  • Credit score
  • Types of coverage

Each driver has a different premium. However, the state average for Vermont is $1207 per annum for full coverage and $292 for minimum coverage. These amounts are substantially lower than the national averages for minimum and full coverage. Americans spend an average $1,674 annually for full coverage, and $565 for minimum coverage.

Car insurance rates in Vermont by company

The rates for Vermont auto insurance will vary based on the company you are insured with. It is worth the effort to get quotes from several providers, as sometimes there is a significant cost difference. Good news: Vermont has some of the most affordable companies . However, they are also some of the best.

Car insurance rates in Vermont by city

Here are the top 20 most populous cities in Vermont, along with the average amount drivers pay to get full coverage. The percentage difference between the city average and the $1,207 annual state average for full coverage is the difference. Many Vermont cities offer lower car insurance premiums that the average state.

Rates for car insurance in Vermont based on age

The average cost of Vermont car insurance is heavily influenced by the driver’s age. You will pay more if you are younger than you should be. Most people will notice a drop in their rates when they have a clean driving record.

Driving record is required to obtain Vermont car insurance

Vermont’s average insurance rate is $1207 for full coverage. However, you will pay more if there are any convictions. Here are the average rates drivers pay for one speeding ticket or DUI in their driving record. Car insurance will cost you more if you have multiple violations or a combination thereof.

How to Save on Vermont Car Insurance

Although Vermont’s car insurance rates are lower than other states, they can be reduced by taking the right steps. These are the top five ways you can save money on your car insurance.

  1. You should shop around for insurance quotes. Similar providers may offer different rates. Sometimes, the difference can be small but other times it can be significant. This is the first step towards less expensive car insurance. It’s not difficult to switch providers .
  2. Compare Discounts: Discounts vary between providers so the chances of you saving a different amount by using the same discount are high. It may be difficult to figure out how much you will save, as most discount providers don’t make this information available. To get the final numbers, you will need to talk to an agent. To save time, do this step along with step 1.
  3. Your deductible should be increased: The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly car insurance premiums will be. This will mean that you will receive less money after an accident. Compare different deductible options to determine if a lower one offers significant savings. Then, choose the deductible amount that suits your budget and comfort level.
  4. Older cars are more affordable to insure than newer models due to their higher labor and parts costs. It is possible to save money by buying an older car, but that depends on what car you are driving. You should look for one that is reliable, has high safety ratings, and is easy to maintain. You can save even more by purchasing a car that pairs with qualified vehicles.
  5. Your credit score can be improved: It is legal in Vermont for car insurance companies that increase your premium due to a low credit score. This is because insurance companies know that drivers with lower credit scores are statistically less likely to file a claim than those with high credit scores. Your premium will usually drop if you have a better credit score.

Questions frequently asked

What is the monthly cost of car insurance in Vermont?

If you are paying a similar amount to Vermont’s average car insurance rates, your car insurance should cost about:

  • $292 minimum coverage for 12 months or $24.33 per monthly
  • $1,207 for 12 month coverage, or $100.58 per Month.

How do I choose the right car insurance company?

J.D. could help you find the right car insurance company for your family. For each provider , Power scores and AM Best ratings are two reliable third-party agencies. AM Best and J.D. report on how financially sound a company is. Power reports on how customers view their experience with a company. Strong scores for both are generally desired because they show how quickly a company processes claims.

Next, you can research average premium costs and discounts. You will have a better understanding of which companies offer the most comprehensive car insurance policies, and possibly which offer the lowest prices.