Average cost of car insurance in Wyoming

The average cost of car insurance in Wyoming is $271 for minimum coverage and $1,495 for full coverage, according to Bankrate’s 2021 study of quoted annual premiums. The annual premiums were examined more closely and it was revealed that driving records, location, age, and carrier all have an impact on how much you pay for car insurance. Wyoming may have the lowest numbers of licensed drivers in the country — only about 424,000 — but drivers in Wyoming should understand how the average cost of car insurance is determined.

Wyoming: How much is car insurance?

It is difficult to answer the question “How much do I pay for Wyoming car insurance?” Although drivers in Wyoming on average pay $1,495 annually for full coverage, versus the national average of $1,674, comparing quotes from multiple carriers is the best way to ensure you are getting the lowest rates.

However, rates are influenced by factors both in and out of your control. Each carrier will consider your age, zip code and driving record as well as the coverage options you choose. Your credit score, as well as the discounts you are eligible for and the amount of your deductible you select will all be factors.

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Wyoming auto insurance rates by company

One of the most important considerations when evaluating Wyoming’s insurance options is the carrier you choose. You should get quotes from multiple carriers to compare rates and coverage options.

One of the most important considerations when evaluating Wyoming’s insurance options is the carrier you choose. You should get quotes from multiple carriers to compare rates and coverage options.

Wyoming auto insurance rates by location

In addition to carriers, your zip code has a big influence on how much you pay for car insurance rates in Wyoming. As you can see, rates vary greatly based on the number of residents in each city. Although rates may rise in certain areas, rates will often decrease depending on where you live.

Wyoming car insurance rates based on age

Wyoming’s average insurance rates are affected by your age. Although you cannot change this aspect of the equation, you can expect a drop in rates as you age. The rates for those aged 18-20 are the highest, as they no longer have to be covered by their parents’ insurance policies. However, rates decrease once you reach 25.

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Wyoming insurance rates for driving record

Your driving record could have the largest impact on Wyoming’s car insurance rates. A DUI can cause annual premiums to almost double.

Wyoming: How to Save on Car Insurance

Drivers have a wide variety of ways to save on car insurance rates in Wyoming. These strategies can help you save on your premiums:

  • A higher deductible is better: The lower your premiums, the more you’re willing to cover out-of-pocket costs for comprehensive or collision claims.
  • Discounts: Make sure you ask about any discounts. This is a great way to save even more, whether you bundle with a homeowner’s policy or renter’s policy.
  • Comparison shopping: It’s a great way of comparing rates and features across multiple carriers. This will ensure that you get the best rates and coverage.
  • Keep your driving record clean and free of claims. This is the best way to get the lowest rates.

Questions frequently asked

Wyoming: How much insurance do I need for my car?

In addition to the minimum liability requirements, you should purchase the most coverage you can reasonably afford. You have greater financial protection in the event of an accident or damage to your vehicle. It also helps you limit your out-of-pocket expenses, depending on which options you choose.

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Is it possible to switch auto insurance companies at any time?

Yes, you are able to switch carriers if you find one with better rates, customer service or for whatever reason you choose. After you have locked in your new policy, you must wait before you cancel your old policy. This ensures that you have continuous coverage and does not leave any gaps.