Avoiding Common Perils in Insurance Sales: Tips for a Lasting Career

Recent reports indicate that insurance sales careers are on the rise. The U.S. Department Labor reported a rise of 900 jobs in December 2005, and another 2,500 in January 2006.

Although the rising trend in insurance sales is encouraging news, many agents quit the industry, falling prey to the usual perils of selling insurance. You can still be a successful agent by learning to identify common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Peril #1 – Not Incorporating The Web into Business Practices

The internet has made business more accessible and easier in recent years. This is also true for the insurance industry. You need to be ready to serve those customers, as more people are going online for insurance information.

You can communicate with Web users by:

Improve Your Website

It is not enough to have a website. Your customers expect you to have a website. Your site should be more than just a brochure. Give visitors the information they want. Visitors will see that you are dedicated to helping them find the best insurance. They’ll also appreciate information about saving tips, rate comparison charts, and how to pay their bills online.

Need help with a redesign or if you don’t yet have a website. Sites such as SiteSolutions.com or FreeWebs.com are great resources.

Create a blog

This began as an online journal. It has evolved into a powerful tool for businesspeople to share their services and create a community.

Blogs can be used to exchange ideas and spark a conversation about your company. Consumers can view your blog and leave comments or questions. This will allow you to connect with prospects and other professionals in the insurance industry and increase your networking skills.

Are you unsure what topic to write about? There are many topics you can write about, including news in the insurance industry, new consumer laws, savings tips, and other interesting anecdotes. There are endless possibilities!

Use an Online Leads Service

It’s no surprise that more people are turning to the Internet to find information about insurance.

Partnering with a reliable provider will allow you to receive hot insurance leads straight to your email. These prospects will have all the information needed to create a quote or contact you. You’ll find that it is easier and cheaper to get insurance leads in real time.

Peril #2 – Breaking the Commitment for Customer Service

With all the talk about how consumers use the Internet to find insurance, it’s likely that today’s client doesn’t care about customer service. Wrong.

You can’t afford to let your customer service department slip just because people are shopping online for insurance. Clients still want to be treated well, which leads to trust and a long-lasting business relationship.

Agents are looking for extra help to meet their clients’ needs. This can be anything from hiring an assistant to setting up a call center to answer queries and begin the claims process.

Peril #3 – Cross-selling to Competitors

Although your grandfather may have been an insurance agent who specialized in one type of insurance, today’s agents are using cross-selling to make it easier for consumers to get their insurance.

Agents who are successful in selling multiple lines of insurance offer clients a lot of convenience and substantial savings. They can also offer discounts when they buy two or more policies.

Be aware that additional accreditation can require a separate license, particularly if you are dealing with financial products or annuities. For more information, contact your local insurance division.

You’ll be a success in sales for many years to come!

You face challenges every day as an insurance agent. You can avoid common pitfalls that insurance agents face if you are aware of them. Cross-selling is a good idea. Customers can still be served by you, and you can use the Web to search for potential customers. You could enjoy a long career in insurance sales.