Bear River Insurance Review

Bear River is Utah’s oldest mutual property and casualty insurer. The company was founded in 1909. It was named after its original location along the Bear River where it offered affordable insurance to the Garland farming community. Through a network independent agents, the company provides a range of insurance products in Utah today.

Bear River’s independent agents generated over $179,000,000 in premiums in 2018. Bear River Insurance, a mutual insurance company, is 100% owned by its policyholders. Positive company performance leads to lower rates. Bear River Mutual offers affordable premiums and excellent customer service.

Bear River Car Insurance

The car insurance offered by Bear River Mutual is fairly standard. There are a few endorsements available to add protection. The company offers both minimum and full coverage insurance. Bear Care Direct Repair Program (DRP), which can be used to locate a trusted auto shop and receive guaranteed work, is available in case your vehicle is damaged during a covered claim.

Types of coverage

These are the policies that Bear Mutual offers for auto insurance

  • Full coverage: Full coverage insurance includes collision, comprehensive, liability, medical payments and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Personal Injury Protection: Utah’s state insurance law requires that personal injury protection (PIP), be in place. PIP covers the driver’s medical expenses as well as lost wages following an accident, no matter who caused it.
  • Gap insurance: gap insurance is for financed and leased cars. Gap insurance covers the difference between the car’s diminished value and remaining loan balance if a car is totaled.
  • Roadside Assistance: Side assistance covers towing, extrication and fuel delivery.
  • Rental car coverage: Rental vehicle reimbursement will cover the cost of a rental car for repairs that are required by a covered claim.

Get Discounts

Bear River Mutual offers these car insurance discounts:

  • No claims discount: Drivers with no insurance claims can get a lower insurance premium.
  • Multi-policy Discount: Customers that bundle home and auto insurance policies can get a multi-policy coupon.

Bear River insurance

Bear River Home Insurance covers primary and secondary homes. Bear River’s home insurance is limited in coverage and offers very little customization. Bear River’s home insurance offers a unique feature: the Bear Care Home Repair Program. This program guarantees homeowners work by recommended contractors.

Types of coverage

Bear River Mutual offers the following home insurance policies:

  • Standard coverage: Home insurance coverage includes personal property, liability and medical payments.
  • Insurance: insurance can be added as an endorsement to your home insurance policy. The deductible is 10% of your home’s personal property coverage or the dwelling, whichever is greater.

Get Discounts

Bear River Insurance does NOT advertise discounts on its home insurance policies online. There may be other discounts that are not advertised, such as:

  • Multi-policy Discount: Homeowners can get a discount if they bundle more than one policy with Bear River Mutual.
  • No Claims Discount: Homeowners with no insurance claims in the past several years often receive a lower rate.
  • Discount on Home Safety Equipment: Homes with security systems, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers often have lower premiums.
  • Discount for gated communities: Homes located in gated communities are less likely to be stolen and often qualify for a lower rate.

Bear River is a great option because of these reasons

Utah residents have Bear River Mutual Insurance as an option. Policyholders may be able to obtain lower rates through the mutual company structure than they would with a national provider. Smaller insurance companies, such as Bear River Mutual, tend to provide better customer service than larger carriers.

Bear River’s home and auto insurance coverages are very limited. This company does not offer a lot of discounts and endorsements, so it is not the best option for those who need to tailor their policy to their specific needs. Independent agents sell Bear River insurance policies. Customers must contact them to obtain a quote or make any changes to their policy.

Bear River reviews, ratings, customer satisfaction, and complaints

OrganizationBear River Rating
Better Business Bureau (BBB)B-
AM BestA-
NAIC Company Complaint IndexBelow-average complaints

Mixed reviews of Bear River Mutual are available. Bear River Mutual reviews are mixed. The BBB rates Bear River Mutual with a B- rating. Based on 11 customer reviews, the average rating for Bear River Mutual is 1.11 out 5 stars. Bear River is rated AM Best as having excellent financial strength. Bear River Mutual had only one complaint from customers in 2018, which is below the average complaint rate according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Bear River offers additional policies

These are additional policies offered by Bear River Mutual

  • Condo insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Insurance for your home
  • Umbrella insurance

Questions frequently asked

What information do I need in order to receive a Bear River quote?

Bear River Mutual Insurance will provide a quote. To do so, contact an agent. Your personal information, including your birthday and social security numbers, will be required. You will need to provide information about your home, such as its square footage, year of purchase, and year it was constructed, in order to get home insurance. You will need to give the VIN number, make, year, and mileage of your vehicle for car insurance. Then, you’ll be asked about the amount of coverage that you require, how much you want, and what type of deductible you choose.

How can I file a claim against Bear River?

Bear River customers can submit a claim online or by calling the agent. The incident must be explained in detail, including date, time, place, damage, and any other parties.