Best car insurance for condo owners


You may be familiar with the insurance policies that are available for condos. Did you know you could save money if you bought your condo and car insurance through the same company? Customers can save money by bundling their insurance policies.

Insurance can provide financial security, but rates can be high. It is better to reduce your coverage than to limit it. One way to do this is by policy bundling. This discount is offered by certain providers.

Why should you choose an insurance package?

Bundling insurance is one of the best ways to save money on your insurance. You can often get a discount on both your condo and car insurance by purchasing them from the same company. Condo owners might be eligible for discounts that are not available to renters. The provider may consider the increased stability of a customer’s home to be less risky financially.

Best car insurance for condo owners

Five companies were chosen after analyzing the market share of the largest companies that offer condo and car insurance. Based on their J.D., these five were selected. The Power Score for Property Claim Satisfaction, the Bundling Discounts and the number of additional discounts they offer.

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All over the country

Nationwide was awarded an 892 on the 2021 J.D. Nationwide was ranked in the top five for customer satisfaction with regards to property claims. Bundled discounts are offered by the company, which includes auto and condo insurance. Nationwide offers many discounts beyond bundling with an emphasis on auto savings.


Amica received 894 points on the J.D. Amica was ranked in the top four on the J.D. Power report for customer satisfaction with property claims. Amica offers bundle discounts as well as other types of discounts. Amica is a well-respected company with high customer satisfaction, low average rates and strong recommendations for condo owners looking for auto insurance.


USAA received a score of 905 on J.D. USAA scored a 905 on the J.D. Power report but is not eligible for ranking because of its eligibility restrictions. USAA is only available to military personnel and their families, making it less accessible for many Americans. If you’re eligible, USAA has the highest ratings in customer satisfaction. It offers a wide range of insurance policies, and discounts for bundling.



The J.D. Score for Farmers was 884 Farmers was ranked in the top eight providers by the J.D. Power report. Farmers has a solid reputation in the auto insurance business and offers many auto coverage options. They offer auto and condo insurance. Policy bundling is also an option.


Allstate received an 882 in the 2021 J.D. Allstate was ranked in the top ten according to the Power report. It is the country’s largest auto insurance company and is present in most parts of the United States. It also offers a variety of discounts including bundling and many discounts that are focused on auto insurance. Allstate is known for having friendly, live agents that customers can interact with. This can be a benefit for some customers.

Bundling: The pros and cons


Bundling insurance policies can help you save money on your rates, especially if the provider offers bundle deals. This can simplify billing and paperwork by combining multiple products and their bills into one.


Bundling insurance may limit your options as you will need to have both policies from the same provider. You will need at least two policies in order to bundle. This is why you won’t be able to get the discount if you only want condo insurance.

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How to get a combo of auto and condo insurance

You can apply once you find a company offering both types of insurance. Make sure you tell the agent when you apply that your interest is in a condo and auto policy. During this conversation, tell the agent you’d like to combine these policies for a discount.

There are many discounts available when you look at companies and policies. Let’s say you have multiple vehicles to insure. Many companies offer additional discounts to customers who have multiple vehicles insured. Another discount is paperless billing, which may be the most affordable for customers to use.

Questions frequently asked

Which company has the best auto insurance?

Everyone is different and each person will need to find the best car insurance. Because they are based upon a variety of factors, such as age, driving record, and insurance score, policy rates can be individualistic. It is a great way to find the right company. Start with , the best car insurance company for 2021.

What amount of car insurance do you need?

Your state’s laws will determine how much car insurance you need. Every state has its car insurance laws. Only three states require minimum coverage. These are often known as basic liability coverage. How much car insurance you need is dependent on your vehicle and your personal situation.

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How much condo insurance do I need?

Condo insurance is not required, but it can help protect your assets from financial loss. Experts recommend that you have enough coverage to protect your condo’s value and any possessions within it.

Which condo policy is the best?

The best condo insurance will depend on the details of your condo and your personal information. Each policy can be customized to suit the needs of each customer to varying degrees. It is safer to get quotes from several providers so that you can compare and find the one offering the best coverage at the lowest price.