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Arizona is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the nation, from the Monument Valley rock buttes to the lush forests of Salt and Verde River basins. In 2019 alone, Arizona saw nearly 130,000 vehicle crashes, which resulted in 911 traffic fatalities, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. The best Arizona car insurance could protect drivers from financial consequences of an accident.

Quadrant Information Services and Bankrate collaborated to collect 2021 premium data for Arizona auto insurance companies. We found that Allstate, Geico, American Family, The Hartford, American Family, and State Farm offered the most competitive rates for auto insurance in Arizona. They also received strong scores from third-party agencies. These factors were taken into account when determining a Bankrate Score. This score is a measure of the companies’ performance out of a possible 5.

Arizona’s best car insurance companies

Geico and State Farmed were the top-rated auto insurance companies in Arizona in terms of Bankrate Score. Bankrate’s editorial staff reviewed providers based on market share, average premiums and available coverages. They also considered third-party scores from J.D. AM Best and Power. We analyzed the data and found the following five companies to be among the top in Arizona. These companies may be worth a look when Arizona drivers are looking for car insurance.

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Geico’s outstanding Bankrate Score is a reflection of its low prices as well as customer satisfaction. According to Bankrate research, Geico has the lowest Arizona minimum coverage and full coverage premiums. Geico has a number of discounts that will help you save more, in addition to its low rates. Geico may offer a discount for safe drivers, federal employees, military personnel, and vehicles with certain safety features.

Geico is a good choice if you’re looking for digital tools. Geico’s website has a strong customer portal. The mobile app lets you pay bills, file claims and request roadside assistance. While digital tools can be helpful, you may still need assistance. American Family and Geico were tied for the top spot in the J.D. According to the Power study, customer service is generally viewed positively by Geico.

State Farm

State Farm was second in Bankrate Score and J.D. power score. State Farm is the largest U.S. personal auto insurance company, with more than 16% market share. State Farm is a great choice for Arizona drivers who prefer doing business face-to–face.

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State Farm’s auto policy offers only limited customization options. The company offers two safe driving programs: Steer Clear for teens, and Drive Safe & Save (for adults), which can help you and your family develop safer driving habits while also earning a discount.

The Hartford

If you are a member of AARP, getting an auto insurance quote from The Hartford might be a good idea. The company has partnered with AARP to offer members exclusive rates and discounts. The Hartford offers standard auto insurance policies for private passengers, as well as insurance options to insure your classic car or RV.

There are many options available to you if you want to receive a quote from The Hartford. Talk to an agent, call The Hartford directly, or request a quote online. Ask if you are eligible for any discounts such as driver training, fuel type, and a paid in-full discount.

American Family

American Family’s auto insurance was awarded the highest ranking by the J.D. According to a Power Study, American Family customers are extremely satisfied with their customer service. American Family also offers auto insurance.

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American Family might be the right choice for you if you’re looking for a wide range of coverage options. You might also want gap insurance, roadside help, original manufacturer parts, or travel coverage in addition to the standard coverages like collision, liability, comprehensive, and collision. American Family offers several discounts that will help you save money on your car insurance.


Allstate is a great option if you prefer to deal with your business in person than online. The company has many agents throughout Arizona. These agents might be closer to Arizona drivers because they are local.

Allstate has many options that can help you tailor your policy to meet your specific needs. You can also choose ridesharing and sound equipment coverage. Although its average full coverage premium is higher than the state’s average full coverage premium, Allstate also offers numerous discounts that might help you lower the cost of your insurance, including safe driving discounts, teen driver discounts and various payment-type discounts.

Arizona’s average cost for car insurance

The average cost of car insurance in Arizona is $1,547 per year for full coverage and $555 per year for minimum coverage.Arizona drivers pay an average of $1,674 less for full coverage auto insurance than the national average premium. Arizona’s minimum coverage insurance costs are in line with the $565 national average annually. Your cost will differ from these averages depending on where you live, the rate of auto theft and vandalism in your area, and your driving record, among other factors.

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Arizona’s minimum insurance requirements

Most states require you to purchase certain insurance coverages before you can register your vehicle. To drive legally, you must have at least the minimum coverage required by your state. According to the Arizona Department of Insurance, you must carry these minimums:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per individual
  • $50k bodily injury per accident
  • $15,000 Property Damage Liability

While purchasing minimum liability insurance may lower your premiums, it could lead to financial stress if an accident occurs. You will be responsible for any excess damages incurred in an accident that exceeds your insurance limits. Insurance experts advise that you buy higher liability limits if possible.

Minimum coverage doesn’t provide coverage for your car. You will need to have full coverage if you want insurance coverage in case of damage to your vehicle. This includes optional comprehensive and collision coverage. Your financial institution may require you to have complete coverage if you have a vehicle loan or lease.

How to get the best car coverage

According to the Insurance Information Institute, each auto insurer will offer different rates depending upon a variety of factors, including your driving record, geographical location, age, occupation, and type of vehicle. You may be able to get the best car coverage by following these steps:

  • Assess your needs. To find the best car coverage for you, determine which coverage options, add ons, and discounts appeal to you. Knowing what is most important to you can help you choose the right company for you.
  • Take into account state factors. Your state, and even your ZIP code, can impact your car insurance premiums. Is your particular area more prone to accidents than others? Is there a high percentage of uninsured drivers? Are there any vehicle thefts? These factors can help you decide what coverages are best for you.
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Arizona drivers may want to take into account factors such as customer service reviews, average premiums, discounts available, and claims service when shopping for auto insurance. If you’re unsure of where to begin, a licensed agent can help.

Arizona offers car insurance discounts

If budget is a primary concern in your auto insurance search, you may be able to find cheaper car insurance by taking advantage of discounts. Here are some common Arizona discounts:

  • Multi-policy discounts are available if you have multiple insurance policies. You may be eligible for a discount if you have multiple policies with the same company.
  • Telematics discounts are offered by many companies. These discounts usually include letting a plug-in or mobile app track your driving habits. These discounts are usually based on your driving habits and how many miles you drive each year.
  • Paperless discounts: Your auto insurance company may offer you a discount if your policy and billing documents are sent electronically or through a customer portal.

Each company offers different discounts. Although you can check the discounts available online, it is often more effective to speak with an agent or company representative to find out your savings options.

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Questions frequently asked

What is the best Arizona car insurance?

Arizona insurance rates are determined by more than 12 factors. These include your credit history, age, driving record, occupation, and credit history. It may help to compare quotes from different auto insurance companies in order to find the lowest rate and the best coverage. You might be able to compare prices, coverages and other factors to determine the best fit for you.

What information are you required to obtain Arizona car insurance?

An agent will need your address, age, driver’s licence number, make and type of vehicle, vehicle’s VIN and annual mileage to provide a quote. You will need the names and license numbers of any other drivers in your household.

Is Arizona a state that requires drivers to have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage?

Arizona doesn’t require that vehicle owners purchase coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists. The state does require that auto insurers offer this coverage. However, it is up to drivers to accept it or reject it. Insurance providers generally recommend this coverage due to the financial protection it provides. Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage will pay for your injuries or property damage if you are struck by someone without insurance.

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