Best car insurance in Missouri


According to Bankrate’s 2021 study on annual quoted premiums, Missouri full coverage auto insurance costs $1,661 annually. The Federal Highway Administration reports that Missouri has more than 4274,000 drivers as of 2019. And though Missouri roads saw decreased traffic in 2020, over 80 locations throughout Missouri. It is easy to locate an agent in your area, even if that sounds daunting. The company’s online tool and Amazon Alexa skills are available. State Farm was awarded the highest J.D. The companies that made our list scored the highest in customer satisfaction according to Power.


Progressive has the second-lowest premium, and the company also received an below-industry-average customer service rating from J.D. Power Power. This company is known for its extensive list of digital tools and discounts. One of the most popular tools is Name Your Price. Instead of pricing each coverage level individually, the tool will instead ask you to input what you can afford and then populate several options that meet your needs.

American Family

American Family might be able to provide a quote if you are looking for the lowest auto insurance. This company has the lowest average premium, which is significantly lower than the state’s. The company does not sacrifice coverage for a lower premium. You may also be able to add endorsements such as roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, accidental death and dismemberment. You may also be eligible for discounts, which could further lower your premium.

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Missouri average car insurance costs

The average cost for full coverage car insurance in Missouri costs $1,661 annually. This is slightly lower than the national average price of $1,674. Missouri drivers pay slightly higher for car insurance than the Illinois state. Missouri has an average annual full-coverage premium of $1,485.

Car insurance rates can vary greatly depending on the type of your car, how many drivers you have on your policy, and your credit score.

Missouri’s minimum insurance requirements

Missouri is like other states in that drivers must have a minimum level of car insurance. In particular, drivers must have enough insurance to cover:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50k bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage
  • $25,000 Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury per Person
  • $50,000 bodily injury to an uninsured motorist per accident

These minimum limits can help you to pay the lowest premiums but could also leave you open to large out-of-pocket costs in case of an accident. Insurance professionals generally recommend higher liability limits.

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Also, the minimum limits do NOT include collision or comprehensive coverages that provide protection for your vehicle in case of damage. You will need full coverage to get them. You will likely need to have full coverage if you have a vehicle loan or lease.

How to find the best Missouri car insurance

Your individual situation and your needs will determine the best Missouri car insurance. You might want to consider the following:

  • Assess your needs. Do you have a budget? Are you able to insure a teenage driver? Do you want a company that has a strong mobile app and is easy to use? Are you a safe driver or have you been in some accidents or received tickets? Once you have a clear understanding of your priorities and your rating factors, you can request quotes from multiple companies to find the best match for you.
  • Take into account state factors. Each state has its own insurance requirements. It might be worth adding comprehensive coverage to your insurance policy to cover your financial losses if you are hit by a deer in your area. An estimated 16% of Missouri drivers don’t have insurance. It could be a smart idea to purchase uninsured motorist coverage that is higher than required.
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A licensed agent can help you determine the right coverages for you. A licensed agent will review your situation to help you choose the right coverages.

Missouri offers car insurance discounts

Missouri insurance companies offer many policy discounts. While discounts can vary from company to company, the most common are:

  • Multiple vehicles – If you have more than one car on your auto insurance policy, you might be eligible for a discount.
  • Multiple policy – Similar to the multi-car discount you might get a better insurance quote if your home and auto insurance policies are combined. This discount may also be available for other products, such as pet insurance or life insurance.
  • Accident-free: Car insurance companies offer discounts to safe drivers who are at least three years old and have not been in an accident.
  • A good student: Missouri students who have a minimum of a “B” grade or a 3.0 GPA are often eligible for a discount.
  • Paid-infull: Drivers that can fully pay their premiums may be eligible for a discount. This depends on the insurance company.
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Different companies may offer different discounts. Each company will have its own rules and regulations. Talking to a representative may be the best way for you to find out what savings are available.

Questions frequently asked

What is the best Missouri car insurance?

What you need and what each company considers when weighing your individual ratings factors will determine the best Missouri car insurance. It is possible to identify the best companies that can meet your needs by knowing what you want. This could include a low price, outstanding customer service, or specialty coverages. To find the right fit, you can get quotes from several companies.

Do I have to purchase car insurance in Missouri?

You must have at least the minimum state car insurance coverage in Missouri. This is $25,000 for bodily injury per person, $50,000 per accident, and $10,000 for property damage. You can avoid having an insurance policy in Missouri by completing the Proof Of Financial Responsibility form. This proves that you are able to pay for any damages you cause.