Best car insurance in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has approximately 2.5million licensed drivers. Oklahoma’s auto insurance rates are comparable to those in other states. Premiums average $423 per year for minimum coverage, and $1,873 for full coverage. Oklahoma requires car insurance. Many drivers who live in urban areas of Oklahoma want it to protect them from rising death rates due to traffic accidents. The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office reports that the death rate from motor vehicle accidents has increased significantly over the years while rural deaths have declined.

There are so many insurance companies on the market today that no one wants to pay more for insurance, but get less coverage, options and customer service. Bankrate compared multiple companies to help you compare. We used 2021 premium data from Quadrant Information Services to evaluate each company and determine the best Oklahoma car insurance companies. To help you compare, we looked at the coverage options and customer satisfaction of each company.

Oklahoma’s best car insurance companies

Car insurance shopping is more than the price. Other factors such as customer service are important to consider. J.D. Power is a marketing research company. Power conducted the 2021 U.S. Auto Insurance Study. This is an annual survey of customer satisfaction for auto insurance companies. J.D. was used. We used J.D.


USAA insurance can save you money if you’re eligible. USAA claims that members can save $707 annually, in addition to having low premiums. USAA is the most satisfied with its customers, but only military personnel and their families can use it. USAA is a great choice for those who are deployed, as it offers unique coverages and discounts that cater to military-specific situations.

State Farm

Oklahoma drivers can purchase insurance from State Farm for a wide range of vehicles. This includes classic cars, sports vehicles and sports cars. Both teens and adults have the option to save with safe driving programs. This will help policyholders save at least 15% on their premiums. State Farm has a high level of customer satisfaction and financial strength that helps it maintain its market share.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is another established insurance company that offers affordable policies. Liberty Mutual provides policyholders with a variety of coverage options and policy add-ons. There are many discounts available, including online signing up, safe driver programs, and the option to contribute $30 annually to a fund that will reduce your deductible by $100. Liberty Mutual is the only company that offers teacher’s insurance for cars parked on school grounds. It has an AM Best rating of A.

Farmers Insurance

Farmers, one of the oldest and largest car insurance companies in the country, is a trusted choice for those looking for affordable and flexible auto insurance policies. Customers have the option to add on attractive options such as rideshare coverage, accident forgiveness, new car replacement coverage, original manufacturer parts coverage, and rideshare coverage. You can get discounts for being a homeowner or safe driver, for teen drivers, for under-25 drivers, and for owning a vehicle with safety features. Farmers is the nation’s seventh largest auto insurer and has had fewer complaints than the average.


Allstate offers many car insurance options, including discounts and bundles that customers can use in order to save money on their insurance policies. Even though it’s not the most affordable Oklahoma car insurance, there are many savings opportunities for drivers, regardless of whether they have a new car or continue to school. Allstate offers useful coverages like roadside jumpstarts so policyholders can feel safe knowing that Allstate backs their cars.

Oklahoma’s average car insurance price

Oklahoma’s average annual car insurance expenditure is $423 per year for minimum coverage. This falls below the national average of $565/year. Oklahoma’s average annual rate for full coverage, $1,873, is significantly higher than the $1,674 national average. This may be partly due to its dangerous roads. Oklahoma drivers will likely pay more for insurance than Kansas’s average annual premiums, which are $410 and $1698 respectively for full and minimum coverage.

Insurance rates can also be affected by credit ratings and driving violations.

Oklahoma’s minimum insurance requirements

To meet Oklahoma’s minimum coverage requirements, drivers must have 25/50/25 liability coverage.

  • $25,000 per person bodily injury coverage
  • $50,000 per person, per accident for bodily injury
  • $25,000 coverage per incident for property damage

Insurance companies in Oklahoma must offer uninsured motorist coverage. This is optional. Oklahoma’s minimum liability insurance policy covers only bodily injury and lost earnings to another driver in an accident. However, it is recommended that you also have coverage for collisions, thefts, and uninsured motorists. Full coverage can help you pay for damages to your vehicle in an accident. It will also reduce the financial burden. Many people choose to add roadside assistance or rental car reimbursement options.

How to get the best car coverage

Every car insurance company will evaluate drivers differently in order to provide a car quote. Car insurance companies will assess a driver’s driving record, credit score, accident history and claims history in order to determine whether they will offer coverage. In addition to gender, age, marital status and other personal details, auto insurance companies will often consider these factors.

Understanding your history and what you want in terms of coverage, discounts, and add-ons is key to getting the best car insurance. You can start your search by researching local car insurance companies. Compare rates based on what you select and how they differ. Minimum coverage is a good option if you have a tight budget or cannot afford full coverage. Experts recommend that you purchase full coverage as minimum coverage may not offer sufficient coverage to protect against the full damage caused by an accident.

Assess your needs

It is best to assess your current situation and past driving records, and then to search top car insurers. If you have been involved in multiple accidents in the past, even though they were not your fault, you might consider finding car insurance that provides accident forgiveness. You may also consider your current situation when choosing car insurance. For example, if you have a home, you might want to find a company that will allow you to bundle home with auto to save money.

Take into account state factors

To create your own car insurance plan, each car insurance company has a variety of add-on options. You may need to add on additional options depending on where you live, what your zip code is, and the climate. Anti-theft add ons may be a good idea if your area has a high crime rate. Anti-theft add ons may be a good idea if there is a high crime rate.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), 13% are uninsured in Oklahoma. Although it may seem high, it is possible to save money if you are in an accident with uninsured drivers.

Oklahoma offers car insurance discounts

Compare discounts offered by different insurance companies to get the best insurance rates. Standard discounts include vehicle security systems such as anti-theft devices, safety systems, and airbags. If your vehicle is kept for a prolonged period, you may be eligible to receive a discount.

Some other discounts are:

  • Drivers who have completed approved defensive driving courses are eligible for savings from many insurance companies.
  • You can save money by paying your premiums in full.
  • Students who are a good student can often get discounts, usually a B-average or higher.
  • Accident-free: If your driving record is clean, you might be eligible for a discount.

Questions frequently asked

What information are you required to obtain Oklahoma car insurance?

To get a quote, you’ll need your driver’s licence, registration, vehicle make, year, and vehicle model. Other questions may be asked to help determine your driving habits, lifestyle, and annual mileage.

I have trouble getting insurance. Where can I find high-risk auto insurance

You may be unable to get Oklahoma car insurance if you have been involved in too many accidents or driving violations.

What happens if I pay late for my car insurance?

Every company will likely have its own policies regarding late payments. You can get help from your insurance company to understand the details of your policy. You can schedule automatic payments with many providers, which can help you avoid late premiums.

What are the penalties for driving without insurance?

In most states, driving without insurance is a misdemeanor. Common penalties include suspension of your license, jail time, and fines.