Best car insurance in West Virginia


West Virginia is home to some of the most stunning natural and cultural attractions in North America. There are many sights in West Virginia, from the Greenbrier resort to Blackwater Falls State Park’s mountain trails. You will need to have car insurance in order to legally drive, regardless of whether you’re strapping in your seatbelt for work or packing the SUV for a weekend trip.

The average West Virginian pays $1,499 per year for full coverage car insurance. This helps keep drivers financially safe on the roads. More than 1.2 million licensed drivers were driving on West Virginia’s roads and highways in 2020. In West Virginia, 34,056 car accidents were reported in the same year. This is down from 35,616 in 2018. While accidents and related injuries have declined in recent years, West Virginia saw 34,056 car accidents, a decrease of 35,616 in 2018.

To get the best out of your policy, make sure you are insured by a reputable company. Bankrate keeps up-to-date with the insurance market throughout the country and has evaluated the top auto insurance companies in West Virginia based on 2021 quoted prices, consumer ratings, and coverage options.

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West Virginia’s best car insurance companies

We looked at West Virginia’s top car insurance companies based on market share to find the best. We then assigned each company a Bankrate score (out of five total points) based on industry ratings and average quoted premiums. This qualitative analysis was based on third-party reviews. Many of the providers that we highlight have a Bankrate Score greater than four points.

Below is a table that lists the top West Virginia companies, along with their Bankrate Score, average rates, and J.D. Based on the 2020 Auto Claims Study, Power Score.


J.D. rated Allstate as having one of the highest claims satisfaction scores. Allstate’s Power score is a testament to its ability manage and pay claims. There are 28 West Virginia cities that have agents who can assist drivers with any questions about their policy. While the premiums for an Allstate auto insurance policy are more expensive than average, you will likely find all you need with it. You can also add optional extras such as rental reimbursement and car insurance for your trip in Mexico. There are many discounts available, including savings when you purchase a policy in advance or join its safe driving club.

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With 15% of the market, Erie is the 2nd-largest insurance in West Virginia. Its high J.D. is a sign of this. It has a Power claims satisfaction score 880 out 1000 points and a Bankrate Score 4.4 out 5 points. Erie has many benefits West Virginians will love, including no-deductible glass repairs with comprehensive coverage and personal items coverage that pays for damaged items like luggage and clothing. Erie even pays your vet bills in the event that your pet is injured in an auto accident.

All over the country

Nationwide is known for its household name, but the low average annual premium is what you will notice first. Nationwide offers additional benefits such as its repair network. West Virginia drivers are more likely to find affordable full coverage policies through Nationwide. It includes a guarantee that you will receive repair or replacement work from one of Nationwide’s On Your Side centers. You can also choose to add accident forgiveness or an annual vanishing deductable.

State Farm

State Farm is a long-standing provider of exceptional customer service. It also has the second highest Bankrate Score (tied to Erie). This does not mean that there is a price sacrifice as its policies are well below the average state rate. State Farm staffs local agencies to provide dedicated assistance with claims and additional coverage. State Farm isn’t obsolete. State Farm offers a convenient mobile app that allows you to manage your account online.

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USAA has high scores but does not qualify for J.D. It is not eligible for J.D. Power ranking as it offers only products for military personnel and their families. It does however qualify for a Bankrate Score, based on our criteria. In fact, it earns the highest of all the providers. USAA may offer the best car insurance to you and your family if you are eligible. USAA offers dedicated coverage to active military personnel, as well as those who are deployed. USAA is constantly improving its offerings. It added a safe driving program, SafePilot this year. This allows West Virginia drivers to receive a premium discount of up to 30%

Average West Virginia car insurance costs

For full coverage, the annual average cost of car insurance in West Virginia amounts to $1,499, which is slightly lower than the national average driver. The average annual cost of car insurance with full coverage premiums is $1,654 annually. The average annual cost of minimum coverage in West Virginia is $458, compared to the $565 national rate.

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The average cost of Virginia car insurance is $441 per annum for minimum coverage, and $1,304 for full coverage. West Virginia drivers pay slightly more premiums.

West Virginia’s minimum insurance requirements

Every state requires drivers to have minimum liability coverage. All drivers must have minimum liability coverage according to the West Virginia DMV

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability insurance to protect one person from the consequences of an accident.
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability coverage to cover injuries sustained by more than one person in an accident
  • $25,000 in property loss liability insurance to protect against property damage from one accident

Your lender may require that you have collision and comprehensive insurance in order to finance a vehicle. This ensures that the vehicle is protected in the event of an accident.

Without car insurance, you could face suspension of your driver’s license and vehicle registration. Car insurance is more than a legal requirement. Full coverage car insurance is a good investment if you own your vehicle. You could be responsible for large out-of pocket expenses if your vehicle is damaged in an accident.

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Make sure that your West Virginia auto insurance company has a valid license before you purchase. To find information about your insurance company’s license, you can use the lookup tool from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

How to get the best car coverage

It can be stressful to shop around for car insurance. There are many West Virginia car insurance companies. Many people want the best car insurance policy and to get the most value for their money . There is no one-size fits all solution for West Virginia’s best auto insurance.

Every person will get a unique quote and premium for auto insurance. This is due to many factors. To get the best car insurance, take some time to determine what you need and want in car insurance premiums in terms of coverage, add ons, customer service, claims management processes, and costs. To find local insurers near your location, you can use your ZIP code. Then compare your criteria.

Assess your needs

To make a better decision when shopping for car insurance, you might want to assess your financial and personal situation. Drivers with good credit ratings or clean driving records might be more open to considering premiums that are higher. Because they are less likely to be at high risk, this could explain why they may get a lower rate. A parent who has a driving-age child may opt for an insurer that does not increase the premium to add a teen to their policy.

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Take into account state factors

Car insurance rates can vary depending on where you live and what your ZIP code is. Each state has its own road conditions, minimum requirements, and likely damage. West Virginian drivers pay a fair amount less than average Americans due to its declining accident rate. Flooding is a common occurrence in West Virginia and could increase the likelihood of claims. This makes providers who offer cheap full coverage premiums very attractive.

West Virginia offers car insurance discounts

No matter which company you choose to work with, discounts can often save you a lot of money. Ask your agent about the available savings while you shop around. There are many discounts offered by car insurance companies, including:

  • Driving safely: If you are a good driver, you may be eligible for a discount. You can sign up for a safe driving program and download the app from your insurer to track your driving.
  • Students who are a good student receive discounts.
  • Sign up early: Doing so before your policy expires could help you save time and hassle by shopping ahead. Many insurance companies require that you purchase a new policy at least one week before expiration.
  • Some car insurance companies offer discounts for automatic payments.
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Questions frequently asked

What information do you need to obtain car insurance in West Virginia

For a quote from a West Virginia car insurer, you will need to provide information such as your age, type of car, annual mileage, and details about your driving history. Agents may ask for your social security numbers to conduct a credit check.

What is the best West Virginia car insurance?

Your circumstances and your ZIP code will determine the best auto insurance in West Virginia. Most people decide on an insurance company based upon the coverage options available, availability of local agents, and ease of service.

Is West Virginia a state that requires car owners to have insurance?

Yes. Yes. West Virginia requires that you purchase minimum amounts of bodily injury or property damage liability coverages.

Do I add my teenage child to my existing insurance policy or should I purchase a separate policy?

It depends. Because they are 16-17 years old, West Virginia drivers will need to be covered by a parent’s insurance policy. If you are thinking of adding a teenager to your insurance policy, there are many great companies that you should consider. A standalone policy can often offer a better rate for teens aged 18-19.