Best cheap car insurance in Alexandria

Alexandria, Virginia has an average cost of car insurance that is $543 for basic coverage and $1,398 full coverage. Based on data from Drivewise, Allstate’s report America’s Best Drivers ranked Alexandria at the bottom of safe drivers. Alexandria drivers were amongst the worst in the nation and 69.9% higher likely to be involved in a crash.

According to the report, Alexandrian drivers file a car insurance claim approximately every 6.2 years. They also have 27.5 hard brake events for every 1,000 miles. This compares with the national average of claims being filed every 10.57 year and 19 events per 1,000 miles. According to Allstate’s analysis it seems that Alexandria has the best car insurance.

This guide to cheap car insurance Alexandria compares the top providers based on customer reviews, Bankrate pricing data and available carrier options.

The best car insurance companies Alexandria

J.D. said that the four selected carriers had the lowest Alexandria car insurance rates based on 2021 data rate and high customer ratings. Power’s auto study. Based on the responses of policyholders, an annual independent study ranks insurance providers by region. Our research shows that four of the top car insurance companies in Alexandria were:

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USAA Alexandria’s cheapest car insurance company offers minimal coverage. It consistently scores high in J.D. The company was not included in the annual J.D. Power auto insurance study. However, it cannot be officially ranked as it is available only to veterans, active military personnel, and their families. USAA may be a good option if you’re eligible. The average annual rate for basic coverage is $356, or $30 less per month.


Geico is close behind USAA in terms of minimum liability car insurance. Geico’s required coverage may be more expensive for drivers who are leasing their car or paying off a loan. Geico offers over a dozen discounts on car insurance that can help reduce the cost of coverage. These discounts include reductions based on occupation, safe driver savings, and lower rates for cars with anti-theft and safety equipment.


For drivers who need more than standard vehicle insurance, Travelers Insurance can be a great option. Travelers Insurance offers additional, such as rideshare insurance and gap coverage for financed cars.

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All over the country

Nationwide Insurance offers full coverage car insurance at the lowest rates of any of the four listed carriers. Alexandria residents pay an average of $889 per year for full coverage, which is less than $75 per monthly. Full coverage car insurance covers you for any damages that you cause others, and your vehicle. This is not minimum coverage. Comprehensive and collision insurance are both covered. These two coverages can be combined to cover your vehicle’s repairs or replacement after an accident, theft, fire, and severe weather damage.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Alexandria

The average cost for full coverage car insurance is $1674 per annum. The rates for Alexandria, VA are significantly lower at $1,398. The average Virginia rate is $1,398 per year, while the rates in neighboring Virginia are only $1,304. You may be able find lower car insurance depending on your driving record, which carrier you choose, and how many claims you have had. Based on market share, Bankrate’s findings about the cheapest coverage of the largest insurance providers within the region are:

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USAA offers minimum coverage at a very affordable price, but is only available to military personnel and eligible family members. Geico is the best option for affordable car insurance. When you require additional insurance like rideshare or gap coverage, Travelers is the best option. Bankrate discovered that Nationwide Alexandria has the lowest full coverage rates. Progressive Insurance is a good choice for drivers who have a clean driving record and can take advantage safe driver discounts. The Deductible Savings Bank lowers the deductible each calendar year, without any claims or driving violations.

Alexandria insurance requirements

Virginia law requires that drivers carry minimum liability insurance. Drivers can drive at their own risk and pay $500 annually, but they would still be financially responsible if an accident occurs. The uninsured driver fee is unlikely to make financial sense when you consider that you can get minimum coverage in Alexandria for as low as $500 per year. The minimum liability coverage requirements for Virginia are:

  • $25,000. Bodily injury or death in one person
  • Two or more people in an accident can cause bodily injury or death.
  • Property damage: $20,000
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The minimum coverage provided by the state may not provide enough coverage, as we have already mentioned. The liability coverage covers only losses to other people and does not cover your vehicle, your passengers or yourself. Leasing companies or lenders may require that you have comprehensive and collision coverage. This coverage includes coverage for your vehicle. Virginia insurance companies must also offer coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists at the same limit as bodily injury coverage. You can reject this coverage in writing.

Alexandria: Car insurance discounts

Alexandria’s average annual full-coverage car insurance rate is higher than Virginia’s $1,304. You may be eligible for these discounts, which could help you save.

  • Safe driver: You can lower your premiums if you don’t align with the Alexandria statistics on drivers more likely to be in a collision.
  • Bundling policy: Many insurance companies offer discounts if you combine more than one type, such as auto insurance with renters or home insurance.
  • If they have good grades, young drivers could get a discount on their insurance rates.
  • Safety equipment: Lower rates may be available for newer cars with intelligent airbags and collision avoidance systems.
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Bundling policies can often provide the best savings, but talk to an agent at your company to find out which discounts may be available. Young adults are more likely to pay higher premiums and may be eligible for student discounts.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

Our list includes USAA, Geico and Nationwide as the best car insurance companies in Alexandria. We also have positive customer reviews and a top-rated list of Travelers, Geico and Nationwide. Each person is different and has different insurance needs. It is best to get quotes from several providers to determine the best deal for you.

What is the cost of car insurance in Alexandria?

The average cost for car insurance in Alexandria is $543 annually for minimum coverage and $1398 annually to cover full car insurance.