Best cheap car insurance in Antioch

Antioch is home to nearly 111,000 residents, averaging two cars per household. The commute times to work in the small Bay Area city of Antioch are lengthy. It takes nearly 45 minutes on average. Your chances of being in an accident are higher if you drive your car for more than an hour per day. The best Antioch car insurance may be cheaper than you think.

Bankrate’s vehicle coverage quote study found that the average cost of car insurance in Antioch, California, is $740 per year for minimum coverage and $2,170 for drivers who opt for full car insurance. Several providers offered lower rates than the average. We looked at dozens of companies providing car insurance Antioch to find the cheapest carriers but did not stop there. We narrowed the list further by focusing on high customer satisfaction ratings as well as coverage options. This helped us to identify four of the most reliable car insurance companies in Antioch.

Antioch’s best car insurance companies

Four carriers were chosen for their combination of the cheapest car insurance in Antioch and coverage accessibility for almost all vehicle types. They also had a solid reputation for exceptional customer service. We used J.D. to reference customer service. Power’s 2021 customer satisfaction study, which is based on customer responses about how their vehicle insurance provider performed.


Geico is the most affordable car insurance in Antioch, based on an average premium of $500 for minimum coverage. This is a small amount of $40 per month for great coverage from a company that has a high customer satisfaction rating. Full coverage costs $1,688 annually. Geico’s low rates may be due to the many discounts offered. There are 16 ways to save on your car insurance. This does not include the affinity discounts that Geico offers employees and members from organizations that have partnered.


Grange Insurance is not ranked in the J.D. Grange Insurance is not ranked in the J.D. Power study, but it has a strong reputation for affordable quality coverage. Grange insurance is not the most affordable for full coverage. However, the carrier offers special discounts that could lower the cost of your full package. OnTrack telematics helps you save money based on your driving habits. New Beginnings reduces your premiums after divorce. Safety Tech discounts lower your rate when you purchase a newer vehicle with the most up-to-date safety equipment such as collision avoidance or lane departure prevention.


Wawanesa Insurance consistently ranks among the top scorers in the J.D. California Power customer satisfaction survey. Wawanesa offers the lowest full coverage premiums for vehicle owners who have to purchase full coverage until they pay off their vehicle. Full coverage rates cost $1,603 annually. However, you may be able to beat the average by taking advantage of California DMV requires all drivers to have a valid insurance policy with a minimum amount of liability coverage of:

  • Death/bodily Injury: $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident
  • Property damage: $5,000

Liability insurance does not cover damages that you may cause to others. You would be responsible for any repairs to your vehicle if you don’t have full coverage.

Antioch offers car insurance discounts

Antioch residents should consider what discounts carriers offer to lower their premiums. Grange and Geico offer over a dozen savings options. Antioch drivers can take advantage of some of the most sought-after discounts, such as:

  • Low mileage: If you qualify for a discount, it is a great way to save the environment and your wallet.
  • Bundling: If you bundle your car insurance with your renters or home insurance, you may be eligible for a discount.
  • Many carriers offer discounts for hybrid/electric vehicles.
  • Online defensive driver training: You can learn how to drive safely online. Your carrier may offer a discount if you have passed an approved course.

Take advantage of all discounts available to maximize your savings. Most carriers allow you to combine reductions. By taking advantage at least three discounts, hybrid vehicle owners could get a substantial discount if they bundle their home and auto insurance and drive less that 10,000 miles each year.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

The best car insurance companies in Antioch will depend on what you need from an insurance provider. Compare options and get multiple quotes to help narrow down your search.

Antioch: Who is the most affordable car insurance?

According to Bankrate’s findings, the cheapest car insurance in Antioch for minimum coverage is Geico at an average of $500 per year. Wawanesa, which charges an average of $1,603 per year, is Antioch’s best-rated car insurance company.

What amount of car insurance do you need in Antioch

You will need liability insurance that covers $15,000 in death/bodily injuries per person, $30,000 per incident, and $5,000 for property damage to be able to drive legally in Antioch. Many people think about raising the minimum limits to provide financial protection in the event of serious accidents.