Best cheap car insurance in Arlington

As of 2019, Virginia had 5,888196 registered vehicles, which includes Arlington’s automobiles. The county of Arlington also had 2,558 accidents in the same year. About 30% of these accidents resulted in serious injuries or fatalities. It is a good idea to have adequate car insurance if you are a regular Arlington motorist. According to Bankrate’s 2021 study on annual premiums, Arlington pays slightly less than Virginia’s car insurance costs. Arlington pays $507 per year for minimum coverage and $1314 for full coverage. It is possible to find Arlington the cheapest car insurance. This can be done by doing some research on pricing, discounts, customer reviews, and third-party scores.

Arlington’s best car insurance companies

Allstate, Geico and Progressive are some of the best Arlington car insurance companies. These companies offer affordable car insurance rates and excellent service. You can also customize your policy with extensive coverage options.


Arlington drivers will find Allstate to be a great choice. You can add coverage to your sound system and rental reimbursement. It also offers roadside assistance. Allstate’s smart driving program Drivewise will give you discounts for your good driving habits. If you’re accident-free for six consecutive months, you can save some money as well as getting accident forgiveness and a safe driving bonus.


Geico offers minimum coverage in Arlington at $326 per year, which is one of the lowest average annual premiums. Geico is a well-respected company for its customer service, and it ranks at the top of the 2020 J.D. The Mid-Atlantic states have the Power Overall Customer Satisfaction Survey. Geico’s car insurance discounts are more than most providers. This could mean that your Geico rate may be even lower.


Progressive’s $876/year full coverage rate is one of the lowest. Arlington drivers also have great coverage options with Progressive. The website also features the Name Your price tool, which allows you to specify how much you’d like to pay and then presents coverage options that fit your budget. Progressive offers great discounts for students and teens, as well.

State Farm

With 16.1% of the U.S. market, State Farm is the biggest auto insurance company. It scored above-average in 2020 J.D. because its prices were low among all the companies Bankrate reviewed. Power Auto Claims Study. It provides discounts, and has a website with extensive tools and an educative blog. State Farm has also been awarded an A++ (Superior), ranking by AM Best. This highest ranking monitors financial stability.


Despite receiving high scores from consumer watchdogs, USAA is not technically ranked because it has limited consumer eligibility. It has a solid reputation for offering comprehensive auto insurance coverage at an affordable price. USAA does not provide insurance to veterans, military personnel and their families. USAA is the best place to start if you fall within this group.

USAA’s multiple discount is geared towards military personnel. You can save as much as 60% by having your car stored while you are on active duty.

Arlington has the lowest car insurance

Arlington’s minimum coverage is $507 per year, which is slightly more than the $441 average in Virginia. Minimum coverage in the US is $563 annually, which is higher than the national average of $507. Arlington’s full coverage is approximately the same as that in Virginia, with $1,314 and $1,304 respectively. The national average for full insurance coverage is $1,674. You should be aware that your policy may differ from the national average because many variables, such as the year of the car and your credit history, can affect the rates.

Your premium will be affected by the discounts offered by each insurer. Most of the discounts are easy to earn, such as a discount for online payments or one that allows you to bundle your homeowners and renters insurance. Arlington drivers can take advantage of a variety of discounts offered by the listed companies, including the ability to submit claims online and a minimum coverage premium of less than $500.

What is the takeaway? It is worth getting multiple quotes from different insurers before making a decision. Nearly every insurer provides free quotes. Many of them offer online tools that let you enter your information and get a quote within seconds. If you are looking for the best price on your car insurance, it is worth spending some time reviewing the websites and talking to agents.

Arlington insurance requirements

Nearly every state in the U.S. requires that drivers have car insurance. These are requirements for liability insurance. This covers the costs of other drivers and cars if you cause an injury. The minimum liability in Virginia is 25/50/20. What does this all mean? Here’s a breakdown of the information you will need:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability: If you cause an accident, your insurance will pay up to that amount for injuries sustained by one person in the other vehicle.
  • Bodily injury total liability up to $50,000: If you are responsible for the accident, your insurer will pay up to this amount for any injuries sustained by the driver or passengers of the other vehicle.
  • $20,000 property damage liability: In an accident in which you are the fault, your insurer will cover up to $20,000 for damage to another driver’s vehicle or property.

Sometimes, the minimum requirements might not be enough. If you lease your car or take out a loan for a car, collision and comprehensive coverage will be required. This will cover you for any damage to your vehicle in an accident.

It is a good idea to purchase more than the minimum amount of liability. For example, consider that the average price of a new car in America is more expensive than $40,000. If your minimum coverage was $20,000 and you damaged a car from an accident, you will have to pay extra out of pocket to cover the claim.

Arlington: Car insurance discounts

Arlington drivers may qualify for discounts. These are the most common:

  • Multi-policy discount: When you combine your auto and homeowners insurance, you can get a discount.
  • Telematics programs are becoming more popular. These programs involve the installation of a small device inside your car that monitors your speed and braking. You can get a discount on your premium rate if you prove that you are a safe driver.
  • A good student: Insurers offer discounts to students who have earned a B average or higher and who live more than 100 miles from their home.
  • Anti-theft: Some insurers may offer discounts for you if you have a car security system or device.
  • Online payment: Paying your premium online instead of by mail can help you save a portion of your premium.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

There is no single company that can offer the best rates for everyone. You can customize your policy to suit your needs. What might work well for one person may not work for another. Listed below are some of the Arlington’s best-selling insurance companies.

What is the cost of Arlington car insurance?

Arlington’s average car insurance cost is $507 for minimum coverage and $1314 for complete coverage. You will likely pay more for your car insurance than this because there are many factors that affect your premium. These include your age, marital status, credit score, and marital status.

Arlington: How much do I need to insure my car?

Virginia’s minimum required insurance is 25/50/20 to cover bodily injury and property damage. Your lender might also require that you carry collision and comprehensive if you have a car lease or loan. To provide greater coverage in the case of an accident, you may be able to increase your liability beyond the minimum.