Best cheap car insurance in Arvada for 2021

Car insurance in Arvada, Colorado costs $582 per year for minimum coverage, and $1,968 per year for full coverage. There are close to 4,000,000 licensed drivers in Colorado. 10 drivers die every 100,000. Arvada needs all the financial protection that car insurance offers.

We looked at coverage options, discounts, financial strength, online tools, customer satisfaction scores, and third-party ratings to determine the best Arvada car insurance.

Arvada’s best car insurance companies

Based on the average premium costs, provided by Quadrant Information Service and third-party ratings from companies such as J.D. We concluded that American Family, Geico and State Farm are the top-rated companies in Arvada.

American Family

J.D. After evaluating customer satisfaction over a year, Power considers American Family the best car insurance company for the Southwest. American Family Insurance was awarded a score of 851 for 2021. This indicates that most customers feel satisfied with the provider. This is what you should be looking for in an insurance company. Although it isn’t the most affordable on our list, you can save a lot by using multiple discounts.


According to our research, Geico has the lowest average premium in Arvada. It does not even matter which state you are in, as Geico is one of the cheapest insurance providers on the market. It is affordable and offers many discounts that will help you save even further. Geico offers additional coverages that can be customized to meet your needs.

State Farm

State Farm is the only company that offers a telematics discount. This program, called Drive Safe and Safe allows users to save money on their monthly premium by allowing State Farm analyze their driving habits. State Farm claims you can cut your premium by up to 30% State Farm is an affordable choice due to its many benefits, coverage options, and in-person agents.


USAA would rank number one in J.D. if it weren’t for its military requirement that people receive coverage. Power’s customer satisfaction ranking. USAA has many reasons to be happy. The most important is the average savings of $725 per year for drivers who switch to USAA. USAA offers a variety of services that are tailored for service members, including financial services and insurance.


Farmers offers 22 ways for customers to reduce their car insurance premiums. This is quite a bit more than the competition. Farmers offers the best coverage options. It offered 19 options to protect your vehicle, including new car replacement and loss-of-use coverage.

Arvada has the lowest car insurance

Compared to the average cost of car insurance in Colorado, Arvada is more or less the same. According to our research, Arvada is $48 less than the $2,016 state average for full coverage. It costs $1,968 per year. It is however $294 more costly than the average U.S. policy. If you are looking to save money, we recommend the companies below for the cheapest car insurance in Colorado.

These Arvada insurance companies are affordable and reliable. Companies like J.D. Each company offers a variety of coverage options, including Power and AMBest. State Farm and Geico are great options for tech-savvy customers. Farmers, State Farm or Geico are great options if you’re looking for discounts.

Arvada insurance requirements

Colorado law requires that all drivers have minimum liability coverage.

  • $25,000 per person to treat bodily injuries
  • $50,000 for bodily injury
  • $15,000 per accident in property damage

Although the state only requires residents of Arvada to have a 25/50/15 insurance policy, it is important that drivers in the region consider collision and comprehensive coverage. You can lease or finance them, but they may still be necessary to close the sale.

Arvada car insurance discounts

  • Driving course for defensive drivers: Many insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who take defensive driving courses.
  • You may be a good student: Many carriers offer discounts to students who are under 25 or have students on their policy.
  • Multi-policy: If you purchase more than one type of car insurance, your insurance company may offer a multi-policy discount or bundle discount.
  • Telematics: An app that analyses your driving habits can be installed on your smartphone to get a telematics discount. The app could reward you with a discount if you follow all driving laws and are safe.
  • Anti-theft. Theft is a major reason for many claims. An anti-theft system stops many thieves. You will receive a discount from many companies if you have one.

There are many discounts that drivers in Arvada can get, but most drivers will save the most by bundling. Although the savings are not limited to car insurance, they will make a significant impact on your overall insurance costs.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

The best car insurance company depends on what your needs are. Get quotes and narrow down your options to find the best one for you.

What is the cost of car insurance in Arvada?

Arvada’s average cost for car insurance is $1,968 per year for full coverage. This is the same as the $2,016 state average. Both are more than the national average, which is currently $1,674.