Best cheap car insurance in Charlotte for 2021

Charlotte is home to the most car accidents in North Carolina. In 2019, the city saw 135,052 accidents. To protect themselves from being sued if they cause an incident, Charlotte drivers must have car insurance.

For full coverage in Charlotte, the average driver will pay $1,494 and $554 respectively for minimum coverage. Bankrate compared rates and data from several top car insurance providers in the state North Carolina in order to find the best Charlotte car insurance companies. We went further to determine which companies have the lowest average premiums. Based on customer satisfaction, average premium, coverage options, discounts, and other factors, we identified the best Charlotte car insurance.

Charlotte’s best car insurance company

There are many North Carolina car insurance companies to choose from. Below is a list of the top affordable car insurance in Charlotte. These five companies offer lower premiums, extensive coverage options, generous discounts, and outstanding third-party customer satisfaction ratings. Car insurance in Charlotte is on average about $0 per month.


Geico is Charlotte’s cheapest car insurance provider. It charges an average $838 per year for full coverage and a $306 annual minimum coverage premium. Geico has a basic coverage and offers few customization options. The company does offer a variety of discounts which many drivers can benefit from, including savings for military personnel or federal employees.

Geico is a great way to save money for Charlotte residents who are on a tight budget. Geico’s mobile app is robust enough to offer services such as claims filing and roadside assistance whenever you need them.

State Farm

State Farm provides affordable car insurance that comes with a lot of value. State Farm’s website and app are easy to use. You can file claims and review your policy at any time. For assistance, you can visit one of 47 local agents.

Young drivers and adults can enroll in State Farm’s Driver Tracking Programs to maximize savings. These programs reduce your vehicle insurance premiums if you drive safely. Teens are more likely to pay for car insurance than other age groups. However, if your teen has State Farm coverage, they could be eligible for up 20% discount for safe driving.

North Carolina Farm Bureau

North Carolina Farm Bureau is a well-known insurance company in Charlotte. Farm Bureau Insurance is well-known for its exceptional customer service and affordable policies that provide good coverage. A Farm Bureau office is located in the town with six agents.

For car insurance through Farm Bureau in Charlotte, drivers must buy a Farm Bureau membership at $25 per annum. This membership includes savings on products, hotels and attractions, as well as discounts for other services. Memberships that cost $25 could save you even more. Minimum car insurance annual rates are only $490


Erie Insurance is an East Coast carrier with headquarters in Pennsylvania. Erie Insurance offers affordable policies to Charlotte drivers, with an average full-coverage premium of $1,277, and an average minimum coverage of $504. Erie Insurance is rated highly by Charlotte residents for customer satisfaction. Score of 87 on the Power scale.
Erie offers drivers exclusive coverages such as new and better car replacement, first accident forgiveness, and pet coverage. Erie offers traditional discounts as well as a rate lock guarantee, disappearing deductible and other benefits. Erie offers discounts that could help lower car insurance rates.


Progressive Insurance is a top-rated insurance company in Charlotte. You can find 47 independent agents in Charlotte to assist you with your coverage. Although the average coverage and minimum premiums are higher than average, drivers have access to strong coverage options as well as generous discounts such as the Snapshot safety driver program.

The program is designed to help drivers in Charlotte, who are the most likely to cause accidents. To receive discounts and track your driving habits, download the Snapshot app. Progressive also offers several online tools like the Name your Price Tool which allows drivers to easily compare rates and choose a policy that suits their needs.

Charlotte has the lowest car insurance

Charlotte’s average car insurance rate is slightly higher than that of North Carolina. Charlotte’s average rates for full coverage are $1,494 per year and $554 for minimum coverage. The average North Carolina driver will spend $1,325 annually for full coverage insurance and $413 to get minimum coverage insurance. Charlotte rates are lower than the national average at $1,674/year for full coverage, and $565/year for minimum coverage.

Below is a table that shows the best car insurance rates for Charlotte’s most well-known carriers based on market share.

Each car insurance company has its own strengths. Geico and Nationwide have the lowest average premiums in Charlotte, for example. Erie, State Farm, and Allstate, on the other hand, have higher average premiums, but also many local agents and offices as well as multiple addons.

These companies have vastly different customer satisfaction ratings. J.D. rated Geico and Erie above average. Power’s 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance Study in the Southeast region rated Erie and Geico above average, while State Farm, Nationwide, and Allstate were all rated below-average. With ratings of AM Best A+ or higher, all five companies have high financial strength scores.

Charlotte insurance requirements

Car insurance is required in Charlotte. North Carolina law requires that all drivers who own a vehicle registered in the state must have at least 30/60/25 personal insurance. This includes the following:

  • $30,000 per person in bodily injury liability insurance
  • $60,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage
  • $25,000 per accident in property damage liability coverage

Charlotte drivers who have minimum coverage insurance will pay the lowest rates. It is strongly recommended that drivers buy coverage above the minimum. It is possible for car accidents to be costly. In North Carolina, liability-only coverage will not be sufficient to fully cover the driver’s financial responsibility.

Some drivers may also be required to have full coverage insurance. Lenders often require drivers who lease or finance a car to have full coverage until the loan is fully paid off.

Charlotte car insurance discount

Car insurance discounts can help drivers in Charlotte lower their insurance premiums. These are the top savings opportunities drivers should take into consideration:

  • You can pay your annual premium upfront.
  • Driver training: Drivers who successfully complete a driver training or defensive driving course are usually eligible for a lower premium.
  • No claims: Drivers who are good and have never had to file any accidents or claimed can often get lower car insurance premiums.
  • Smart student: Students who have good grades and maintain a certain GPA often qualify for smart student insurance discounts.

The four most important discounts are being free from claims and taking a driver’s training course. These discounts may last for longer than the six-month term or one year. You could be eligible for a reduction if you don’t make any claims. A defensive driving course can often reduce your premium.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

There are many car insurance providers available. Some of the most popular are State Farm, USAA Geico, Geico and The Hartford. Each company has its advantages and disadvantages. Drivers should compare different providers to get the best Charlotte car insurance.

What is the cost of car insurance in Charlotte?

The average Charlotte driver pays $1,494 to insure their car with full coverage and $554 for minimal coverage. Every driver will pay a different rate depending on their age, credit score and claims history.

What amount of car insurance do you need in Charlotte?

Charlotte drivers must have at least 30/60/25 personal insurance. Many drivers buy more coverage than is necessary. Full coverage car insurance provides more protection, including collision or comprehensive insurance that covers the vehicle.