Best cheap car insurance in Cleveland

Car insurance in Cleveland, Ohio doesn’t have to be more expensive than in other parts of the state. Car insurance in Cleveland costs an average $435 per year, and $1,362 for full coverage. While premiums in Cleveland are higher than the Ohio average of $435 per year, rates are still lower than the $1,674 national average for full-coverage car insurance.

With Bankrate’s help, you may be able to find coverage for lower than the average. To help you choose the best car insurance providers, we compared the various options. We also analyzed the most current annual premiums from Quadrant Information Services as well as customer ratings from the top insurance companies in Cleveland. Our goal is to find affordable car insurance rates in Cleveland that won’t put a strain upon your budget.

Cleveland’s best car insurance company

To find the best cheap car insurance in Cleveland, we began by assessing average quoted premiums from some of the best car insurance companies in the city. The 2021 J.D. also provided us with information about discount options and customer satisfaction. The Power Auto Insurance Study was conducted in the North Central region which includes Ohio. These four providers are the most affordable and offer the best coverage.

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USAA, a carrier that offers some of the best car insurance in Cleveland, is ranked among the most competitive carriers in the city based on positive customer reviews. The J.D. of the carrier. The carrier’s J.D. is the highest in almost every annual study. However, its military-focused membership requirements make it ineligible to be in official rankings. The average annual cost of full and basic coverage is $298, respectively. USAA’s only drawback is its limited availability. It is not available to military members and their families, so it could be a great option for military families.


Erie Insurance rates are low, especially for minimum vehicle insurance. Erie Insurance’s full coverage is more expensive than other carriers. Erie is a good choice, even though their rates are higher. You also get many additional benefits. The provider offers full coverage insurance that includes auto glass repair and pet coverage. This covers vet costs if your pets are hurt in an accident. You also get locksmith service up to $75 per instance if your car is locked out.

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Geico is a good alternative to USAA for its positive customer reviews and low premiums. Geico is open about the services it offers and makes it easy to find all the information you need in a simple format. One of the reasons Geico stands out as an affordable option are its 16 discounts available. To maximize savings, you could stack them. Multivehicle coverage is 25% off your bill, and safety equipment like airbags or ABS brakes are 23% off. These are some of the best discounts.

State Farm

State Farm is the nation’s largest car insurance company and the best in Cleveland. State Farm’s comprehensive and collision coverages are a great option if your lender or car leasing agency requires that you have full car insurance. Full coverage is affordable at an average cost of $1,070 per calendar year. This covers financial protection for your vehicle as well as against third-party claims.

Cleveland has the lowest car insurance

Ohio’s average car insurance cost is $1,034 annually. The average rate for Cleveland is $1,362 per year. By making smart decisions about your vehicle coverage, you could beat the average. You might save money on car insurance by choosing the right company. This is what you’ll see in this breakdown of the top Cleveland insurance companies, ranked by market share and with the lowest premiums.

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USAA is the most affordable for minimum and full coverage. It also has the highest customer satisfaction rating. Unfortunately, not all customers can access the products. Erie is the cheapest option for basic coverage. Geico may be an alternative if you require full-coverage car insurance.

State Farm and Allstate are not the cheapest options for car insurance in Cleveland. However, they are worth looking into. They are the largest car insurance companies in the country, and offer a broad range of coverage options for drivers who want to have more coverage.

Cleveland insurance requirements

Ohio law requires that all drivers have minimum liability insurance in order to be legally allowed to drive. Minimums:

  • Bodily injury/death liability: $25,000 for each person involved in an accident
  • Bodily injury/death liability: $50,000.
  • Property damage liability: $25,000 per accident

The minimum coverage for the options on our “cheap list” could be as low at $298 per annum. The coverage limits might not be sufficient. Your lender may require you to have full coverage if you lease or finance a vehicle. You will also have to pay for any damages or injuries exceeding the $25,000/$50,000 cap. Full coverage may be more attractive for some drivers due to the additional expense.

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Cleveland Discounts on Car Insurance

You can lower your premiums even further if you have full-coverage car insurance. This is more expensive than basic coverage. The following discounts may be good options for Cleveland residents:

  • Bundling: If you have car, home, or renters insurance from the same company, it could help save you money.
  • You could be a safe driver.
  • Vehicle equipment: Insurance could be less expensive for cars that have safety features like multiple airbags and a security system.
  • Driver safety training: Many carriers will provide a list of approved courses that you can take to make your driving safer and more secure. Passing one will usually lower your premium.

Driver safety training and bundling insurance may offer the most significant discounts. Most car insurance companies will offer a three-year discount if you complete a approved defensive driving course. This can help you save money over the long-term. Bundling is a way to make a bigger impact. The discount can be applied to all types coverage.

Questions frequently asked

Which Ohio car insurance company is best?

In the state, there are more than a dozen quality companies. Your personal needs will determine which company is the best for you. USAA is the best option for certain families, but it is not always available. State Farm, Geico, and Erie are all strong contenders for quality, affordable coverage. To determine which insurance company is the best, get quotes from multiple companies to compare their prices and coverage options.

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What amount of car insurance do you need in Cleveland?

Ohio law requires that all drivers carry liability insurance. This includes $25,000 in bodily injury per individual, $50,000 in bodily insurance per accident, and $25,000 for property damage. If you are able to afford it, you might want to increase the minimum limits to protect yourself in case of a more serious accident.

What is the cost of car insurance in Cleveland?

Cleveland car insurance is less expensive than the national average of $1674 per annum. Car insurance in Cleveland costs $435 per annum, and $1,362 for complete coverage.