Best cheap car insurance in Greeley for 2021

Average annual car insurance costs in Greeley are $492 for basic coverage and $1826 for full coverage. Greeley saw an increase in accidents and fatalities in the summer of 2020, after the pandemic lockdowns eased and more people got back on the road. Investigators discovered that many fatalities occurred due to impaired driving. The best Greeley car insurance does not cover you for an accident but it will pay financial compensation for injuries and damages.

You can find lower coverage by selecting the right carrier and learning about discounts. To help you along, we compared the top carriers in town based on rates, customer reviews and what they offer to bring you the cheapest car insurance in Greeley.

The best car insurance companies near Greeley

The following companies are a combination of cheap car insurance rates in Greeley and good customer reviews. We analyzed customer reviews from a variety of sources, including J.D. We used J.D. Power’s auto insurance survey to get insights into the opinions of policyholders about their car insurance providers.

American National

American National Car Insurance is the most affordable in Greeley. Its rates are just $202/$704/year. Basic coverage costs less than $17 per monthly. The cost of upgrading to full coverage is only $60 per month. American National insurance is affordable, but you won’t be left out of the many insurance options. You can get roadside assistance, gap insurance and an endorsement for Added Coverage Endorsement that will pay for the replacement of your vehicle after it suffers a covered loss.


Geico is known for its quality car insurance at a very affordable price. This carrier is the only of the four insurance companies that has been ranked in the J.D. The carrier ranked second in customer satisfaction according to the Power Study. If you are a driver or a delivery driver for Lyft or Uber, you will be covered for all vehicles from new to old. Part of the reason Geico is one of the cheapest is the 16 discounts available for students, certain occupations, safe driving, customer loyalty and vehicle equipment, among others.


Grange Insurance is the best option for drivers who have a tight budget and need basic coverage. You should remember that minimum insurance covers you legally, but it does not cover your vehicle in the event of damage or loss. Basic coverage might be sufficient if you own an older vehicle. You can always add full glass repair or original manufacturer (OEM), to get original parts for your covered repairs.


Auto-Owners Insurance can be purchased through 20 independent agents located in Greeley. The carrier may be a good choice for vehicle owners looking for special coverages that cover newer models and makes. Your totaled vehicle will be replaced with a new one by a replacement car. The Personal Automobile Plus package eliminates the need to guess how much insurance you require. It covers ten types, including lock rekeying, identity theft protection and cell phone insurance.

Cheapest car insurance in Greeley

Bankrate’s study on the average cost of car insurance reports that Colorado drivers pay $2,016 per year for full car insurance. Greeley’s average cost of $1,826 per year is lower than the prices paid in neighboring cities and may be even less depending on which carrier you choose.

USAA and Geico compete for Greeley’s lowest rates. There is one major difference between the two companies: availability. USAA is available only to military personnel, veterans, and their families. Farmers, State Farm and Auto-Owners are all great options for full car insurance. They offer comprehensive coverage to Greeley residents who own newer vehicles. State Farm, Auto-Owners and Farmers has local offices if you prefer to work directly with an agent.

Greeley insurance requirements

To legally drive in Greeley, you must follow Colorado’s vehicle owner requirements. The state’s car insurance minimums are:

  • $25,000 per person/injury due to death/bodily injury in an accident
  • $50,000 for death/bodily injuries per accident
  • $15,000 per accident for property damage

In addition, Colorado allows drivers to self-insure. The State Insurance Commissioner can issue a certificate of self-insurance to anyone over 25. You should be aware that minimum liability coverage and self-insurance can expose you to financial risk. Liability insurance does not cover third-party damages. Only full coverage will cover the cost of repair or replacement if your car is damaged or totaled in an at fault crash.

Greeley car insurance discounts

It is possible to compare quotes from different car insurance companies within the region and find low coverage. By taking advantage of discounts offered by carriers, you can potentially save even more.

  • Driver tracking: Some car insurance companies may offer discounts for you tracking your driving. You will need to sign up and download an app that tracks you driving. You may be eligible for a reduction in your premiums based on this data.
  • Bundling: Nearly 60% Greeley residents have a home. You may be eligible for discounts if you purchase homeowners and car insurance from the same company.
  • Low mileage: Greeley is working to expand bike lanes throughout the town to encourage residents to leave their cars home more often. If you find other ways to commute to work, your coverage may be less expensive.
  • Students who are a good student may be exempt from paying high insurance premiums due to their age. A good student discount may be available to students with a certain GPA.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

The best car insurance companies in Greeley, Colorado, in Bankrate’s opinion, based on low rates and coverage options, are American National and Geico. Both offer the best rates for full and minimum car insurance.

What amount of car insurance do you need in Greeley Colorado?

All Greeley car owners must have liability coverage of at least $25,000 per individual and $50,000 per accident in the case of bodily injury or death. There is also $15,000 for property damage coverage.

What is the cost of car insurance in Greeley?

Car insurance in Greeley costs an average $492 for basic coverage and $1,826 to get full coverage.