Best cheap car insurance in Huntington Beach for 2021

Huntington Beach is a peaceful California beachside community. However, several intersections within the town are some of the most dangerous and busiest in the county. If you’re involved in an accident, driving without Huntington Beach car insurance could expose you legally and financially.

You might be on a tight budget and want to consider Huntington Beach’s average car insurance cost. It costs $796 for minimum coverage, $2,023 for complete coverage. Minimum coverage costs $70 per month, which is what you should pay to legally drive a car. Your vehicle lender or leasing company may require that you have higher-priced full car insurance, as long as your vehicle is financed or leased.

Fortunately, found that some of the best car insurance companies in Huntington Beach have lower annual premiums than the citywide average.

Huntington Beach’s best car insurance company

The following carriers are a combination of best and cheapest car insurance in Huntington Beach. We used customer reviews from J.D.’s annual independent study to create our shortlist. We also looked at power, the number and availability of discounts offered by each carrier and the average cost quoted.


Grange Insurance offers the best Huntington Beach car insurance for drivers who only need minimal coverage. The minimum liability insurance required for older vehicles with lower values may suffice. The minimum coverage required by Grange is $555 per annum. However, your rate will vary depending on your driving record and other factors. You may save even if you choose full coverage with Grange. However, driver tracking through the carrier’s OnTrack Program could help you find savings. Your driving record may help you get a lower premium.


Joining the Auto Club of SoCal comes with a fee of $53, but there are things you get for the cost. You get roadside assistance, DMV assistance in-house, travel services, and exclusive member discounts on hotels and flights. AAA auto insurance is another option. This carrier is the most highly rated among all four best Huntington car insurance companies when it comes to customer service. The premiums are affordable as basic coverage costs $610 annually, while full coverage costs $1,864 each year. For complete protection on the road, you can add rideshare coverage or gap insurance to your policy.


Geico offers reliable coverage at an affordable price. Full car insurance costs $1,666 annually. There are many discounts available to help you get the best rates. These discounts include discounts for your type of work or employer, discounts for good students, and reductions when autopay is set up.


Mercury has grown over the years, starting as an insurance company in SoCal that provided coverage for high-risk drivers. Full car insurance is available in addition to basic coverage and SR-22s. Mercury’s car insurance is actually the most affordable at $1,604 per year. You can also add rideshare coverage to your policy if you are interested in a side business driving for Uber and Lyft.

Huntington Beach has the lowest car insurance

Huntington Beach car owners will see that their coverage costs are comparable to the state’s. California’s average annual full insurance premiums are $2,065 compared to Huntington Beach’s $2,023. California rates in general are more expensive than the national average of $1,674 per year. Some carriers charge premiums that are lower then what you would expect. These are:

AAA rates are slightly less expensive than the other options, but they do not include the $53 membership fee before you can get coverage. Geico and Mercury offer cheap insurance that covers your car for minimum and full coverage. State Farm and Nationwide have the strongest digital presences, with strong mobile apps as well as plenty of support online.

Any of the five companies offering Huntington Beach’s cheapest car insurance could be a good option, depending on your driving record and age. It is a great way to get Huntington Beach car insurance quotes.

Huntington Beach insurance requirements

To legally drive in Huntington Beach, you will need a minimum of 15/30/5 liability insurance. This means:

  • $15,000 per person for death/bodily injury
  • $30,000 for death/bodily injuries per accident
  • $5,000 for property damage

Remember that your liability for losses exceeding the coverage limit is your responsibility. You would be responsible for any excess incurred if you do not have minimum car insurance or cause damage exceeding $5,000 to a vehicle. Experts in insurance recommend that you increase your policy limits beyond the minimum requirement to ensure your financial security and protection.

Huntington Beach car insurance discounts

Many Huntington Beach car insurance companies offer potential discounts to policyholders for a variety reasons, including early payments and claims-free. After you have chosen the carrier, take advantage of additional savings such as:

  • Good student and youth: Younger drivers have the highest insurance premiums. This is due to inexperience. They could be most eligible for car insurance discounts. To save money, you can look for discounts based upon your schooling or age.
  • Bundling: If your renters or home insurance is already in place, you may be able to bundle vehicle coverage with the same carrier. This could lower your premiums.
  • Autopay: Automating your payments can help you avoid missing out on insurance payments and causing coverage to lapse. Automating your payments may give you a discount.
  • Safe driver: Insurance companies will pay less for safer drivers because they are less likely to file costly claims. A safe driver discount is available for drivers who have maintained a clean driving record for at most one year.

The discounts that have the greatest impact on insurance premiums are the youth and safe driver discounts. You can save even more by taking advantage all of the discounts listed.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

There are several top car insurance companies, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Get quotes from several companies to compare rates and options before you decide on the best one. For Huntington Beach drivers, AAA, Geico Mercury, Mercury, and Grange might be the best options.

What amount of Huntington Beach car insurance do you need?

Huntington Beach’s minimum liability insurance is $15,000 in death/bodily injuries per person, $30,000 for an accident and $5,000 for property damages. You will have better financial protection in the event of serious accidents if you raise the limit above the minimum.