Best cheap car insurance in Irving

Car insurance in Irving, Texas is an average cost of $609 for a minimum coverage policy, and $1,989 to cover full coverage. Car insurance is required in Irving. It also protects you and your passengers in case of an accident. In 2019, there were 3333 total accidents on Irving roads.

There are many options for Irving car insurance. We did extensive research to help you choose the right provider. We compared the top Texas car insurance companies using criteria like average price, coverage options, and discounts.

Irving’s best car insurance companies

Allstate, Geico and State Farm are the best car insurance providers in Irving. These companies offer lower premiums, great savings opportunities, reliable coverage, and excellent third-party ratings.


USAA is a top-rated auto insurance company. To be eligible for coverage, you must be on active duty or retired military service members. Drivers from Irving who are eligible for USAA car insurance will be able to take advantage of the low rates, great customer service, and great discounts.

USAA may help you save money on your auto insurance by making sure that you are safe and driving safely. After five years, you may be eligible for accident forgiveness coverage.


Geico is well-known for being the lowest priced car insurance company in the country. Irving drivers pay an average of $465 per month for a minimum coverage policy, and $1469 for full coverage policies. This is significantly lower than the citywide average.

Geico offers affordable rates and a wide range of discount. Federal employees, military personnel, employer/membership group members, vehicles with advanced safety features, and those who have not had to file any claims, are eligible for savings. Geico’s coverage for add-ons is a problem.

State Farm

State Farm is the biggest car insurance provider in the United States, accounting for more than 16%. Irving drivers can access great coverage options, good discounts, and highly-rated customer service via its 19,000 agents.

State Farm offers two safety driver rewards programs, which is one of its most distinctive features. Drivers over 25 years old can sign up for Drive Safe & Save and those under 25 can join the Steer Clear program. Drivers can also add discounts to their policies for additional savings like a generous policy bundle discount of to 17%.


J.D. rated Allstate slightly lower than average in customer satisfaction overall. According to J.D. Power’s latest auto insurance study, Allstate was slightly below average for overall customer satisfaction. However, we recommend it for Irving drivers. Allstate offers affordable rates, great discounts and a wide range of optional coverages that allow you to tailor your policy.

Allstate offers additional coverage options beyond the standard full and minimal coverage options. You can also get roadside help, new car replacement coverage and accident forgiveness. They also offer rental reimbursement coverage. Milewise is an insurance program that pays per mile. This is a great option for those who are not frequent drivers and want to get a lower rate.

Irving has the lowest car insurance

Irving drivers pay higher car insurance rates that the average Texan. The average cost for car insurance in Texas for full coverage is $1,823, and $152 for minimum coverage. Irving’s car insurance cost is also higher than the $1,674 national average rate for full coverage policies.

Irving insurance companies charge different rates for car insurance. A driver’s credit score, age and claim history all impact the rate they pay for car insurance. These are the Irving companies with the lowest car insurance rates:

You should know that not all companies offer the same low-cost car insurance in Texas. Nationwide, for instance, is the most affordable provider, but has a lower customer satisfaction rating. USAA is a top-rated company on the market. However, you have to be a member of the military to receive coverage.

State Farm and Geico have limited policy options. USAA offers more. Mercury and Nationwide offer better coverage options if you are looking to add endorsements to tailor your coverage.

All of these Texas car insurers offer great discounts. Each company also offers its own safe driver rewards program that can help you lower your rate by showing safe driving skills. Keep in mind, however, that every company offers different discounts and savings opportunities.

Irving insurance requirements

Irving drivers must have car insurance. Texas car insurance laws require drivers to have at minimum 30/60/25 coverage. This includes the following coverages.

  • $30,000 per person in bodily injury coverage
  • $60,000 per accident in bodily injury coverage
  • $25,000 in property damage coverage per accident

Although a minimum coverage policy may be the most affordable option, it might not provide enough coverage in the case of an at-fault incident. If you are responsible for an accident that exceeds the policy’s coverage limits and you have financial liability, you will need to pay the difference.

Drivers have the choice of purchasing a minimum or full coverage policy. You will need to have a full coverage policy if you lease your vehicle or finance it.

Irving: Car insurance discounts

Look for insurance companies that offer discounts if you are looking cheap auto insurance. These are the most popular discounts in Irving.

  • Discounts for drivers who don’t have any claims against their records: These drivers are usually eligible for a discount on their auto insurance policies.
  • Many insurance companies offer a discount for students who are in high school or college and maintain a minimum GPA.
  • Discount on defensive driving courses: Drivers who successfully complete a defensive driving course are often eligible for a lower rate.
  • Bundling discounts: Most insurance companies offer a generous discount if you combine your home and car insurance policies.

These discounts are not the only way to get Irving car insurance rates lower. A great way to lower your risk is to improve credit scores. Avoid traffic violations and accidents that could cause your rate increase.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

Because everyone is different, the best auto insurance company can vary. We recommend that you shop around for the best provider by using your own criteria. To find the best rate, you should get multiple quotes.

What is the cost of car insurance in Irving?

The average cost of car insurance in Irving is $609 for a minimum coverage policy, and $1,989 to get full coverage. The average premium will vary depending on your age, zip code, credit score and the coverage you choose. You can also get discounts if you are eligible.