Best cheap car insurance in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida is well-known for its big ideas. It is not only the largest city in Florida, but also the largest by land. The premiums for the least expensive car insurance rates in Jacksonville can be quite high. On average, the premium for basic coverage is $1,024 per annum. This is well above the $565 national cost for car insurance. You will pay significantly more if you want a full-coverage policy. Jacksonville residents average $2,230 annually.

Finding affordable car insurance in Jacksonville is difficult because Florida is one of the most expensive states to purchase car insurance. It is possible to find more affordable coverage if you do some research and compare prices. It is possible to find lower rates. There are also many car insurers that offer a range of coverage options and additional premium discounts. You can even use the online tools to help you manage your policy.

The best car insurance companies Jacksonville

To determine the best car insurance companies in Jacksonville, 2021, we looked at factors such as customer satisfaction and financial ratings. We also considered average rates, digital assets, and financial ratings. To capture the benefits to drivers in Jacksonville, we also looked at the coverage options and available discounts.

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Insurance companyJ.D. J.D.AM Best financial ratingMinimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
Allstate851 / 1000A+$1,123$2.416
Geico846 / 1000A++$725$1,903
MetLife821/1 1000A$1,252$2,611
Progressive834 / 1000A+$1,319$2,448
State Farm826 / 1000A++$805$1,754


Allstate is well-known for its ability to customize policies and make sure drivers are in good hands, even when they have a limited budget. Allstate offers coverage options that are not available with other auto insurers, such as for drivers in classic cars, rideshare, custom sound equipment, and specialty areas. Allstate offers discounts to offset the slightly higher average premium of $2,416. Accident forgivenessDeductible rewards(r) are two additional options that can help lower your premiums.

Allstate boasts a strong financial outlook and a AM Best rating. They also have an impressive customer service rating. Allstate is the top-ranked carrier in Florida according to the 2020 JD Power U.S. Auto Claims satisfaction survey.


Geico provides a wide range of policy options to Jacksonville residents, including emergency roadside assistance and rental reimbursement. Geico also offers a mechanical breakdown option. This is similar to adding an extra warranty to your vehicle and is rarely available through other carriers. There are many discounts available, including multi-policy, homeownership and good grades. Jaxsons spend an average $725 on a basic policy. However, full coverage options average $1,903 annually in premiums.

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Geico scores well in customer satisfaction and claims handling. According to the 2020 JDPower U.S. Automobile Claims Satisfaction Survey, Geico has one of the best rankings in the Southeast. The tools used to manage policy include a highly-rated website, app, and 24/7 customer support. This is one of the reasons Geico has high customer service marks. Geico’s financial stability and ratings are strong, with a superior AMBest A++ rating as well as an AA+ S&P global Rating.


Although this is the most expensive option on our list, MetLife has many ways to save money, which could lower the price. You can save on safety features, autopay, loyalty, professional and organizational programs, as well as savings. You can also get discounts for safe drivers, good students, defensive driving, and low annual miles. MetLife will give you even more discounts if you bundle home and car insurance

The coverage is comprehensive and thoughtful. It also offers additional protections such as new car replacement, replacement of special parts, and rental car damage coverage. Although it scores mediocre in customer satisfaction, MetLife is awarded an A (Excellent), rating by AM Best for financial stability. This means that MetLife stands behind its claims. MetLife offers assistance in the event of an accident, including referrals and repair services.

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Progressive rates are $1,319 for basic coverage, and $2,448 for comprehensive. These rates are higher than the average rate for Jacksonville drivers. Progressive provides standard options, including car rental reimbursement, emergency roadside assistance, and specialty coverage options like gap insurance or custom sound equipment coverage. Although the rates are higher than other carriers, they offer options such as car rental reimbursement, and special coverage options such a custom sound equipment coverage. These options are rarely available through other carriers.

Progressive has strong financial rating with an AM Best A+ and an S&P Global Index AA rating. This is why Progressive is considered a contender for the best car insurance in Jacksonville.

State Farm

State Farm has some of the best rates among the carriers we surveyed. Jacksonville drivers pay an average $805 per year with State Farm. An average full coverage policy costs $1,754. State Farm offers low rates and a variety of coverage options including roadside assistance, car rental reimbursement, and rideshare. State Farm offers discounts such as multi-policy, defensive driver and good student that can help you save the most on your premiums.

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State Farm offers more than just cheap rates for Jacksonville drivers. It has an A++ (Superior), AM Best rating, and an AA rating by S&P Global. This insurance company is financially strong. You can manage your policy online with multiple tools, or you can contact an agent to discuss your concerns.

Jacksonville has the lowest car insurance

The average cost for car insurance in Jacksonville for full coverage is $2,230 per annum. This is slightly lower than the $2,364 per annum Florida average. Geico, State Farm, and Allstate offer lower rates to Jacksonville drivers. All three of these carriers offer additional coverage beyond the minimum, including comprehensive and collisionaccident forgiveness, rental reimbursement and roadside assistance. There are many discounts available, including those who take defensive driving courses and earn good grades that lead to club affiliations or home ownership.

Progressive is another option for affordable insurance. However, rates in Jacksonville are not too high for Floridians. All of our top picks have excellent financial ratings and provide the technology (such as highly-rated apps), to make it easy to manage your policy on the move. These carriers offer competitive rates and are highly rated in the customer support ratings for the Florida region.

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Insurance companyMinimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
State Farm$805$1,754

Jacksonville insurance requirements

Drivers must have:

While it may be tempting to keep your minimum requirements policy in place to save money, some people find that having more coverage is better for their financial security. The property loss liability minimum is $10,000 per incident. You could easily go over the $10,000 limit if you cause damage to more than one car in an accident that is your fault. The difference would be your responsibility and could quickly add up, causing additional financial hardship.

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Jacksonville car insurance discounts

Florida has some of the highest insurance premiums in the nation, so it is important to get as many discounts as you can. You can find the best deals on car insurance in Jacksonville by searching:

  • Defensive driving classes: You could get an additional 10% discount on your premiums if you enroll in an approved online defensive driving course through Geico.
  • Bundling of policies: Ask about discounts if you have another policy from the same carrier.
  • Multi-car: Additional savings can be achieved by adding more than one vehicle to your policy. Progressive offers a 10% discount if you own more than one vehicle.
  • Good student: Teen drivers, and College students can get extra savings if they have good grades.

A good driver discount is possible if you maintain a clean driving record. This discount is substantial, as it saves around 26% on drivers who aren’t involved in an accident for a specified period.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

The best car insurance company depends ultimately on your needs and requirements.
Geico offers the best rates in Jacksonville for affordable car insurance. These are our top picks for Jacksonville’s best car insurance companies. Be sure to look beyond the low rates to include factors such as financial stability and financial strength, digital policy management tools and coverage options. The Florida region has excellent customer service ratings. You should get multiple quotes so that you can compare the options and find the best fit.

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What is the cost of car insurance in Jacksonville?

There are many rates available for car insurance in Jacksonville. A basic policy costs $1,024, while full coverage policies cost $2,230 annually.