Best cheap car insurance in Long Beach

The average cost of car insurance in Long Beach is $836 per year for minimum coverage and $2,245 for a full coverage policy. Long Beach is more expensive than the average U.S. state for full coverage. Long Beach’s average cost is $1,674 annually. This is another reason why drivers should look for the lowest car insurance rates.

Bankrate compared the rates of several national and regional car insurers to find the most affordable Long Beach car insurance. We also analyzed third-party data. We also looked at other factors, such as discounts, financial strength ratings, and coverage options.

Long Beach’s best car insurance company

To find the best car insurance companies in Long Beach, Bankrate examined third-party ratings, such as the J.D. The Power score is a measure of customer satisfaction with auto insurance. It also includes the AM Best ratings for financial strength. These ratings are not available for all carriers.


Geico has issued auto insurance policies for over 75 years and has grown to become the second-largest provider of auto insurance in the country. Geico provides the standard coverage you’d expect from an auto insurance provider. However, it offers a limited number of options. Geico’s unique features include the lowest rates among multiple carriers and the mobile app that makes it easy to manage your policy online.


Wawanesa, a regional carrier, offers the same products as the major national carriers. With the J.D., Wawanesa scored an impressive 853 points out of 1,000. The Power survey is the best in California. This carrier offers all the standard coverages and a variety of optional coverages for greater protection. The rental car coverage provides you with reimbursement if your vehicle is damaged in an accident or you require a rental.


Progressive is the third-largest provider of auto insurance in the U.S. and also offers multiple ways to manage your policy — whether through the online portal, an app, an agent or calling customer service. According to the J.D., Progressive’s California performance is above average. The carrier stands out in the J.D. Power survey because of the many discounts it offers. You can get discounts on multiple vehicles and multi-policy policies, as well as purchasing an online policy or going paperless.


The J.D. Score for Travelers is not a 10. The J.D. Power survey does not give Travelers a score. However, the company is ranked among the top 10 largest auto insurers in the U.S. Travelers offers a variety of coverages, including gap insurance, roadside assistance and rideshare coverage.

Long Beach has the lowest car insurance

The average cost of car insurance in Long Beach is $836 per year for minimum coverage and $2,245 for a full coverage policy. This is well above the $2,065 annual average for Californians and $1,674 average annual cost found across the U.S. Drivers should look for the best car insurance in Long Beach.

There are many carriers that offer competitive rates and other benefits for drivers. Geico, AAA Mercury, Progressive, MetLife, and Mercury all offer premiums that are slightly lower than the average cost. These five companies have strong financial strength ratings. Mercury received an A from AM Best, while the rest of the carriers received at least an A+. Each of these five companies offer mobile apps that allow policy management from your smartphone. However, Geico has the best ratings and offers the most functions related to auto insurance.

Insurance requirements for Long Beach

California requires each driver to carry a minimum amount of insurance. This includes 15/30/5 of liability coverage:

  • $15,000 per person for bodily injury/death
  • $30,000 per accident for bodily injury/death
  • $5,000 per accident for property damage

Although the minimum requirements may be sufficient to keep you legally licensed for driving, they may not be enough protection for your financial health. If you’re found to be at fault in a multi-vehicle accident with multiple injuries, the $30,000 bodily injury coverage and $5,000 property damage may not cover you. You could be sued by a driver if your limits are too low to cover injuries or damage.

Long Beach car insurance discounts

One of the simplest methods of maximizing savings on your premiums is to take advantage of as many discounts from carriers as possible. Discounts are available for many reasons.

  • Multi-vehicle insurance: Insuring more vehicles on the same policy will result in savings on your premiums. Ask about discounts if you have multiple vehicles in your household.
  • Most carriers offer lower premiums if you are a claims-free driver and have not had any accidents or tickets within a specified time frame.
  • Loyalty: Ask about a loyalty discount if you’ve had your carrier’s policy for several years.
  • You may be a good student: Students who maintain a minimum of a B average can qualify for a good student discount from most carriers.

While discounts are an effective way to reduce premiums, there are other options. A higher deductible is cheaper than a $250 or $0 deductible if you add collision or comprehensive protection to your policy. Your premiums will drop the more you accept to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

Questions frequently asked

Which Long Beach car insurance company is best?

To find the best car insurance company in Long Beach, you should weigh a number of factors. To find the right policy, you need to consider all aspects of a carrier, including their customer service ratings, financial strength and coverage options. Bankrate also did its own research to find Geico, State Farm USAA, and Amica as top-choice providers.

Do I need to add uninsured motorist coverage?

Uninsured motorist coverage is an optional coverage in California. If you are in an accident with another driver, this coverage provides liability coverage. This coverage means that you won’t have to pay out as much, such as medical bills, if you are involved in an accident.