Best cheap car insurance in Maui

Hana Highway in Maui, with 52 miles of stunning views, is considered to be one the most scenic routes. However, it can be dangerous due to hairpin turns, switchbacks, and other hazards if you aren’t a local or paying attention. These roads are why it is so important to have car insurance. Maui residents can get car insurance at a cost that is comparable to the rest of Hawaii. It costs on average $345 per annum for liability coverage and $1,118 for complete coverage.

Maui drivers can drive with confidence on Hana Highway, and other areas of the 9,523-mile roads that run through the island. They also have lower than average rates than the rest. We compared third-party rankings and quotes to find Maui’s best and cheapest car insurers.

Maui’s best car insurance company

Based on 2021 quotes, comparing coverage options and discounts, we determined which Maui car insurance companies were the best. We also took into account third-party rankings, financial strength, and customer satisfaction.

Insurance companyJ.D. J.D.Minimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
Allstate876 / 1000$516$1,238
Geico871 / 1000$321$1,104
State Farm881 / 1000$395$1,105
USAA890 / 1000$270$930


Allstate offers a variety of insurance options, including car insurance. Allstate holds 9.2% market share Hawaii and is the fourth-largest insurer in the Aloha State.

Customers who took part in the J.D. Allstate is two points below the average for customer satisfaction in the J.D. With 876 points, Allstate is above average in the Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. It also has exceptional financial strength that can pay out claims.


Geico holds 27.8% market share in Hawaii. Geico offers coverage for Classic cars and ridership drivers. There are affordable rates and many discounts that can be used to keep rates low.

Geico is ranked second in the Insurance Shopping Study for purchasing experience. Geico also ranks one point lower in the Claims Satisfaction Study, with slightly more than average complaint index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

State Farm

State Farm offers rideshare insurance and has many discount options for teens. This can make it more expensive to insure. State Farm is second in the Islands as an insurer, with 18.3% of market share.

While the Good Neighbor company scores an average for customer experience, it is well above average in our Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. State Farm’s financial strength is exceptional and customers have reported that the claims process was easy, which can help in times of stress after an accident.

Maui has the lowest car insurance

We used the same criteria to determine the best car insurance companies in Maui. With an emphasis on price, we also compared them. USAA is available only to military personnel and their families. It offers full coverage and liability for Maui drivers. USAA ranks higher than all other companies in J.D Power’s ranking studies.

The average cost of car insurance in America is higher than Maui or Hawaii. This is a $565 annual premium for liability coverage and $1,674 full coverage. Maui and Hawaii share the same cost for liability at $345 per annum, but Maui’s full coverage costs are $1,118, compared to Hawaii’s $1,127.

Insurance companyMinimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
State Farm$395$1,105

Maui insurance requirements

To drive legally on Maui’s roads, residents must meet minimum requirements set by the state.

  • Bodily Injury: $20,000 for one person, $40,000 for two people or more
  • Property damage: $10,000
  • Personal Injury Protection: 10,000 per Person

The minimum coverage might not be sufficient to cover you financially in the event of an accident. To protect your vehicle in the event of an accident, you might need additional full insurance if you have outstanding car loan or lease payments. Talk to an agent to determine the best coverage for you.

Maui offers car insurance discounts

Although car insurance rates in Maui may seem low, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get discounts. These are just a few of the many discounts that could save you big.

  • Accident-free discount: If your company has been without an accident for at least three years (depending on the company), you might be eligible for accident forgiveness. This will keep rates low even if you are at fault for your next accident.
  • Discount for safe driving: Most car insurance companies will offer a discount for safe driving habits if you maintain a clean driving record.
  • Car insurance companies often offer discounts to students and drivers who are under 25.
  • Multi-car discounts and multi-policy discounts
  • Safety features: Having multiple airbags, antilock brakes, and anti-theft devices in your car will reduce the cost of insurance.

Questions frequently asked

Which Maui car insurance company is best?

You can find the best auto insurance company by choosing the one that offers the most coverage and discounts. A top-rated company will have excellent customer service scores and financial strength.

What is the cost of car insurance in Maui?

Prices will vary depending on your driving record, vehicle selection, coverages selected, and where you are located in Maui. An average Maui driver pays $345 annually for liability coverage and $1,118 per year for full coverage. However, your rates could be higher or lower.

What amount of car insurance do you need in Maui

We found rates that were higher than the minimum requirements when we compared quotes. For greater coverage and financial protection in the event of an accident, we recommend at least 100/300/50. Full coverage may be required if you own a vehicle of high value or have a loan or lease.

Which Maui car insurance company is the most affordable?

Our findings show that USAA is the most affordable car insurance in Maui, followed closely by Geico. This may not be true for you depending on your driving history and other criteria. Compare rates from several companies to find the best car insurance.