Best cheap car insurance in McAllen

Texas has approximately 16 million licensed drivers, and all are required to carry minimum amounts of insurance. McAllen residents pay an average $662 annually for minimum coverage and $2,093 per year for full coverage. This is well above the national average $1,674 for a complete policy. If you are looking for the best cheap insurance rates in McAllen, one of the most useful strategies is to compare multiple carriers.

Bankrate compared the customer service ratings of several regional and national carriers, as well as financial strength, premium rates, and discounts, to find the best McAllen car insurance companies.

McAllen’s best car insurance providers

McAllen has many car insurance companies that offer competitive premiums at affordable rates and other benefits for drivers. J.D. In addition to the premium cost, power survey to assess customer satisfaction and financial ratings from AM Best are important.


Geico has provided auto insurance coverage for over 75 years and is now the second-largest auto insurance provider in the U.S. Geico offers the standard coverage options, but it is somewhat limited by the number of add-on options available. Mechanical breakdown coverage is an option. This covers the high out-of pocket costs of vehicle repairs, much like an extended car warranty policy.


USAA offers exclusive membership for current military personnel, veterans and their immediate families. USAA provides unique discounts and highly competitive premiums to those who qualify. Two examples of savings that members can enjoy are a family loyalty discount which rewards children who have USAA policies, and a discount for parking your vehicle on base.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest provider of auto insurance in the U.S. and has sold insurance policies for almost one hundred years. State Farm has a Superior A++ rating from AM Best. This is a testament to its financial strength and strong customer service ratings. Policyholders can manage their policies online via highly-rated apps, customer service, or by speaking with a local agent.


Allstate is America’s fourth largest auto insurance provider. AM Best also rates them as strong with their financial ratings. Although Allstate’s customer service ratings in Texas are not as good as other carriers, there may be some drivers who find the discounts attractive. Drivers may save money with discounts such as Accident Forgiveness and Drivewise. These programs monitor driving habits and offer discounts based on the observations made with the driver.

McAllen has the lowest car insurance

McAllen drivers pay an average $662 annually for minimum coverage, and $2,093 per year for full coverage policies. It is worth comparing rates from multiple carriers to find the best rate. This is especially true considering the national average for auto insurance is $1,674 annually for full coverage, which means drivers in McAllen are paying more. McAllen’s premiums are higher than the average Texan at $1,823, which further highlights how expensive McAllen can be.

Geico, USAA State Farm, Mercury, Allstate, and Mercury are all carriers that offer the lowest rates for coverage despite having higher averages. Each of these five carriers have at least an A rating from AM Best. This confirms their financial strength. Each carrier offers a digital experience that includes online portals as well as highly functional mobile apps for policy management.

McAllen insurance requirements

Texas has laws requiring minimum insurance requirements for drivers. This includes 30/60/25 in save on car insurance in McAllen. You can also compare multiple carriers head-to-head. Comparing quotes from several carriers will give you an accurate picture of the savings you could make by choosing one over another. It also allows you to compare the coverage options available and other important information about your choices of carriers.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

The best car insurance company in McAllen is the one that meets your driving coverage needs and still fits within your budget. Bankrate reviewed many companies and found that Geico, State Farm and Amica are all highly-rated carriers and offer drivers a variety of benefits.

Is Texas a state of no-fault?

Texas is not at fault. If you are found to be at fault in an accident in Texas, you will be financially responsible for the injuries and property damage. This is just one reason why adequate auto insurance is a sound financial decision.