Best cheap car insurance in Mobile

In Mobile, Alabama, there were 11980 car accidents in 2018. Mobile drivers are required to have car insurance in order to cover their legal and financial liability in the event that they are involved in an accident at fault. Mobile’s average full-coverage car insurance premium per year is $1,750. The average minimum coverage premium per year is $560.

Mobile drivers looking for car insurance should be aware of these key points when comparing providers. Based on the average annual rate, coverage options, discounts, customer service, and other factors, we identified the most affordable mobile car insurance.

Mobile’s best car insurance company

Mobile’s best car insurance companies offer lower rates, extensive coverage, generous discounts and excellent customer service. They also have good ratings from third parties. These are the top mobile auto insurance companies:

Insurance companyJ.D. J.D.Minimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
Farmers832 / 1,000$519$1,628
Geico857 / 1,000$389$1,543
Travelers823 / 1,000$397$1,080
USAA909 / 1,000$442$1,312


Farmers has many options available for those who want to customize their policy. These include rideshare insurance and custom parts coverage. Eligible policyholders can also get discounts, which include savings on claims and bundles.


Geico is a solid choice for mobile car insurance. Geico offers lower rates than the average and many discount. This includes possible savings for military personnel and federal employees, employer/membership group members, good students, safe driver, and those who own advanced safety equipment. Basic coverage from Geico, but drivers can add many endorsements including roadside assistance or mechanical breakdown insurance.


Mobile’s cheapest car insurance company is Travelers. Travelers offers many add-on policy options, including gap insurance, new car replacement coverage, and accident forgiveness. If you are looking for a low rate, drivers may be able take advantage of discounts. This includes potential savings for hybrid owners, those with continuous insurance, and those who sign up in the Safe Driver Rewards program.


USAA sells only coverage to military personnel, including active duty and retired service members. USAA offers coverage to mobile drivers who meet the criteria. They offer excellent customer service and reliable coverage. USAA claims that drivers can save on average more than $700 by switching from another provider to USAA. This is due to the generous rates and discounts offered by USAA.

Mobile insurance is the cheapest

Mobile’s average car insurance cost is higher than Alabama’s average rate. Alabama drivers pay $1,623 on average for full coverage insurance. Minimum coverage insurance costs $469. Alabama’s average car insurance rate is equal to that of the United States, which is $1674 for full coverage, and $565 for minimal coverage.

Mobile drivers might pay more than the average city rate depending on their credit score, claims history, and which provider they choose. Below is a table that shows the lowest mobile car insurance rates based on market share.

Insurance companyMinimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
Country Financial$465$1,763

When searching for the cheapest automobile insurance in Alabama, drivers often consider more than just price. They also look at coverage options. Geico and USAA only offer limited endorsements. Allstate or Travelers are better choices for drivers who wish to customize their policy with add ons.

Discounts are also available. All of the carriers on this list offer multi-policy discounts, but Allstate’s policy bundle discount is the most important, with as high as 35%. You may not be eligible for every discount offered by each company.

Some providers have higher customer satisfaction ratings than others. J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance Study, Geico and USAA were the only providers rated above average in terms of customer satisfaction. In J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance Study Geico and USAA were both rated above average in the Southeast region (which includes Alabama). Allstate and Travelers were below average while Country Financial was not.

Insurance requirements for mobile devices

Mobile car insurance is required by law. Motor vehicle owners must have at least 25,50,25 in personal liability insurance. This includes the following coverages.

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability coverage per individual
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability coverage per accident
  • $25,000 per accident in property damage liability coverage

While minimum coverage insurance may be the most affordable option, it is not guaranteed that the insurance will cover all costs. If you are responsible for an accident that causes more damage than your policy limits, you will have to pay the difference.

Many drivers in Mobile upgrade to full coverage insurance policies to increase their protection. Drivers may be required to have full coverage insurance in certain situations. Drivers who finance or lease their vehicle through a lender are often required to have full coverage insurance. Talk to an agent about the right level of coverage for you.

Mobile insurance: Car insurance discounts

Mobile car insurance companies offer discounts almost every day. Although the exact discount may vary from one provider to another, here are some of these most popular discounts that you can find in Mobile.

  • Discounts for drivers who have not had any insurance claims in the past few years may be eligible for a discount on their policy.
  • Discount on defensive driving courses: Drivers who successfully complete a safe driver training or approved defensive driving course are often eligible for insurance discounts.
  • Full discount for drivers who pay their annual premium in full upfront, instead of in monthly installments.
  • Multi-vehicle Discount: Drivers who have more than one car insured can usually get a modest discount.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

Every driver will have a different experience with the best car insurer. It all depends on where you live, what you have to pay, and what discounts you are eligible for. Car insurance seekers should compare different providers and shop around using their own criteria.

What is the cost of mobile car insurance?

Mobile’s average premium for full coverage car insurance is $1,750 per annum, while the average premium for minimum coverage is $560 per annum. Mobile car insurance quotes are personal. Factors like your age, claims history and the type of vehicle you drive will affect your rate.