Best cheap car insurance in New Orleans


New Orleans is a popular tourist destination and Louisiana’s largest city. The state’s three million cars are attributed to the Big Easy. Additionally, the dangerous road conditions and severe weather can increase the likelihood of traffic fatalities. There were 4936 car accidents that resulted in one or more injuries and 42 fatalities in New Orleans in 2019. In recent years, there has been an increase in vehicle thefts in New Orleans.

New Orleans law makes car insurance mandatory. It is expensive to insure a car. An average New Orleans driver will pay $4,216 annually for full coverage and $1,211 per year for minimum coverage. We found several insurance companies with below-average rates. They also offer good coverage options, multiple discount options, and high ratings from independent organizations.

New Orleans’s best car insurance companies

USAA, Southern Farm Bureau and Progressive are the best New Orleans car insurance companies. These providers are distinguished by their low premiums, policy options, discounts, customer satisfaction scores, financial strength, and overall financial strength.


Geico’s average car-insurance premiums are lower than the New Orleans average. Although the coverage may be limited, it offers substantial savings. Discounts are available for military personnel and federal employees who go on emergency deployment, member groups, insuring multiple cars, taking defensive driving courses, and getting excellent grades in school.

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New Orleans drivers looking for comprehensive coverage may want to consider Progressive. You can add on to your policy, such as roadside assistance, gap coverage, custom parts, and equipment coverage, and you can also customize it. Progressive offers many discounts including the Snapshot safety driver program and a disappearing-deductible program which lowers a driver’s deductible by $50 each year.

Southern Farm Bureau

Southern Farm Bureau has the best car insurance in New Orleans. Average full coverage policies cost $2,770 annually while the average minimum coverage policy is $705 per annum. New Orleans residents can enjoy the best customer service and great coverage options as well as discounts with Southern Farm Bureau. Drivers can also request roadside assistance via a mobile app and file a claim.


USAA is rated among the best insurance companies in the nation. Coverage is not available to veterans, active military personnel, and their spouses. Drivers who are eligible for coverage will have access to exceptional customer service, generous discount, as well as military-specific savings and efficient claims handling. USAA offers endorsements such as accident forgiveness and car replacement assistance for additional protection.

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New Orleans: Cheapest Car Insurance

The average price of car insurance is significantly higher than that in Louisiana. Louisiana drivers pay $2,711 on average for full coverage insurance. Minimum coverage insurance costs $757. New Orleans drivers pay more than $1,500 for full coverage insurance and $450 for minimum coverage.

New Orleans residents can find a lower rate by selecting an insurance company with below-average premiums. Below is a table that shows the cheapest car insurance rates for the most popular carriers, based on market share.

When shopping for car insurance, many drivers are focused on the price. It is important to consider other factors such as coverage options and customer service ratings when shopping for car insurance. USAA, Progressive, and AAA offer the most endorsements. State Farm and Geico have fewer coverage options.

USAA is widely regarded as having the best customer service. However, coverage is not available to veterans and military personnel. AAA has excellent customer service but policies are more expensive than average. This could make it difficult for drivers to get insurance. Drivers can get lower rates by taking advantage of generous discounts offered by all five providers.

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J.D. These providers have all the right ratings for customer satisfaction according to J.D. Geico and USAA have higher ratings than average, while State Farm and Progressive have lower ratings. AAA is not rated. All five providers receive AM Best ratings for financial strength.

Insurance requirements in New Orleans

All New Orleans drivers who have a Louisiana-registered vehicle are required to have car insurance. 15/30/25 personal liability insurance is the minimum insurance required. It includes the following coverages:

  • $15,000 bodily injury liability coverage per individual
  • $30,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage
  • $25,000 per accident in property damage liability coverage

Drivers who choose minimum coverage insurance will be charged the lowest rates. But, liability-only insurance does not guarantee that it will cover all costs incurred in an accident. Drivers who cause an accident that exceeds their policy’s limits are subject to liability. This could lead to them having to pay thousands of dollars or more.

New Orleans drivers may be required to have full coverage insurance in certain cases. This is common for those who drive a leased vehicle or financed car. To reduce lender risk, many loan providers require that drivers have full coverage insurance until the loan is paid off.

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New Orleans: Car insurance discounts

Many New Orleans car insurance companies offer discounts that may help drivers to get lower rates. These are the most sought-after discounts:

  • No claims: Drivers with no accidents, insurance claims or traffic violations in the past several years are usually eligible for a lower premium.
  • Good student: Insurance companies will offer a lower rate to students who maintain a certain grade point average in school.
  • Full payment: Drivers who are able to afford their annual premium in full and upfront, instead of in monthly installments, will often be able to save money on their policy.
  • Defensive driving courses: Drivers who have completed a driver training or defensive driving course may be eligible for a discount on their premium.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

Every driver will have their own opinion about the best auto insurance company. It all depends on where the driver lives, what their budget is, how much coverage they require, and what type of coverage they desire. To find the best rate for their needs, drivers should compare rates and shop around.

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What is the cost of New Orleans car insurance?

The average New Orleans driver pays $4216 annually for full coverage insurance, and $1211 per year for minimum coverage insurance. Each driver will pay a different rate depending on their zip code, age and credit history.

What amount of New Orleans car insurance do you need?

New Orleans drivers must have at least 15/30/25 personal liability insurance. However, many drivers opt to buy full coverage insurance to get more protection.