Best cheap car insurance in Queens

New York ranks third in terms of car insurance costs. The average cost for car insurance in Queens starts at $2,403 and ends at $4,631 for full coverage. Queen’s high rates are surprising to many car owners, considering that New York City has some of the lowest vehicle ownership rates. This borough is different from other areas that have a 62% vehicle ownership rate. The higher than average rates are likely due to congestion, traffic and fender benders.

It is important to find the lowest car insurance in Queens. Otherwise, your insurance premiums could make it impossible to own a vehicle. To help you find the best Queens car insurance, we analyzed all the available carriers using criteria like average premiums and positive customer reviews.

Queens’ best car insurance companies

These are our top picks for the best car insurance companies Queens, New York. These carriers were chosen based upon the lowest annual rates for full and minimum car insurance, based on data from 2021, customer satisfaction, coverage options, and discounts. J.D. was used in combination. We used a combination of J.D.


Progressive offers Queens drivers the lowest average premiums at $1,444/$2,158 annually. Progressive’s Quote Explorer tool allows you to compare rates from multiple carriers while getting a quote. If drivers work for Uber, Lyft Doordash Instacart, Doordash or other similar services, they can add rideshare coverage. Ridershare insurance toggles on and off automatically to provide coverage when you’re logged in to the rideshare app and working.


J.D. does not rank Erie. Power’s New York car insurance study did not rank Erie, but it is on the top carriers list for other areas. Queens car owners can get affordable car insurance from Erie. The rates offered by this provider are significantly lower than the Queens average — Erie’s minimum coverage is nearly $700 less than the average city coverage, and full coverage is approximately $1,500 more.


Geico Insurance offers drivers 16 discount to reduce their car insurance premiums. The most important are those that are occupational-related such as lower rates to military personnel and federal employees. Through its affiliate program, the insurance company also partners with large corporations to offer employees special rates.

New York Central Mutual

NYCM was tied with Geico in customer satisfaction scores. This is based on the J.D. survey of policyholders. The Power Study. New York Central Mutual’s branches in local communities make it special. NYCM is not like other insurance companies that are trying to reduce costs or divert customers to online service. Instead, NYCM provides one-on-one customer service to current and prospective customers.

Queens has the lowest car insurance

A combination of factors made the above-mentioned carriers make the list. The following five insurance companies are the best if you’re looking for cheap car insurance that will not break the bank. They were chosen based on their low premiums.

Queens Insurance requirements

Queens residents, new and old, should know how much coverage they need. According to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, vehicle owners must have at least liability coverage.

  • $25,000 for bodily injuries/ $50,000 for accident fatalities
  • $50,000 for bodily injuries, $100,000 for multiple accident fatalities
  • $10,000 coverage for property damage

While purchasing the minimum state coverage may save you money in short-term, it will not provide the financial protection you need. Third-party expenses are not covered by liability insurance. You can add comprehensive, collision, and uninsured driver insurance to your vehicle.

Queens Insurance Discounts

Queens residents should consider switching carriers to save money on their car insurance. You might be eligible to receive the following discounts:

  • Low mileage: Some carriers offer a discount for those who walk or use public transport less often.
  • Garage parking: Many carriers offer discounts to drivers who park their cars off the street (where most damage tends) and in a garage, or another type of private structure.
  • You can lower your auto insurance by going three years without filing a claim.
  • Good student: A good student is someone who has a 3.0 GPA or higher and is currently enrolled in school.
  • Autopay: By setting up your premiums so that they automatically draw from your bank account each monthly, you can ensure that you don’t forget to pay your bill or have a lapse of coverage. Some insurance companies offer discounts.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

There is no one insurance company that is the best for every car owner. Queens drivers should decide which aspects are most important to their needs.

What is the cost of Queens car insurance?

The average cost for car insurance in Queens for minimum liability insurance is $2,403 per annum, and $4,631 to cover full coverage. New York is the nation’s most expensive place to purchase car insurance.

How can I get car insurance at a lower rate?

Find the lowest cost car insurance provider. Compare quotes from many companies to narrow down the selection. Once you have found the lowest priced, you can compare their customer service and see what insurance coverages they offer.