Best cheap car insurance in Roanoke

Roanoke’s average car insurance cost is $411 per annum for minimum coverage and $1,185 to cover full coverage. Bankrate’s most recent survey, based on data from Quadrant Information Service, found that many Roanoke car insurers offer rates far below the average. According to our research, USAA and State Farm have the lowest average annual minimum coverage auto rates in Roanoke. Nationwide has the highest average full coverage premiums.

Your driving record, age, and vehicle type can all impact the results of your search for car insurance. However, the following carriers selected provided the lowest rates and best customer support of the companies we compared.

Roanoke’s best car insurance company

These carriers had the lowest car insurance rates in Roanoke, and the highest ratings from J.D. Based on reviews from policyholders, Power’s annual insurance survey.


USAA is a great insurance company that offers low rates and high customer satisfaction. USAA does not have a branch in Roanoke, but customers can contact them by phone, through the website or via the mobile app. USAA holds the highest J.D. USAA has the highest J.D. power score among all providers but it is not officially ranked due to its limited availability. USAA coverage is only available to veterans, former and current Armed Forces personnel and their qualifying relatives.


Geico is also a top pick for car insurance in Roanoke due to its low rates. Geico’s full coverage rates are the biggest problem. They are more expensive than the other carriers that we reviewed. Geico has the lowest average annual rate on our list, so if you’re looking for Virginia driving license coverage, Geico may be the right choice. You can take advantage of the many discounts offered by the provider, including safety equipment and auto payments, as well as safe driver savings.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest U.S. car insurance company by market share. Although the provider doesn’t offer any add-on coverage options for its customers, its minimum and full coverage rates rank among our most affordable. The Power customer satisfaction score ranks third in the mid-Atlantic. You can also get discounts, such as programs that reward safe driving habits.


J.D. rated Erie Insurance as the best-rated car insurance company. Since USAA is not officially ranked, Power is not included. The average annual rate for minimum car insurance is also very low. You can also opt for full coverage car insurance. This includes auto glass repair and pet coverage. It will pay for your pet’s vet bills if they are hurt in an accident. Also, locksmith service is available up to $75 per incident if your vehicle is locked out.

All over the country

Nationwide is the best choice for full coverage car insurance in Roanoke. To protect your vehicle, your lender or leasing company might require that you have a larger auto policy. Nationwide’s On Your Side review gives policyholders the opportunity to review their insurance and ensure that they have the correct coverage.

Roanoke has the lowest car insurance

How does Roanoke’s car insurance compare with other parts of the country?

As you can see the average cost for car insurance in Roanoke, is lower than those in nearby areas. Rates can be higher or lower depending on which carrier you choose and what your particular circumstances are. These five carriers offer cheap insurance for cars that is cheaper than the average in the city.

Online quotes are a great way to find out which carrier is the best for you. USAA is only available to military personnel. All of the below-cost minimum coverage options are available from Alfa, Geico and State Farm. Although Geico and Alfa don’t offer the most comprehensive coverage, they both offer a wide range of discounts. State Farm has competitive minimum and full coverage rates, as well as excellent customer service ratings. Erie is known for its excellent customer service and consistently scores well in J.D. Power’s annual studies.

Roanoke Insurance requirements

Roanoke drivers must carry minimum liability coverage with at least these policy limits:

  • Coverage for bodily injury liability per person: $25,000
  • Bodily injury coverage per accident: $50,000
  • Property damage coverage: $20,000

Drivers in Virginia have the option of paying a $500 fee to register their vehicle and allow them to drive it legally without insurance. Drivers must legally prove that they can pay for any injuries or damage they cause in an accident to be eligible.

The state requires minimum car insurance coverage in most cases. However, some situations may require higher limits or more coverage. Your lender may require that you purchase full coverage car insurance if you own a newer vehicle, lease or finance your vehicle. To better protect your finances, insurance experts recommend that you purchase coverage beyond the minimum legally required.

Roanoke car insurance discount

Roanoke’s auto insurance rates are relatively low, but you might still be able find additional savings. You should look out for discounts offered by car insurance companies such as:

  • Telematics: Many carriers have created telematics programs that track your driving and reward safe habits with lower rates. If you have a history with moving violations or accidents, enrolling in driver monitoring might be a great way to start over. You can download the app and allow it to track your driving. If you have safe driving habits, you will receive discounts on premiums.
  • Bundling: If you have more than one vehicle, or combine home and auto insurance with the same company, it can lower your overall premiums.
  • Loyalty: Keeping with the same carrier for a long time is a great way to establish a track record. You may also be eligible for a loyalty discount. It is a good idea to compare rates between different carriers to make sure you get the best deal.
  • Paperless: Although the discount is not significant, it could be a good way to save money by viewing your statements online rather than through the mail.

Bundling policies and enrolling in a Telematics Program are two of the best ways to save. While telematics programs don’t penalize or increase your rates for unsafe driving habits, it is possible to save some money if your driving behavior is monitored.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

The best car insurance company is different for everyone and depends on your needs. USAA, State Farm and Nationwide are our top picks for best car insurance companies Roanoke. There may be other companies that offer lower rates or better coverage options. Our decision was influenced by many factors including customer ratings, pricing, discounts, policy options and pricing. It is always a good idea for you to compare different companies before buying your auto insurance.

What is the cost of Roanoke car insurance?

Roanoke’s average car insurance cost is $411 annually for minimum coverage and $1,185 per year for full coverage. Your driving record, vehicle type, and coverage options can all impact the pricing of your car insurance.