Best cheap car insurance in Rockford

Rockford, Illinois is considered one the most safe places to drive in the country. Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers Report ranked Illinois as the #32 in terms of safest driving. It is very unlikely that a driver will file a claim more than once every 10.9 years. Insurance premiums can be affordable because of this. Bankrate’s 2021 pricing survey found that Rockford car insurance costs $472 annually for minimum coverage and $1,458 for full coverage.

Based on customer reviews, quote data and insurance provider offerings, this guide to cheapest auto insurance in Rockford lists four companies that offer the best car insurance in Rockford. Although rates may be high in the city, you might be able to get even lower rates.

Rockford’s best car insurance companies

Bankrate’s Rockford quote analysis revealed over twenty-six carriers. We used criteria such as financial strength, customer reviews and low rates to narrow down the list to four.


Pekin offers the lowest car insurance in Rockford, both for basic and full coverage. The average rate for full and minimum car insurance is $257 per year, compared to the $472/$1,458 annual city average. Pekin’s car Insurance discounts such as multi-car or bundling, encourage you to insure both your home and any other vehicles with the carrier. Pekin’s affordable rates make it a good choice to insure your home and other vehicles.


Geico is second in low rates with minimal coverage starting at $272 per annum. You can protect your financial future if you cause an accident or injures a pedestrian or cyclist for just $20 per month. Geico is the best option for drivers who don’t mind having an agent or office near them and who are comfortable using the Geico mobile app or website to manage their insurance needs.

All over the country

Nationwide is the best option for drivers who don’t have a long commute and/or only occasionally drive. You can enroll in SmartMiles to receive pay-as you-go car insurance that is based on how many miles you drive each month. The monthly car insurance premium will be lower if you work from home or travel during a month.

State Farm

State Farm, the nation’s largest carrier, offers Rockford car owners many options for car insurance and discounts. To save money on car insurance, drivers of all ages can join the driver tracking program. This is based on driving habits and mileage. To get started, you can enroll in Drive Safe and Save for adults or Steer Clear if you’re a driver aged 25 and under.

Rockford has the lowest car insurance

Five large Rockford insurance companies offer cheap car insurance. They are ranked by market share. Compare their rates with the following averages.

  • Indiana’s average annual cost for full car insurance is $1,034
  • The country’s average annual cost for full car insurance is $1,674

Remember that these rates are only averages. Your driving record, credit score and vehicle make/model may impact your results.

State Farm is the only local carrier that has Rockford offices. Independent agents are available for Nationwide and Erie insurance. All insurance companies offer online policy management and claims, as well as mobile apps. The strongest digital presences are those of Geico, Nationwide, and State Farm.

Rockford insurance requirements

Rockford drivers without insurance can have some problems. If there is a lapse in coverage, some insurance companies might not be willing to provide insurance. Driving without insurance can result in $500 to $500 in fines. Minimum insurance requirements for the state are:

  • $25,000 for injury or death of one individual and $50,000 per accident for two or more.
  • $20,000 for property damage to third parties

You will not be reimbursed for any medical bills for yourself or your passengers. The state’s liability requirements don’t cover repairs to your vehicle. Full car insurance can be an upgrade to get more money but also provides coverage for your vehicle. Full coverage may be required by lenders and leasing companies.

Rockford car insurance discount

Rockford car owners get lower than average car insurance rates. You can also save by taking advantage insurance company discounts like:

  • If a young driver is a good student, they may be able to save money on car insurance.
  • Accident forgiveness: Allows you to forget about an accident once in a while, which will help keep your premiums from rising.
  • Bundling: If you purchase auto and home insurance from the same company, your premiums could be lower for each.
  • Loyalty: If your insurance provider is the same, you could be eligible for a loyalty discount every year that you renew.

Bundling discounts, accident forgiveness, and good student discounts can make the most of your car insurance bill. All of these options work together to reduce your premiums and lower the cost of coverage for your family members.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

Your needs and preferences will determine which best auto insurance companies. You should consider your requirements and the most important things you want in a provider when choosing a provider.

What is the cost of Rockford car insurance?

Rockford’s annual average car insurance cost is $472 for minimum and $1,458 respectively for full coverage.

What amount of Rockford car insurance do you need?

Drivers must carry at least $25,000 per driver and $50,000 per accident in bodily injuries liability insurance. They also need $20,000 property damage coverage.