Best cheap car insurance in Springfield

You may be searching for Springfield’s best car insurance. Bankrate’s 2021 study on annual premiums revealed that there was a significant drop in the cost of car insurance.The average cost of Springfield car insurance is $456/year for minimum coverage, and $1,420/year for full coverage.Insurance companies such asGeicoAndState FarmThese are the lowest prices we have listed, but you may also be interested in other providers to get the best deal.

Although car insurance in Illinois may be more expensive than other states, you can still save money on your annual premiums by selecting the insurer that best suits your needs. The best car insurance companies Springfield offer competitive prices as well as excellent customer service. They also provide a wide variety of coverages and discounts, and have digital tools that make managing your policy easy. These are the qualities that Bankrate’s insurance editorial team considered when selecting Springfield’s top insurers.

The best car insurance rates in Springfield

After reviewing third-party ratings and customer reviews, average premiums collected by Quadrant Information Service, coverage and discounts options, digital tools, and overall industry reputation, our team selects the most affordable insurance companies. We reviewed scores from the 2021 J.D. The top contenders in the Power Auto Insurance Study areGeico, State Farm USAA, Auto-Owners, Allstate. Keep in mind, however, that each person’s choices may differ and that personal data can impact the annual premium rate.


Geico is a top-rated car insurance company that offers basic coverage for the lowest average minimum price. Geico scored just a few points lower than the industry average according to the J.D. According to the Power Auto Insurance Study, North Central Geico customers have an overall positive experience with the insurer. Geico’s digital tools make managing policy easy, as demonstrated by its first-place ranking in the 2021 J.D. The Power Insurance Digital Experience Study. Geico offers policyholders many discounts.

State Farm

This is the second-highest ranking provider in the 2021 J.D. According to a Power Study, State Farm’s rates are among the lowest on average for Springfield drivers. The website offers a wide range of coverage options and discounts. As the largest auto insurer by market share in the country, State Farm offers valuable perks alongside its standard coverage, such as rideshare coverage and the ability to insure classic and antique cars. Two safe driver programs are available to help you save money and develop good driving habits. It boasts 19,000 agents across the country.


For military members, veterans and their immediate families, USAA could be an ideal option. You can choose from a variety of coverage options, and you could get even lower rates. A deployment discount is available for vehicles that are not being used, as well as a low annual miles discount. Young drivers can also get a discount if they purchase their policy after being USAA-insured. The company’s mobile app may be attractive to policyholders who like to handle their insurance needs digitally. You can view ID cards, make claims, review accident checklists, and request roadside assistance using the app.


Another provider highly rated in the 2021 J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study, Auto-Owners has an A++ (Superior) rating for financial strength from AM Best and offers insurance products in 26 states. Along with standard auto insurance coverages like liability, comprehensive and collision coverages, Auto-Owners offers endorsements to help policyholders customize their insurance. You have the option of loan/lease gap insurance, diminished value coverage, and Personal Automobile Plus, which includes identity theft and cell phone replacement. To help policyholders lower their premiums, a host of discounts are available.


Allstate has more than 12,000 agents nationwide and is one of the best car insurance companies in America. Allstate boasts an A+ (Superior), rating from AM Best. Endorsements can include new car replacement or accident forgiveness. A deductible rewards program can reduce a driver’s collision deductible up to $500 by maintaining a clean driving record. For driver safety, there is a popular discount program called Drivewise to monitor and reward safe driving via a mobile app.

Springfield has the lowest car insurance

It is not always the most affordable Springfield, Illinois car insurance. There is some crossover, as some of the city’s cheapest insurance companies includeGeico, Mercury, and Erie. TheAverage costThe state of Illinois charges $442 per annum for minimum coverage, and $1,485 for full coverage. Springfield residents pay approximately the same amount with an average rate of $456 per person for minimum coverage and $1.420 per person for full coverage. In Springfield, as well as Illinois generally, premiums are lower than the national average at $565 per year for minimum coverage and $1674 for full coverage.

When looking for the best cheap car insurance companies in Illinois, it is useful to compare premiums from multiple companies. Comparing providers is a great way to get the right coverage that fits your budget.

For the best cheap car insurance companies in Illinois, Geico is a top choice to consider for many because of the low rates and the digital convenience it offers, along with strong industry ratings. Erie insurance is well-known for its affordability, financial strength, and positive market reputation. Although Mercury offers low rates, it falls behind in customer satisfaction, and the company also has a below-average complaint index rating of .77 for private passenger insurance. State Farm offers low rates, a strong network and many coverage options. Nationwide offers personal endorsements and maximum savings.

When shopping for car insurance, premium isn’t the only thing you should consider. You can determine if a company is right for you by looking at its customer service reviews, financial strength and coverage options.

Springfield insurance requirements

Illinois state law requires drivers to carry minimum amounts of certain car insurance coverages. Minimum limits:

  • Bodily injury liability up to $25,000 per person
  • Bodily Injury Liability of $50,000 Per Accident
  • Liability for property damage up to $20,000 per accident
  • Uninsured motorists have bodily injury coverage up to $25,000 per person
  • Bodily injury coverage for uninsured motorists up to $50,000 per accident

Illinois requires you to purchase coverage for underinsured motorists if you buy limits of uninsured motorists coverage that exceed the minimum amounts.

Although the state mandates that drivers have at least these minimum limits, many insurance companies recommend higher liability limits or even full coverage insurance. If you cause an accident that results in damages greater than your insurance limits and you are responsible for the rest, you will be required to pay out of pocket. Your bank may also require that you have full coverage insurance if you finance your vehicle or lease it.

Springfield: Get car insurance at a discount

Drivers in Springfield have several options for car insurance discounts. Every insurance company has its own discount, but the most common include:

  • You may be eligible for a discount if you agree to receive your bills, and any other policy documents such as ID cards electronically.
  • You can use a smartphone app or plug-in device to track your driving habits. This discount could save you money if you don’t drive as often.
  • Good driving: Your insurance company may offer a discount for good drivers if you have not had any tickets or claims in the past few years.
  • Bundling policy: You could save on multiple policies with the same company such as a home and auto insurance policies.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

Finding the best car insurance company depends on your specific situation. It is important to know what are your priorities. Are you searching for a company that has a well-respected online portal or mobile app? Are you looking for a company with many discount options? Once you have identified your priorities, you can compare quotes from different providers to find the best fit for you and your budget.

What is the cost of car insurance in Springfield?

On average, Springfield drivers pay $456 per year for minimum coverage, and $1,420 per year for full coverage. This is similar to Illinois’s average rates. This is slightly lower than the national average cost of car insurance, which is $565 per year for minimum coverage and $1,674 per year for full coverage.

What amount of Springfield car insurance do you need?

Illinois requires a minimum amount of auto insurance that all drivers must have, outlined in the section above, including bodily injury liability, property damage liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Many people opt to insure their vehicles with full coverage or increase their liability. If you are unsure how much coverage you need, you may want to consider talking to a licensed insurance agent to help guide your selections.

What are the consequences for coverage lapse?

Your premium could be affected by a lapse in your policy. A high-risk driver may be considered to have lapsed coverage and could see their premiums rise by several hundred dollars per year.

How can I get car insurance that is cheaper?

You can find better deals by shopping around for different insurers because prices are subject to change. You may also be eligible for discounts. You can keep your premiums low by keeping a clean driving record, paying your premiums on-time, and maintaining a clean driving record.