Best cheap car insurance in Tallahassee


Florida’s car insurance rates are second highest in the nation. Tallahassee’s average car insurance cost is $921 for minimal coverage and $2,043 to cover full vehicle insurance. This is about 100 less than the average for the state.

Tallahassee drivers might pay less for coverage because of their lower claim volume. Allstate’s America’s Best drivers reports ranked drivers for the city of #42 in the nation for the lowest number of claims.

However, lower rates can ease the burden of paying your car insurance monthly. Bankrate compared 2021 quotes from Tallahassee car insurers with vehicle coverage and discounts to find the best Tallahassee auto insurance companies.

State Farm

Based on annual premiums, State Farm offers the lowest car insurance in Tallahassee at $603 per year for minimum coverage, and $1,416 for full coverage. State Farm will cover almost any vehicle. State Farm covers standard vehicles as well as antique, classic, collectible, and sports cars. State Farm can help you save up to 20% by insuring multiple vehicles.

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Geico’s annual average rate for Tallahassee drivers was $816 for minimum coverage, and $1953 for complete insurance. Full car insurance costs more because it includes collision and comprehensive coverage in addition to the minimum amount. If your car is totaled or damaged, this insurance will provide you with a greater financial benefit. Geico also offers rental car reimbursement and roadside assistance, which can be very useful if your car breaks down.


Allstate’s average annual rate for car insurance does not exceed the state’s, but it has received high marks from J.D. for customer service. Some drivers may value power more than others. Allstate was awarded a satisfaction score of 876 from 1,000 for its car insurance claims satisfaction. For drivers looking for local agent availability, they can call or visit a Tallahassee Allstate Agent — there’s ten in the area.

Direct Auto

Direct Auto, a Tennessee-based car insurance provider, provides Tallahassee residents with affordable, no-frills coverage. Direct Auto is well-known for providing insurance to high-risk drivers who have been convicted of DUI, multiple speeding tickets, or are involved in multiple accidents. Direct Auto has a limited range of coverage options, but it offers drivers minimum insurance to drive legally in Florida. Drivers can also obtain an SR-22 if their previous policies have expired. Direct Auto offers savings up to 25% on your premium for military personnel, multiple vehicles or prior coverage.

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Tallahassee has the lowest car insurance

Florida rates for coverage are more expensive than other states. The average cost for car insurance in Florida for full coverage is $2,364 annually. However, Tallahassee has the lowest cost car insurance.

AM Best has given Geico and State Farm the highest financial strength ratings (Superior) of any provider. Each provider is financially sound enough to pay large amounts of claims in the event of a massive disaster such as a hurricane. Farmers Insurance recently purchased MetLife’s auto division. This means that customer service will improve and the claims process might be easier in the future. If you require assistance from either carrier, Allstate or State Farm are the best options. Progressive has 29 independent agents.

Tallahassee insurance requirements

Florida law requires that all drivers have continuous car insurance, regardless of whether the vehicle is inoperable. A driver without the minimum coverage will be subject to a suspension and a $500 fine. Minimum coverage requirements are:

  • Personal injury protection (PIP), at least $10,000
  • Property damage liability coverage of at least $10,000
  • High-risk drivers may need to prove bodily injury liability to meet SR-22 requirements. However, it is often used to fulfill state requirements for PIP or PDL.
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Florida’s minimum car insurance requirements may be minimal. However, it could not provide enough coverage in the event that a claim is costly. You would be responsible for any damage you do to a person’s vehicle that exceeds $10,000. You will need to have full coverage if your vehicle is leased or owned.

Tallahassee car insurance discount

You can also reduce your car insurance premiums by taking advantage of the discounts offered by most car insurance companies.

  • Good student: Tallahassee is home to a large number of college students, which could help you save money on your car insurance by ensuring that you have good grades.
  • Course on defensive driving: All drivers can receive a discount after completing a defensive driver course. The courses are usually online and can usually be completed within eight hours. Ask your provider if they offer the discount and any other requirements.
  • Bundling: If your renters or home insurance is already in force, you may be eligible for a discount if you add car insurance.
  • Autopay: This is a great way to make sure your car insurance does not lapse due to missed payments. This is a common option for car insurance providers.
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Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company in Tallahassee

It is up to you to decide which car insurance company suits your needs. There are many options. Based on customer ratings, rates and coverage options, our findings about the best car insurance in Tallahassee were four: State Farm Geico, Allstate, and Direct Auto.

What is the cost of car insurance in Tallahassee?

Tallahassee’s average car insurance cost is $921 for minimal coverage and $2,043 to cover full coverage. You can still find lower rates by comparing quotes from different providers.

What amount of car insurance do you need in Tallahassee

Florida requires all drivers to have continuous car insurance that covers $10,000 or more in personal injuries protection (PIP), and $10,000 in property damage liability coverage. In some cases, bodily injury liability may also be required.