Best cheap car insurance in Tampa

Nearly 393,000 people live in Tampa, Florida. The average Florida resident owns two cars. On average, Tampa commuters spend 24 minutes each way to work. To drive legally in Florida, all residents must have valid auto insurance. The average Tampa car insurance rate is $1,514 per year for minimum coverage and $3,027 for full coverage. Taking steps to locate the lowest cost car insurance companies could help you save significant money on your premiums.

Bankrate compared over a dozen insurance providers in Tampa to determine the most affordable car insurance. We narrowed down the list of insurers that had strong customer satisfaction ratings and competitive premiums. Here is Bankrate’s list of top cheap car insurance providers near Tampa.

Best Car Insurance Companies Tampa

Based on average premiums, 2020 J.D. and four providers, these were the top car insurance companies in Tampa. Power Auto Insurance Study rankings. Every provider has multiple savings opportunities and offers additional coverage.

Insurance companyJ.D. J.D.
Minimum coverage: Average annual premiumFor full coverage, the average annual premium
Geico846 / 1000$1,079$2,597
State Farm826 / 1000$1,247$2,327
Allstate851 / 1000$1,654$3,433
Progressive834 / 1000$1,703$3,218


Geico offers low-cost coverage for Tampa drivers. It has the lowest average rates of minimum coverage and a range of discounts. There are 16 discount that are available to all types of drivers. This includes good students and federal and military employees, as well as owners of vehicles equipped with safety equipment.

Geico was ranked second in the 2020 J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study.

State Farm

State Farm is the second-cheapest provider for basic coverage, but the average rate in Tampa for full coverage is the most affordable. There are many policies that can be purchased for your vehicle by the provider, including rent-to-own and rideshare insurance. State Farm offers special coverage options for those who own high-value vehicles like classic or sports cars. This will make premiums less expensive. The discounts offered by State Farm range from 15% to 40% for taking a defensive driving course, to as high as 40% for passive restraint system installations in vehicles manufactured in 1993 or earlier. These discounts and others can be applied to your premium depending on your qualifications to make sure you have the right auto insurance policy.


Allstate was awarded the first place in 2020 J.D. With 851 points out of 1,000, Allstate was first in the 2020 J.D. You can insure your vehicle’s sound system, add roadside assistance, or buy an umbrella policy to increase your car insurance liability. Allstate also allows collector cars to be insured.


Progressive is in the upper range of rates, but its premiums in Tampa are still competitive. Nearly 80 local agents are available to help drivers make sure they have the best coverage possible for their vehicle and particular circumstances. Progressive claims that drivers who change carriers can reduce their insurance premiums by an average of $750 per year. You may be eligible for the Deductible Savings Bank, which will allow you to deduct $50 from your policy each year without any claims or incidents. This extra savings could be saved for a claim in which an out-of pocket deductible is necessary.

Tampa has the lowest car insurance

The average Florida driver pays significantly more for car insurance in Tampa than the average. The city’s annual premiums for minimum coverage are $1,514 and $3,027 respectively, while the annual averages for Florida of $1,101 for minimum coverage and $2,364 to cover full coverage are $1,101 and 2,364, respectively. The rates in Tampa are also higher than the national averages of $565 and $1,674 for the same coverage types.

The traffic jams on Tampa’s roads can lead to higher premiums. However, these five providers were able to offer the lowest car insurance rates for drivers living in the area.

Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Premium for Minimum InsuranceAverage annual premium for full coverage
State Farm$1,247$2,237

Geico and State Farm offer coverage that is below the city averages for minimum and full coverage. However, rates can vary depending on your personal circumstances. Each of the listed providers offers discounts for safe drivers. Every provider has a mobile application that allows policyholders to submit claims from their mobile devices.

There are many factors that affect the cost of car insurance. It is important to shop around before deciding on an insurance company. Your driving record, credit score and policy options, as well as other factors, can all impact the exact price of your car insurance. Geico is Tampa’s most affordable insurance company, according to average rates. However, you might get a better quote from another competitor depending on your specific details.

Tampa Insurance Requirements

Florida is a no fault state. This means that Tampa’s insurance requirements will be more extensive than those in other areas of the country. The minimum amounts required to legally drive when shopping for new insurance coverage are:

  • Property damage: $10,000 per accident
  • Personal injury coverage: $10,000 per accident

These requirements are guidelines and do not cover all drivers. There may be higher levels of coverage that are required, especially if you lease a vehicle or drive an expensive vehicle.

Full coverage insurance is a combination of several coverages. It often includes comprehensive and collision insurance. This insurance pays to replace your vehicle if it is damaged or lost due to a covered loss. In the event that you have to pay a higher settlement or claim than your base policy covers, umbrella insurance provides additional coverage.

Car Insurance Discounts in Tampa

Tampa drivers have different needs than other Florida drivers. It is important to find savings as much as possible, considering that auto insurance costs in Tampa are generally higher than the average state. These are some discounts Tampa drivers might want to look for:

  • Multi-vehicle: On average, a Tampa home has two vehicles. Bundling multiple vehicles into one policy can help you save money on car insurance.
  • Senior driver discounts: Many Tampa-area auto insurance companies offer senior driver discounts.
  • Students get discounts at Tampa’s universities, including the University of Tampa, University of South Florida, and Florida College. Students can often take advantage of discounts for drivers on vehicle insurance.
  • Discounts for defensive drivers: An online defensive driving course can have two benefits. You could increase your driving skills and reduce your chances of getting into an accident. Also, you may be eligible to receive a discount on your auto insurance.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Car Insurance Company in America?

When there are so many high-quality car insurance providers, it’s difficult to pick one. You want to find the right carrier for you, with the best coverage and service at a price that suits your needs. Get quotes from several top carriers and compare them. Then, make a decision based on your own criteria.

What is the cost of car insurance in Tampa?

Tampa’s average car insurance cost is higher than the $1,101 per year state average for minimum coverage and $2,364 for full coverage. Tampa drivers can expect to pay $1.514 per year for minimum coverage and $3.027 for full insurance.

What Car Insurance Do I Need in Tampa

Florida is a state that does not require drivers to have $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP), and property damage liability coverage (PDL) in order to be considered a no fault state. Most insurance professionals recommend that you purchase more coverage than the minimum. If you don’t have full coverage for an accident that exceeds your minimum amount, you may be responsible for large out-of pocket expenses to repair the damage.