Best cheap homeowners insurance in Aurora

You know how important homeowners insurance policies are for Aurora residents. A home in Aurora has a median value of $290,000. This is an investment worth protecting. In 2021, the average cost of Aurora home insurance is $1,896 per $250,000 dwelling. This is slightly less than the Colorado average $1,659.

We evaluated the top-rated insurers in the area and compared their cost, customer service, and coverage options. A few companies are the best in all areas to get affordable home insurance in Aurora.

Aurora’s best home insurance company

We chose Auto-Owners and USAA as our top-of-list companies. All of them offer competitive rates and scored well in J.D. Power’s Overall Customer Satisfaction Index Ranking is based upon interviews with over 11,000 policyholders. These companies are financially sound and you can customize your policy to suit your needs.


Auto-Owners is a firm believer in providing excellent customer service. This can be seen by its J.D. Its Power score of 843 places it third nationally. Bankrate also rated it as the best for Aurora homeowners insurance.

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Auto-Owners does not only offer policies for car owners, but also offers homeowners policies and specialty policies for high-value homes. There are 12 discounts available, including a green discount for going paperless, multi-policy discounts and a discount if your home is mortgage-free.


USAA is well-known for its excellent customer service and supportive community experience. USAA isn’t as well-known than some of our other options. This could be due to the fact that it only sells policies for members of the U.S military, veterans, and their families. If you fall within one of these categories, you should consider USAA as your first choice when looking for homeowners insurance. These policies are tailored to meet the needs of military personnel, such as coverage for uniforms.

American Family

AmFam has been writing policies in the 1920s. Although it may not be the most prominent, its customer service is above average. Its rates are lower than the Aurora average and its J.D. Its Power rank shows that it values customer service.

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American Family offers optional coverages that go beyond the standard HO-3 policies (the most popular type of homeowner insurance), such as equipment breakdown, sump pump, water backup, and credit theft. There are a few discounts that will allow you to get even lower premiums with the company.


A basic policy by Travelers provides comprehensive coverage for your home, other structures and your belongings. It also covers your living expenses in the event that you are unable to be there while your home is being repaired. Eight additional coverage options allow for customization. These include a green home endorsement that allows you to repair your home in a sustainable manner. You can also get extended coverage for jewelry and other valuable items.


Allstate’s Aurora residents had the highest average rate of any five companies, but it offers a great return on your investment. It offers additional coverages beyond the standard HO-3 policies, including identity theft, business property, and yard and garden coverage, to protect your landscaping from any damage.

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“Allstate Extras,” which offer additional perks such as a Claim Guard, which helps keep your premium costs low even if you file a claim, and Deductible Rewards. This offers $100 off your deductible for signing up and $100 for each year that you are not a claim-free year.

You may also be interested in Aurora home insurance policies

Your lender may require you to have homeowners insurance if you have a mortgage on your house. However, it is not required by the state in the same way as auto insurance. Because of the high costs associated with rebuilding after a disaster like a fire at home, few homeowners opt for insurance.

Standard HO-3 policies cover your home up until the limits of your coverage as well as your personal belongings and liability. These are common customizations (called endorsements) that you can add on to your policy.

  • Flood insurance: This is one of the major gaps in standard coverage. If you live in a flood area, your insurer might be able to offer you flood insurance.
  • Extended property: Your personal possessions are covered by a basic policy up to a certain extent. Extended coverage is available to protect expensive items such as jewelry, artwork, electronics, or any other collection or item.
  • Identity theft: Identity theft is increasing in popularity. It can take time and money to recover from identity theft. This optional coverage covers legal fees, lost wages, and other costs.
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Aurora Home Insurance Discounts

You can take advantage of any discounts to find affordable homeowner insurance in Aurora. Most major insurers offer at least one discount, which is usually quite easy to get. These are the most common Colorado insurance policies:

  • If you’ve purchased your home in the last 12 months, some insurers may offer a discount. If your home is new, you may be eligible for a discount.
  • Multi-policy: You can purchase your auto insurance through the same company you have your homeowners insurance. You will probably save a few percentage points on your premiums.
  • Protective devices: You can get a discount on smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, security system, and any other device that makes your home safer.
  • Gated communities: You may be eligible for a discount if you live in a gated community, one that has security cameras, residence cards, or a key-lock device, or both.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

Researching the local companies that offer home insurance is a good way to find the right company. Our list of the Top Homeowners Insurance Companies in 2021 is a good place to begin. Get quotes from multiple companies to compare the costs.

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What is the cost of Aurora home insurance?

Aurora’s average cost for home insurance is $1,896 The cost of your own insurance will depend on many factors, including your credit score, age, location, and the condition of your home.

What amount of Aurora home insurance do you need?

Home insurance should provide financial protection in the event of a natural disaster. If your home is destroyed or damaged, you should have enough coverage to be able rebuild a similar-sized house. This amount can be determined by your insurance agent.