Best cheap homeowners insurance in Boulder


Boulder’s population is relatively young, with an average age of 28.7, but home ownership averaged 48% according to 2018 data from Data USA. Boulder is home to a state that makes home insurance a highly-recommended part of financial protection. Wildfires, flash floods and blizzards are the most threatening perils in the area. Insurance for homeowners is designed to protect you against the unforeseeable and uncontrollable.

Boulder, Colorado’s average home insurance cost is $1,473 annually for $250,000 of dwelling coverage. With some research and knowledge, you may be able to find cheaper home insurance than the average. Bankrate has done the heavy lifting by providing a comprehensive analysis of Boulder’s average home insurance rates by carrier. This will also give you a detailed understanding of how these providers compare in key insurance considerations.

Boulder’s best home insurance company

Based on J.D.’s customer ratings and lowest annual premiums, the five best Boulder home insurance providers are: Power’s annual home-insurance study. These rates reflect a standard homeowners policy that covers $250,000 of dwelling coverage. Rates can vary between insurers and can change depending on personal circumstances such as marital status, ZIP code, claims history and home value.

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Auto-Owners offers Boulder residents quality home insurance, in addition to offering auto insurance. J.D. has rated the company as having the lowest rates in Boulder and the highest customer satisfaction. Power was awarded the top spot in our review of Boulder homeowners looking for affordable, quality coverage.

The standard policy offered by Auto-Owners covers wildfires and snow/freezing damage caused by a severe storm or blizzard. Boulder residents will have to add flood insurance. This insurer offers a Homeowners Plus package that provides homeowners with a comprehensive package. This package provides coverage for food spoilage and appliance leaks in the event of a severe storm.


We found that Travelers is the cheapest Boulder home insurance provider. Bundling your home and auto insurance with Travelers can help you get even lower rates. If a new homebuyer purchased it within the last 12 month, they may be eligible for a discount.

The Travelers green building add on is a great option for city homeowners who want to live a more sustainable life. The coverage covers damage to items or structures that may be caused by covered perils.

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Boulder is a military-friendly city with many programs and discounts available for Armed Forces personnel. For some of the best-rated home insurance, the USAA may allow the same personnel or their immediate family members to join.

Coverage includes uniform replacement and replacement cost value that pays for new versions of the lost or damaged items, without any deductions for depreciation. USAA offers many benefits that Boulder residents are eligible for, but membership is not available if you have a military family history.


Besides competitively low rates, Allstate offers a valuable network of local, dedicated agents; Boulder residents will find six in the area. Allstate does not require you to contact a local agent in order to manage your home insurance. However, the website and mobile application fully allow users to get quotes, track and file claims, and manage their account.

To save further on home insurance in Boulder, Allstate offers new and existing policyholders a number of discounts, such as claims-free, responsible payment, welcome, multi policy and protective devices.

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American Family

Based on our review, American Family isn’t the most affordable of the Boulder insurers. However, it remains among the top five for affordable coverage. Boulder residents who have siding exteriors may choose to add Matching Siding Protection to receive reimbursement up to $20,000 for replacing damaged siding. Match the surrounding areas to achieve a uniform appearance.

Boulder homeowners might also be interested in equipment breakdown coverage, which is similar with an extended warranty. It replaces or repairs systems like HVAC, kitchen appliances, smart devices, and other home features.

Boulder offers a variety of home insurance options

Colorado does not require homeowners to have home insurance. Your lender might require that you have coverage or purchase it on your behalf. This protects the lender’s financial investment. Home insurance can be worth the expense even if your home is free and clear. The monthly premiums are usually much less expensive than the cost of rebuilding a home, paying for extensive repairs, or settling a lawsuit. These coverages can be added to a basic HO-3 policy for Boulder homeowners.

  • Flood insurance: Flash floods are common in Boulder. Flood insurance is not part of a homeowner’s policy. You will need to buy it separately.
  • Green building: Boulder has abundant sunny days each year, which is why the city’s solar power initiative encourages homeowners to go solar. You can replace or repair your home or contents with green-friendly versions by adding a green building add-on.
  • Service lines: Boulder’s extreme winter temperatures can freeze the soil and cause damage to underground plumbing and electrical lines. If you do not have a service agreement or home insurance, it is your responsibility to repair them.
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Boulder home insurance discounts

Boulder home insurance costs $1,473 annually. However, you can get lower coverage if your options are open to you. There are many home insurance companies that offer lower rates for you. Compare quotes to help you make an informed decision. You may also be eligible for carrier discounts, such as:

  • Switching to another carrier: Homeowners could receive a discount for switching. Although the discount might not be enough to encourage you to switch, it could be a bonus if your intention is to.
  • Bundling: If you have multiple types of insurance, including auto, life and car insurance with the same carrier, you could get a discount by bundling.
  • You can be completely claim-free for as long as you don’t file any claims. This will lower your premium. Companies will often discount your premiums if you have a clean record.
  • Security devices: These security devices are easy to install. You may be eligible for a discount on your home insurance if you install one.

Bundling with protective device discounts and bundles may lead to the biggest reduction in premiums. To get the best savings, you can often mix and match discounts offered by different providers to maximize your savings.

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Questions frequently asked

Which Boulder home insurance company is best?

Based on coverages, pricing and customer reviews, the best home insurance companies in Boulder are USAA, Auto-Owners, Allstate, American Family and Travelers.

What amount of Boulder home insurance do I need?

Boulder does not require homeowners insurance. Your mortgage lender may require that you have active coverage. While insurance companies will offer the basic package that can get a homeowner started in life, homeowners who have more comprehensive coverage may be able to enjoy greater financial security and peace of mind.