Best cheap homeowners insurance in Chandler


The homeownership rate for Chandler, Arizona is 63%. It is important to have home insurance coverage in Chandler to protect your investment. This is especially true when you consider the $455,000 median sales price. For $250,000 of dwelling coverage, homeowners insurance in Chandler costs $1,097 annually. If you are able to find affordable home insurance in Chandler, you might be able beat this average.

Bankrate gathered quotes from the top home insurance companies in the region and averaged them to give you an estimate of the cost of homeowners insurance. The price is just one aspect. We also looked at customer ratings, policy options, and financial strength to narrow down our shortlist.

Cheapest home insurance Chandler

These are the lowest rates available in Chandler from the following carriers: We gathered quotes for an annual policy up to $250,000. The J.D. It is important to have a high Power Score. J.D. J.D. Power does annual independent studies by region to find out how current policyholders feel about their carrier’s performance in areas such as communications, claims, billing, offers, and prices. The study shows that insurance companies with higher scores tend to have happier customers.

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Our findings show that USAA is the most affordable home insurance company in Chandler, with an average premium of $551. This is about $45 per monthly for security and peace of mind. USAA receives high marks from J.D. every year for its low premiums and excellent customer service. Power’s annual home insurance survey. A USAA homeowners policy includes replacement cost coverage. This could simplify your life in the event of a loss. You will be able replace your items with newer versions, rather than receiving a lower cost due to the age and condition.

USAA’s membership-based limited availability is the main problem. USAA insurance is not available to military personnel, veterans and close relatives.

All over the country

Nationwide is the next most affordable home insurance if you’re not eligible for USAA membership. For Chandler homeowners, an average policy costs $678 per year. Nationwide offers a number of discounts to help reduce the cost of your coverage.

You will be able to save on your premiums if you live in a newly renovated or newer home. You can get a discount for homes in gated communities. You can lower your rate by adding protective devices like a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detectors, or fire alarms to your home.

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AAA is most well-known for its roadside assistance and travel services. If you’re a AAA member, you can also buy a Chandler home insurance policy. You can also purchase flood, earthquake, umbrella, and scheduled personal property insurance in addition to the standard HO-3 coverage.

Scheduled personal property coverage may be vital. Many insurance policies do not cover jewelry and electronics. You can add a personal property endorsement to protect collectibles, artifacts, computers, watches, and high-end jewelry worth more than $1,000.


Progressive offers homeowners insurance. You can request a quote or purchase coverage by contacting an independent agent in Chandler . Progressive is known for its innovative use technology. You can file claims, manage your insurance coverage, view policy documents, and make payments via the robust mobile app.

Progressive’s Homequote Explorer tool allows you to save time when shopping for homeowners insurance. It provides you with quotes from multiple companies at once.


Allstate is a great choice for those who work remotely or own a home business. It’s one of the most affordable home insurance companies in Chandler. You can include coverage for work equipment, such as printers and computers, or the value of inventory that you have at home.

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Yard and garden insurance is a unique addition that you won’t find with any other carrier. You get additional coverage for trees, landscaping, and equipment like power tools or lawnmowers.

Chandler Home Insurance recommendations

Arizona does not require homeowners insurance. Your lender may require you to have it as long as your mortgage payments continue. You may still want to have home insurance, even if it isn’t mandatory. The monthly cost of rebuilding and replacing your home after a fire is $50 less than the monthly cost for an HO-3 insurance policy. Additional coverages are worth the extra expense:

  • Scheduled personal Property: If your items are of higher value, such as designer handbags, fine watches, or art, obtaining specific coverage may help you to protect yourself against financial hardship
  • Equipment breakdown coverage This policy is similar to a home warranty and covers the cost for fixing or replacing any items or systems that have failed. This coverage could save you money if your central heating breaks down during the summer.
  • Replacement value Most home insurance policies are cash value. This means you will get the cost of coverage less depreciation. The replacement value coverage allows you to purchase new versions of the item.
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Chandler home insurance discount

You may be eligible for further discounts if you are able to find coverage at a lower rate. Residents of Chandler should take note:

  • New construction: You could get a discount if you own a newer home or are planning to buy new construction.
  • No claims required: A claim-free discount is possible if you don’t have any home insurance claims.
  • Bundling If you add auto insurance to your homeowners insurance, you are eligible for a bundling discount or multiline discount.

Bundling your home and auto insurance is one of the best ways to save money. Your home and auto insurance policies will be discounted.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

There are many factors that go into choosing the best home insurance company, such as what type of coverage you need and other rating factors. To find the best home insurance company for you, compare rates and coverages. Also, consider discounts that may be available to you.

What is the cost of home insurance in Chandler?

For $250,000 of dwelling coverage, the average home insurance cost in Chandler is $1.097 per annum. Some carriers offer rates as low as $551 annually, however.

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What amount of Chandler home insurance do you need?

For help in deciding how much insurance you need, research the cost of your building or ask your agent. For your personal property, calculate the value of your possessions and add them up.