Best cheap homeowners insurance in Chula Vista

Chula Vista is California’s second-largest municipality. It has almost 272,000 people, but many neighborhoods retain a small-town feel. Despite the high median property value of $532,000., homeownership is high (58.2%). For a $250,000 home, the average annual cost of home insurance Chula Vista is $939. You can expect to pay higher home insurance premiums because $250,000 homes are rare in the city.

There are many ways to get cheap home insurance Chula Vista rates. Your home insurance rates may be affected by the home insurer that you choose, as well as any discounts offered.

Chula Vista’s best home insurance company

We evaluated home insurance rates from over a dozen companies and narrowed them down into the most affordable home insurance companies. This was based on low premiums and high customer satisfaction ratings. These five companies offer the highest annual home insurance Chula Vista rates.


San Diego has the highest concentration military personnel in the nation. USAA is the best insurance company in Chula Vista, offering affordable car insurance and excellent customer service. For $250,000 coverage, homeowners insurance premiums are approximately $40 per month. Replacement cost insurance is included at no extra cost. USAA also offers flood and earthquake insurance to help you financially in the event of a major disaster.


Mercury Insurance, a California-based insurance company that offers homeowners insurance Chula Vista, is the best option if you’re unable to become a USAA member. It offers comprehensive, affordable home insurance coverage. Mercury offers a variety of options that may be worth considering, including home cyber protection, service lines coverage, and home systems protection.


For homeowners looking for savings on basic coverage or to spend more, travelers insurance is the best option. There are many home insurance options available to travelers, including replacement cost coverage, water back, jewelry riders, and green coverage which reimburses for environmentally-friendly items and materials.

Remote workers who work remotely will also find that Travelers provides coverage for repairs, replacements or repairs to equipment used in the workplace. To include inventory and other business-related items, you can also add the business owner to your coverage.


Progressive Insurance is the last name on our list of top cheap homeowners insurance Chula Vista. This is the least expensive of the five. However, rates may be lower if you are eligible for any of the discounts offered by the carrier. Bundling renters and home insurance can provide significant savings. Progressive estimates that you can save anywhere from 5% to 20% on your home and car insurance. If an accident occurs, you only have to pay one deductible.

Chula Vista home insurance tips

Home insurance is not necessary if your home is free and clear. However, it can be a cost-effective way to protect yourself financially from costly events. Consider how much it would cost to replace electronics and other belongings in the event they were stolen or lost in a fire. It may be more affordable to insure your home from scratch if you consider the cost of building it. Chula Vista residents would benefit from the following coverages:

  • Personal property rider: This is home insurance that limits coverage for high-value items like jewelry, antiques and collectibles. Personal property riders provide dedicated coverage for more valuable belongings.
  • California earthquake insurance: California is susceptible to earthquakes that could cause property and structural damage. A standard HO-3 policy does not cover earthquakes. You might be able purchase coverage through your carrier, or the California Earthquake Authority.
  • Replacement value: With replacement value coverage, it will be easier to replace damaged or lost items. Instead of paying a lower price due to the depreciated cost of your items, you can buy a new item.

Chula Vista home insurance discounts

Most insurance companies offer half-a dozen or more car insurance discounts. For maximum savings, you may be eligible for multiple discounts. The following are some tips for Chula Vista residents:

  • Discounts for military personnel: While USAA is a specialist in insurance for military personnel (and other carriers, if necessary), there are many other carriers that offer discounts.
  • Bundling or multiline: The majority of Southern California homeowners have at least one car. You can save money by purchasing car and home insurance from one insurance provider.
  • Fire resistance: Recent wildfires caused severe damage to the state. Insurance companies often encourage policyholders take steps to make their home safer, such as cutting down brush and removing overgrown trees. You may also be eligible for a discount on your home insurance if you use fire-resistant materials.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

There is no one company that is right for everyone. Chula Vista residents should get quotes from multiple providers to compare their options and find the one that best suits them.

What is the cost of home insurance in Chula Vista?

Bankrate’s analysis on home insurance rates revealed that the average home insurance cost is $939 per annum for a $250,000 home. You may be able beat this average by selecting the lowest carrier and taking advantage the discount offers.

What amount of home insurance do you need in Chula Vista

California doesn’t require homeowners to have homeowner insurance. Mortgage holders must have adequate coverage to meet the lender’s terms. An HO-3 policy is the minimum level of coverage for rebuilding your home.