Best cheap homeowners insurance in Cincinnati

Cincinnati homeowners insurance is an average $1,086 per annual for $250,000 of dwelling coverage. This is slightly less than Ohio’s average homeowners insurance policy of $1,111 per a year.

But, if you’re able to compare quotes, it could help you save even more money on cheap homeowners insurance in Cincinnati. This is Bankrate’s review of some the most affordable homeowners insurance companies in Cincinnati.

The best cheap home insurance in Cincinnati

To find the cheapest home insurance in Cincinnati, we looked at what companies were available. We also considered important factors such as price, coverage options and customer satisfaction ratings from industry agencies like J.D. Energy.


Allstate provides all the standard protections, including personal property and liability. However, you can also get additional discounts like loyalty and discounts for older customers or if you’re a new homeowner.

American Family

American Family offers 24/7 claims support. However, customer satisfaction is slightly lower than average.


Auto-Owners provides comprehensive home insurance with many add-ons to help you personalize your coverage.

State Farm

State Farm is slightly below average in customer satisfaction. However, State Farm has great mobile tools that help homeowners manage their policies more conveniently.


Nationwide is slightly below average in customer satisfaction. However, it is still the most affordable provider in the area based on annual premiums.

Home Insurance Options in Cincinnati

Cincinnati homeowners may be interested in specialized insurance to protect themselves from Ohio’s winter storms.

  • Flood insurance Flood insurance This is a special policy that does not come as standard with most insurance policies. You can either purchase a policy from the National Flood Insurance Program or a private provider.
  • Wind coverage The Windstorm Insurance is typically included with most home insurance policies. Ask your provider about the limits and options available for you.
  • Water damage

Get Home Insurance Discounts in Cincinnati

Home insurance in Cincinnati is affordable. Many low-cost home insurance companies offer other ways to cut down.

  • Discounts on Payments: Get extra savings when your pay in full, you renew in advance, or you opt for paperless statements.
  • Bundle Discounts: This is a great way to save money on your insurance. You can bundle multiple policies with one provider to get additional savings.
  • Property Discounts: Many insurance companies offer additional discounts if your home is newly built, has a new roof, or you have done certain home improvements.
  • Personal Discounts: You might be eligible for additional discounts if you are an senior or have a high credit score. Also, you may be eligible to receive claims-free status for a period of time if you are an veteran or are a military member.

You may need to file storm damage claims in Ohio. Do you want to get more savings on your home insurance?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best home-insurance company?

There are many factors that affect the pricing of home insurance. These include where you live, what type of home you own, marital status, and provider priority.

What is the cost of home insurance in Cincinnati?

A $250K residence coverage home insurance policy in Cincinnati costs on average $1,086 per annum, based upon quoted annual premiums from Quadrant Information Services.

What amount of home insurance do you need in Cincinnati?

You don’t need a minimum amount of home insurance in Cincinnati. However, if you have an existing mortgage, you will likely be required to carry adequate coverage.