Best cheap homeowners insurance in Columbus


Home insurance in Columbus, although not required by law is a good idea. Protect your home investment and make sure you can pay your bills in the event of a catastrophe.

You know the importance of having good insurance coverage if you’re one of the almost 45% Columbus residents. Columbus homeowners insurance is $250,000, which averages $1117 per year.

To help you choose the right policy for you, we looked at Columbus-based companies that offer policies. We considered the average premium cost as well as customer service, financial stability, and the range of offerings. Five insurers were chosen by Bankrate as being excellent in all areas.

Columbus’s best home insurance company

American Family, Auto-Owners and Allstate are our five selected insurers. Their average annual premiums are below or very close to the Columbus average. J.D. also ranked each company. Power Overall Customer Satisfaction Index Rating. We looked at company websites to find the most comprehensive coverage, and we also searched for discounts that would lower your rate.

American Family

AmFam’s affordable policies protect your home, detached structures like garages, and your belongings. This would cover you for any expenses that arise from the need to leave your house while your property is being repaired. You can also choose from equipment breakdown or siding protection as well as sump pump and backup coverage and credit theft protection. The J.D. of the company is The company’s power rankings are average. This means that you will likely receive excellent customer support when you have a need.

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Although you might assume that Auto-Owners only writes car insurance policies, they also have a great record of comprehensive homeowner coverage. This company is the best of all the J.D.-recommended companies. Power list. Auto-Owners has special coverage for homes with high values. They are an excellent choice if you have a home that is more valuable than the average. You also have the option of guaranteed home replacement cost, equipment breakdown, and special personal property coverage. This will increase your protection for personal items.


Allstate provides policies that protect your home, land, and personal belongings from natural disasters. They also offer affordable coverage. Your premium cost can be reduced further by opting for eight discounts. You can get a 10% discount for switching to Allstate. There are also early signing discounts and one if your premium is automatically paid. Claim Rateguard is another benefit offered by Allstate. This will guarantee that your premium doesn’t increase just because you file an insurance claim. If you don’t file one, it could also save you 5% on your renewal.

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All over the country

Nationwide’s basic, HO-3 policies are the most popular type for homeowners. They include coverage for medical expenses if someone is hurt on your property, ordinance and law insurance that allows you to rebuild to code, and credit card fraud coverage. Some discounts are not available, like a credit for those who have recently renovated their heating, cooling, or plumbing systems. Another discount is for those who live in communities that have security guards, residence cards, or key-lock devices.

State Farm

State Farm has the highest number of homeowner policies in America than any other insurance company. There are good reasons. You can manage your policy online and learn more about your home. While State Farm’s Columbus homeowners average premium is higher than other options, there are many discounts that could lower your cost. One discount for installing home security systems and another for using impact resistant roofing products. J.D. scores State Farm highly. Power and an A++ rating with AM Best, which monitors financial security.

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You might also be interested in other Columbus home insurance policies

While homeowners insurance is not mandatory in Columbus, homeowners should have a basic policy. This policy covers your home, any other structures, and your personal belongings. It also includes liability coverage. Although Columbus doesn’t experience a lot in the way of extreme weather, it can be prone to lightning, hail, and severe thunderstorms that could cause serious damage to your home. These are optional coverages that you might want to consider.

  • Flood insurance: Consider flood insurance if you live near any of Columbus’ many bodies of water. Floods are not covered by HO-3 policies. However, you can get optional flood insurance to protect your home against water damage.
  • While some insurers offer this coverage as part of their basic policies, most offer it as an option. Protecting your financial assets from identity theft is crucial in today’s digital world.
  • Extended replacement coverage: Your residence insurance covers damage to your house up to the policy limit. Extended replacement insurance will cover you for costs beyond the policy limit.
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Columbus Home Insurance Discounts

As a policy owner, discounts are one of your best tools for saving money. While you might be eligible for one or two discounts when you apply for your policy; it is worth checking every time you renew to see whether you are eligible for any additional ones. These are some of the most common discounts available to Columbus homeowners.

  • Bundling: You can save money by having all your insurance with one company. Bundling homeowners and auto insurance can help you save a small amount on your premiums.
  • Protective devices: Any device that makes your home more secure, such as smoke detectors or a security system can help you get a discount on your insurance policy.
  • Green home: While not all insurers offer a discount for green building practices, some do. It’s worth calling your insurer to find out if they offer a discount if you use green building techniques when you renovate or build.
  • You may not have to file a claim: Your insurer might offer a discount if your coverage is in place for a set period, such as three to five year, and you do not make any claims.
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Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

The best home insurance company is one that offers great prices, good customer service, and allows you to tailor your policy to your specific needs. This company can be found by browsing our top-of list and asking for quotes from all that appeal to you. You can also check out their websites to find out more about what they offer.

What is the cost of Columbus home insurance?

Columbus’ average homeowners insurance cost is $1,117 per year. This is higher than the Ohio average cost of $872. This may partly be due to the high crime rate in the city. The factors that determine your cost include your credit rating, age, and the condition of your house.

What amount of Columbus home insurance do you need?

Home insurance should be sufficient to cover you in the event of a major disaster like a flood or fire. You may need to purchase more than your home is worth. A good agent will help you determine how much you should pay.