Best cheap homeowners insurance in Des Moines


Des Moines residents pay on average $1,267 per year for a $250K house, which is lower than the Iowa average $1,502. Although the area has experienced tornadoes in the past, there are not many natural catastrophes. This keeps the rates low. Des Moines homeowners may pay less for home insurance depending on their situation and the insurance company.

Bankrate surveyed Des Moines’ homeowners insurance companies and evaluated their cost, customer satisfaction and coverage. The best companies offer solid policies and efficient service at an affordable price.

Des Moines’ best home insurance company

Bankrate’s top five picks for cheap home insurance in Des Moines are Allstate and Auto-Owners as well as Nationwide, Travelers, and USAA. These companies all have annual average premiums that are lower than the Des Moines average. J.D. also scored each company. Power’s Annual Home Insurance Study rates homeowners’ experiences.


With an average annual rate of $434 lower than the Des Moines average, Allstate could be a good choice for Des Moines residents. Allstate offers homeowners the standard coverage options, including insurance for your home, belongings and other structures. It also provides liability protection and guest medical insurance. The insurance company also offers flood insurance and yard and garden coverages.

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J.D. ranks Allstate in sixth place for customer service satisfaction. Its customer satisfaction rating is sixth with J.D. Power, which puts it above average. Allstate customers should be able to quickly process claims and find answers to their questions. You can also manage your policy online with ease through its website.


Auto-Owners is not just a car insurance company. The company also offers home insurance. Its average rate in the city is just slightly lower than Allstate’s. And it came in third in the J.D. The company’s customer relations are valued, according to a Power Study.

The policies that are geared toward high-value homes are a highlight of Auto-Owners. An additional 25% coverage is available through the company’s higher cost endorsement. This includes equipment breakdown, personal property and coverage for special circumstances. These options let you customize your policy to meet your needs.

All over the country

Nationwide’s annual homeowner insurance premium is $247 lower than the Des Moines average. This means that you have a good chance of saving money by getting a quote from them. It doesn’t rank as well as other J.D. options. It doesn’t have the same customer satisfaction as other providers with J.D.

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Nationwide provides a variety of coverages in its standard policy. Not all companies offer this, such as unauthorized credit card use or ordinance or law insurance. You can also choose to add optional coverages such as earthquake, water backup and replacement cost plus. This gives you an additional 20% if necessary. Eight discounts are also possible.


It may be the most expensive option on our list but Travelers’ average annual rate is still lower than the Des Moines average. This makes it an affordable option for home insurance. Travelers offers a wide range of coverage options, which allow you to tailor a policy to your needs. For example, if you care about the environment, Travelers offers green home coverage.

You can get discounts that could lower your rate even further. For example, you could save as much as 12% by bundling your homeowners policy with Nationwide’s auto insurance. If you have a home that was built in the last 12 months, aren’t subject to claims, have fire alarms, and are certified green, you could save even more.

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USAA only sells policies to military personnel, veterans, and their immediate family. USAA is the best place to start when looking for homeowners insurance. USAA has a solid reputation, which is supported by J.D. Power — for excellent customer service. Although the rates are slightly higher than those offered by other options, they still fall below the Des Moines average.

USAA offers a wide range of coverage options, including some that are specifically tailored for military personnel. You will be able to get special coverage for military uniforms when they are lost by deployed personnel. You also get replacement coverage that will cover personal property lost due to a specific peril, without depreciation.

Des Moines home insurance options

Certain things are included in most homeowners insurance policies. Your dwelling, however, will be covered. Personal property up to a certain point will also be covered. Many policies cover liability, so you’d be covered up to a certain amount if someone is injured at your house.

However, Des Moines residents may want to consider other types of coverage that aren’t usually included, but they might be worth looking into. Here are some examples:

  • Flood insurance: Standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover flooding. Des Moines, although not a major coastal city, is home to Saylorville Lake. Consider adding a flood policy to your home if it is in .
  • Insurance policies that only cover replacement cost are limited to rebuilding or replacing property based on the depreciated damages resulting from a natural disaster such as a tornado. However, replacement cost coverage will replace your belongings, less your deductible, without taking into account depreciation. This coverage is not included in your policy but it’s worth looking into.
  • If you have an older house, insurance called Ordinance or Law may be a good option. Law coverage or ordinance covers the cost of rebuilding your house according to current building codes. These codes may be different from those that were in force when the house was built.
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Des Moines home insurance discounts

Nearly every home insurance company offers discounts that could help you lower your premium. These discounts are easy to obtain. Check online or speak with your agent to find out what discounts your company offers. These are some of the most common home insurance discounts.

  • Bundling: If you have multiple policies with the same company, bundling can help you save money on your premiums. This is most commonly homeowners insurance and auto insurance from one insurance company.
  • Loyalty: In some cases, insurers will offer a small discount to policyholders who have been with them for a certain amount of time. Many companies offer discounts just for switching.
  • You might be able to save on your premium if your home is brand new or less than a year old. Insurers reward homeowners who have had fewer claims filed by their homes with savings.
  • Insurance companies will give you a discount if you have smoke detectors, fire alarms and burglar alarms.

If you are eligible for one or more discounts, you can generally save between four and 20% on your insurance premium. Bundling policies is the best way to get the biggest discount. Bundling policies with a company you like is a smart move. It will allow you to simplify the management of your policy and make it more attractive.

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Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

Des Moines has a variety of insurance companies that offer policies. There is no one company that can meet all your needs. Get quotes from multiple companies to find the best home insurer for you. Compare prices and pay attention to customer service, policy options, and discounts.

What is the cost of Des Moines home insurance?

Des Moines’ average annual premium for dwelling coverage is $1,267. This is slightly lower than the national average, which is $1,312. Rates may differ depending on your situation. The premium cost of a house depends on many factors, such as its location and condition.

What amount of Des Moines home insurance do you need?

You should have enough insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding after a disaster like a fire. Remember that your home’s actual market value is not the only thing you need to consider when determining your home insurance coverage. Insurance should pay for the costs of rebuilding your home and replacing personal belongings if your home is destroyed or damaged. An agent licensed can help you determine the right amount of insurance that you need.

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